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Iran earthquake 'kills thousands'

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Many people are thought to be buried under the rubble

A powerful earthquake that hit south-east Iran has left at least 4,000 people dead, state TV reported.

Tens of thousands of others were injured in the quake, which had its epicentre near the ancient city of Bam.


Rescuers have rushed to the area, but phone lines to Bam have been cut, hampering relief efforts. Power and water supplies have been disrupted.


Iran suffers frequent earthquakes, with small tremors happening almost daily - and 35,000 dying in one 1990 quake.



The French news agency AFP reports that 500 people have already been buried in Bam, a city of about 80,000 people.


I have lost all my family. My parents, my grandmother and two sisters are under the rubble


Maryam, survivor



Pictures of the earthquake

Reporters in the city said there were scenes of intense grief, with people losing many relatives at a stroke.


"I have lost all my family. My parents, my grandmother and two sisters are under the rubble," Maryam, 17, told Reuters.


It is thought many people were crushed as they slept in their beds.


"The timing was very bad - early morning, everybody at home," the Red Crescent's Mostafa Mohaghegh told the BBC.


Iranian state television reported that 60% of the houses in Bam had been destroyed.


"Authorities have demanded immediate blood donations to save the lives of those who have been admitted to hospital in the provincial capital of Kerman," the television report said.


A legislator representing the affected area said he believed the death toll could be 10,000, but it is not clear how he arrived at that figure.


The local governor, Mohammad Ali Karimi, told state radio many people were buried under the rubble.


Crisis centre


The BBC's Miranda Eeles in Tehran says a crisis centre has been set up in Kerman, some 200 kilometres (125 miles) from Bam.




February 1997: about 1,000 killed in north-western Iran

May 1997: More than 1,500 killed in eastern Iran

June 1990: 35,000 died in worst recorded disaster in Iran, affecting the Caspian regions of Gilan and Zanjan. About half a million people made homeless

June 1981: More than 1,000 killed in quake that destroyed town of Golbaf


Officials have pleaded with people to stay off the road between Bam and Kerman in order to speed the flow of rescue vehicles.


Rescue teams are flying to the area by plane and helicopter.


Russia is sending emergency response to assist, Russian media reported.


The Red Crescent is setting up tents to house survivors.


Mr Mohaghegh said the region, a semi-desert area, is cold at night and warm clothes and heating will be needed.


Friday's quake had a magnitude of at least 6.3, according to Iranian sources.


The US Geological Survey measured it at 6.7.


The earthquake occurred at 0528 local time (0158 GMT), Iran's official news agency Irna quoted the Tehran University Geophysics Centre as saying.


Two strong aftershocks followed the original quake.


Heritage site


The historic city of Bam, about 1,000 kilometres (620 miles) south-east of the capital Tehran, is reported to have suffered most.





Jewel of Iranian heritage

An important regional centre in the 16th and 17th centuries, the city contained many ancient buildings not built to withstand earthquakes.


Its 2,000-year-old mud-brick citadel is reported to have been destroyed.


Since 1991, tremors have claimed some 17,600 lives and injured 53,000 people, according to official figures.


Reuters reports that there is little modern earthquake education in Iran.


"Most people think that what God wills will happen. This is absolutely wrong . This thinking is poisonous," Tehran University professor Bahram Akasheh told the news agency.


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Innaa lillaahi wa innaa ilaahi raajicuun.

yesterday they said on da news 25.000 its believed to have died on that earthquake.

earthquake is 1 of da signs when da day of judgment is close.


ps, ilaah ha u naxariisto muslimiinta dhimatay

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Allah ha u naxariisto! When did this happen? What date?


:(:(:( I don't watch the NEWS often since it depresses me most of the time.

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Salam nomads , I was horrified when I heard the news and seeing on TV , many people trying to survive in the cold after losing their loved ones and their homes, made me realize that life is short and I needed to work on my deen to be become a better muslim.

May Allah , help those who are in need.

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