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Toronto Remembers Gaffajo

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Dear friends:



Allah willing and with your help I intend to put on (in memory of Gaffajo & Grove ) a poetry performance event on:



APRIL 27, 2007:









I am sure the flyer for the event will contain the above and more.



Mohamed Dahir will record the event live for a DVD to be sold later.



All the money we make will go towards



the founding



the running of






I know

those of you

who knew Gaffajo

didn't know Grove

and those of you

who knew Grove

didn't know Gaffajo;

and some of you might not have heard of either:



This will suffice



for now



for both of them:



They both loved life & laughter & peace

which makes life & laughter & love possible.



They both lived by this:



"Greater love has no man than this:

that a man lay down his life for his friends."



I am depending on you to make this event possible.



I promise to do my part which is



to prepare



to put on



a performance that will wow Toronto.



Just like I did yesterday



in Montreal



in French!



The coordinator of this event is Maroyare



whose e-mail is:



whose phone number is: (416) 829-0360.



I suggest as a venue for the event---Dr Deefle's Italian Centre where some of us got to know Ambassador Laqanyo!



After we Somalis have put our own money where our mouths are;

After we have put up and shut up

After we have raised as much as we can for peace from our own Somali Community----

then and only then dare we approach other entities for matching funds.


I try to practice what I preach:

As some of you know

a week or so ago

I turned down the chance to play a major role in a film---

a real shot at Hollywood

because I want

to work

to perform

for peace

for free.






I suggest $20 as the price of the ticket for the event.



I suggest all tickets to be sold way before the event: and on the ticket it should specify (9-10 p.m. WASP time; doors close at 9 p.m. WASP time).



We are all inviting mainstream Canadian friends of Somalis & Peace to this event who (unlike us crazy & improvident Somalis!) know for sure that 9 p. m. cannot surely mean midnight!



For once, let us teach by example our Toronto Somali Community that 9 p. m. means exactly 9 p. m. in WASP Canada where fate & fortune have flung us now.



In Toronto: I kept hearing: Waa dhaqan guurte: Togane, culturally, you moved



to the WEST side!



to the WASP side!



to the mainstream Cancuk side



To which I always retort: Qurunka waa laga guura:



It is most natural to move away



from what STINKS!



from what SUCKS!



It just ain't kosher



nor cricket



nor Christian



nor Moslem






to show up at midnight when you promised to show up at midday.



Naimo: Please share this info with Waris whose e-mail I don't know.



To all of you: Please share this info with anyone who might help us.



Thank you.



I know I can depend on you all



because you are my friends and



because you are as passionate as I am



for the cause of peace



for peace & milk in Somalia.



Last and not the least, let us all remember



what Robert Frost figured out:



Hell is a half-filled auditorium!



Your exigent friend,




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Apparently, it's very easy to compel Togane not to badmouth you (your relative, qabiil, iwm). All it takes is to threaten him with a lawsuit. That's what the son of Ali Mahdi did after Togane's piece of work about Ali Mahdi allowing foreign companies to dump toxic waste. Togane was even forced to apologize.

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Yes brother Clever. Gaffajo was killed in a car accident in Oil Country. The car he was in collided with a Semi-Truck in the highway.


Chiefka was an amazing guy. He was one of T.O's most liked dhallinyaro.

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His always dhoolacadayn lama ilaawi karo. Gafaajo Eebbe ha u naxariisto. Timajare quman oo ixtiraam iyo nidaam badan ayuu ahaa, aadna u kaftan badnaa.


I remember back in a couple years ago when I asked marxuumka at a ruwaayad for something and couldn't hear me well from buuqa, thinking I was asking a free ticket for my friend, and immediately suggesting, "Haa, soo bax isoo tusi saaxiibkaa wuu soo gali karaa."


I told him that was not what I had in mind, which was qof magaciis in uu ka sheego the speaker maadaama meesha mugdi wada ahayd.


Now, maadaama ninkii isku haaye meesha ka tagay, that baarbiyeerigii Jiifka [The Chief] ahaa waa laga kala guuray, even Baadari meel kale ka shaqeeyo now.

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