Is Ahmed Shide the new President of DDSI?

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2 hours ago, Oodweyne said:

Just like you with your act of "sheegato" he is off "memorizing" his As and Bs about his "fictitious Oromo's lineage" so that he can fit in snugly with them. Specifically now that has finally decided to forsake his Somali's original lineage in favor of theirs.  And lets see what fat lot of a political help this act of "cheap stooge-ism" on his part will do for him.

Or whether it will be enough to win from the likes of Mr Abbiy Ahmed and his side-kick, namely, Mr Jawar Mohamed, all the help the likes of Galbeedi needs to fight against Somaliland at the behest of his beloved Awdal region, which he actually thinks that Somaliland is occupying it by force. It's freaking unbelievable, but that is where we are with the likes of Mr Galbeedi of this world, I am afraid.   

At the very least galbeedi was clear from the get go. He may have been motivated by clan, but all the stars aligned for him including UAE. From Oromized Somali, to full Oromo, to victory over victory smooth sailing.

If people have to be hang from a lamp post so be it, its a revolution." galbeedi modfied Castro quote of revolutions' victims

Jawar yesterday in Amhara kilil gave some personal information. "Shocking"


"How could I be against Christians.

My mother is Amhara Christian

My wife is from (Pente) Protestant"


I go, I think the Americans are really outdone the British.


galbeedi, Do you mind sharing your exposure to western society or you are just a nomad living in the west.




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my friend on that issue I am a full blooded nomad living in the west.

it is strange, too many Obama like Oromo guys who are leading. 

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10 hours ago, Che -Guevara said:


Considering Ileys victims  were mostly  OGs, that is quite statement.

I did not say anything about the Ogs as a clan- for that would be an injustice on my part, but I did blame their clan administration. 

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10 hours ago, galbeedi said:


Didn't I said that I have a big fish to fry. I will be busy with the Jijiga issues for the next few months this. Jamuuriyada Barakaysan wakhti uma hay. 


I get your point loud and clear. It just that I hate to see you running into a brick wall with the Oromos, just like you had run into a brick-wall where successive governments in Mogadishu is concern since you have hoped that they will be of help to your "one-man-crusade" against Somaliland.

Of course, to be to fair to you in here, perhaps the suggestion of you being a "one-man-crusade" might be a tad of the understatement side of things, since you have had Suldan Wabar for a company some times, particularly whenever he wasn't legging-it to Canada when things got too hot for him in the Awdal region's country-side. So, that is the plus-side of your struggle.

But the negative side is that every pseudo-government in Mogadishu in which you have put all your "political eggs" on their basket in the hope that they will prove themselves to be a useful ally to you against Somaliland turned out to be for naught. And that is to say the most charitable way one could put the end result of the effort you have "collected" throughout the years from your "futile dalliance" you have had with those folks who passes themselves off as the latest pseudo-government in Villa Somalia.

And I hate to see you going down, politically, the same heart-breaking proverbial garden path, once again. And then for good measure finding yourself getting back to where you were, which is being told by your latest "hoped-for-savior" (in the form of the ruling Oromo clique of Ethiopia) that your lot is with Somaliland. And therefore see to it to sleep in the bed you have had made with others in Somaliland, back in Borama's constitutional and peace conference of 1993, which in essence was the true state-making-epochal effort for modern Somaliland.    

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