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Fascinating how new businesses are springing up....

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They often say in the west that Refugees are a drain on a countries resources as they take welfare and dont often work but to many somalis this has been a transition period and a learning process about the new environments. Today we see all kinds of small businesses springing up from all corners of where they happen to live in this western world. Suffice to say that most of these businesses are still in their infant stages. There is obviously alot to learn and improve on ways of going about asuccessful business in cosmopolitan cities like London and Mineapolis.


What fascinated me most was the fact that the increase in their numbers in places like Lewington was somehow creating adifferent kind of niche for many goat herders. One of the staple foods for somalis happens to be goat meat and diary. Im not so sure about the later but it could just much be an acquired taste. Below is an article that shows that Somali presence in that part of the world looks to be creating alot of interest where goat farming is concerned and this inturn creates jobs for not only the somalis but the farmers in the area hence their presence being ablessing in disguise for the dwellers of that city.


Please read on....

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