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Listen why are you guys (men) still talking about color?....Something is wrong here..wear what you like y'all but just don't talk about maching and ish..That sounds like you spend lots of time front of a mirror..And for a man thats not good..

If you like pink fine just wear it but don't bring that monkey stuff like it goes with my tie or shoes..Wax iskula hara waraada...


wareer badanaa!!

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Asalaamu Alaikum all,


Mag-girL how u doin'?Looool....did you just notice this NOW?You ShouLd'Ve seen me at school several months ago when I was wearing a pink dress with matching garbasar,khimar,heeLs and jewerly coming from the student center when I saw this BIG dude dressed in pink(it was a Lighter shade then mine)...shocked :eek: ...I couLdnt beLieve my eyes...because of the camron hype...Lol! People and hip-hop!


Anyway I wiLL stop yapping now!


Take Care...Btw I need to get in touch wit You haadi kalee i wiLL come to your house and i mean it.

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luis garcia

Its only a colour, those who automatically think its a girls colour or gay colour are just shortsighted and insecure. They probably wear items that are worn by 90% of others, which doesnt make them 'unique' but followers!

intresting! :rolleyes: , let me correct u, im not a follower, im boooring!, i wear black, left right and centre. i look like im going to the funeral every hour of the day, 365days a year, sometimes (when i try out make-up) i still wear black---i end up looking like a Gothic freak. im not a follower as u put a silent observer, i like to blend into the backround,, become part of the furnishing or is safe and will never let me down, it helps people cope with obesity and anorexia- black could make and ruin your day - dont ever under-estimate the power of black.


quantum leap

Talk about superficiality....I cant help but fellow some of us are way too shallow in their thinking here

im not shallow, i just have high standards! 4 other people called me shallow this week, and i gave them the same reply.

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