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  1. Jubaland; Although being a relatively new state in terms of Somalia's independence seems as if its in search of pure and utter autonomy. But the question is why? Can Somalia ever surrender its southern coast and second largest port to Kenya? Though let's be honest, in terms of independence, Jubaland's urge and determination in search of self-governance and pure sovereignty can only mean WAR and DISASTER up North. This would mean Somaliland would need to fight even harder for recognition. Not only will the air up north be rigged in deep pessimism, but Jubaland's stance for independence will ruin the dream, that of course....never was-
  2. The chairman said , " all 1600 polling stations had submitted their results and have been counted". Dhamaan waa la soo wada tiriyey oo degmooyinkii ay ka baxeen ayey ku soo noqdeen". They have to go through the second stage of counting at the district level if thee is dispute. By Monday night everyone including the public could have got the results. Here is how this election could have been finished or early results released Friday. Here are the rules stated by the commission itself: Here are the rules of the election commission which was stated before the election. Here is what the chairman said: First , " Marka lixda maqribnibaha codbixinta sidaa loo xidho ,goob walba oo cod laga bixiyey waxa jooga oo qol lagu soo xidhaya afar qof oo komishinka ka tirsan oo tirinaya iyo muraaqibiinta saddexda xisbi qaran u jooga goobaha, marka ay tirinta dhameeyaan , waxa ay ku dhawaaqi doonaan natiijada hordhaca ah ee goob kasta, komishinkuna waxa ay ku dhwaaqi doonaan natiijada hordhaca ah" "As soon as the polls close at 6pm , the four members of the election commission and the three reps (Muraaqibiin) of the parties will be closed in a room and they will start counting. After they finished counting, everyone including the party reps will be given the results of every polling station and the preliminary results of every station will be announced". My friends that was the rule. The early elections , especially those held by Daahir Rayaale administration, there were no voter lists or even bio-metric cards. People counted what ever they found in the boxes and no counting had taken place in the rural or village level. All boxes were brought to the district level, and usually it took five to six days. This election was different. Just like in most western nations the system was designed to release the early results at that same night. Since each of those 1600 hundred polling stations had the same staff and rules of counting, all results could have been known Monday night. Do not be fooled by the commission statements that " since Hargeisa is huge place it will take longer to count". Of course it will take more time after you bring all boxes from over three hundred polling stations, but at polling level you have exact same staff. If Awdal had over hundred polling stations, HArgeisa had double. That means every station has the ability to count and send it's results Monday night. The so called 200,000 hargeisa voters are spread out to hundred of polling station. The problem is as soon as the early results came out the commission decided not to announce , but use delaying tactics and pretend nothing has been counted yet " Hargeisa oo degmo weyn ah weli lama tirin" was an excuse used. He did tell that, but it was already counted, but he should have said that all results are in , and what remains is double checking of the results. Saeed Cali Muuse is the protegee of Mr Adami , the defense minister who was the election chairman in 2003. Mr. Muuse, the man who said nothing of concern had happened , is one of those hungry diaspora members who is probably willing to cash in. Insiders are telling us that the day the East Burco and West Burco community reached agreements to cooperate and build brotherly and neighborly situation in their regions, Kulmiye had panicked and started fraud mechanism to steal the election. Ahmed Siilaanyo won over 70% of Togdheer, yet now it seems Waddani is leading. Even Some Suldaans from West Hargeisa had threatened the East Burco guys demanding the it's their turn and they must give the " Hagbad" to Kulmiye. There are huge forces that would not allow change of government. The cable company of ina Aw Said, which is financed by Djibouti banks had spent millions to keep the monopoly. Reliable sources said that in Awdal alone he spent $450,000 dollars. His representatives in Awdal had bought thousands of cards. He paid and moved people from Djibouti and gave them those cards he bought from Awdal. His reps were chased from Rays Hotel and other places openly buying cards from poor people. Dubai World Ports and UAE would not accept any renegotiation or cancelling of their military base. The war in Yemen is getting bad, but the UAE is concentrating to keep South Yemen and Aden in their hands. They even refused the relocation of President Maansour Hadi from Jeddah to Aden. I want to conclude that this election result could have been known just like in most places in the world, and if there was any disputes , recounting would have taken place. Why take six days or even three days?. I think this commission has created a mess. If they have announced the result Tuesday Morning everyone would have swallowed and moved on. If there is dispute, then do recounts. Yet, they tried to be in the news and make useless news conferences to be irrelevant. Rater than act quickly and and get out of the stage, they decided to make the burden of proof bigger. Why even have spokes person. You done your job, people had voted, then announce and disappear. Mr. Iman has created a mess and he does not know how to get out of this mess.
  3. In the evening of November 15 most of the polling stations in Awdal had reports their preliminary election results. Other than the main city of Borama the average was between 10,000 to 13,000. Some places had less than 7,000 votes. Since every station had election officials and party reps the results were easy to to pass to the parties and district commissioners. Logic and basic math tell us that to count few thousand votes does not take half a day , so by the evening of November 15, almost all Awdal votes were in. Personally I did talk a waddani activist here and he did call someone in Borama and they told him excatly results by station and district. He was exited with the victory and said the margins are between 65-71%, . Now read this report from local journalist describing what happen and how things changed after the boxes are brought to Borama. Within 24 hours , Muuse Biixi demanded recount of all boxes and the result that was indicating Waddani leading 30,000 became 15,000 ,and as we speak right now it is only 1650. Borama(SBN)Mawjadaha waddaniyiinta Reer Awdal ayaa maalintii isniitii u dareeray si ay cududooda u muujiyaan iyagoo dhiibanaaya codka doorashada madaxtinimo ee dalka, Markii codadku soo xidhmeen cabaar 9 kii habeenimo xiliga geeska afrika waxaa soo kala cadaatay dhamaan codadka gobolka Awdal , kuwaasi oo dhamaantood gudoomiyayaasha goobaha ee xisbiga WADDANI soo gudbiyeen tirada codadka xisbigu ka helay goobahaasi , tirooyinka la soo gudbiyey marka la bar bar dhigo kuwa KULMIYE ka helay waxaa kala horeeyeen 60% waddani ku hogaminaayo halka 37% kulmiye ka haystay 3% ucid ah. Subaxnimadii bisha 14/11/2017 waxaa sii koradhay tirada codadka WADDANI kaga horeeyo KULMIYE gobolka Awdal , tirooyinkaasi oo aan ahayn kuwo malawaal ah ee ahaa kuwo ku fadhiya xogta dhabta ah ee laga helaayey wakiilada goobaha ee xisbiga , marka wadartooda laysku geeyo waxaa xisbiga WADDANI kaga horeeyey kulmiye codad ka badan 30,000. Habeen hore 15/011/2017 fiidkii waxaa suuqyada iyo baraha bulshada la soo dhigaayey in WADDANI ku horeeyo 13,000 oo cod kaliya iyadoo aanay jiri haba yaraatee sanaadiiq cusub oo ka timid degaanad la filaayey in xisbiga kulmiye looga codeeyo, Arintan cusub ayaa af kala qaad ku noqotay masuuliyiinta heer degmo iyo gobol ee xisbiga WADDANI , su’alo marka laga waydiiyo tiradii codadkii WADANI ku horeeyey maxaa ku dhacay? ,Jawaabtu waxay ahayd, Dib ayaa loo tiriyey waxaa khalad ahaa tirinta codadka goobaha lagu soo tiriyey ee hore oo waxaa kala batay markii hore iyo hada oo aan dib u tirinay tani dambe aya sax ah… Cajiiib!!!!! bal halkaasi u fiirso. Xalay saq dhexe ayaa waxaa mar kaliya la soo sheegay in Xisbiga Waddani kaga horeeyo kani kulmiye 1650 kaliya gobolka Awdal , waxaan mar kaliya la waayey 13000 ee la sheegayey saacado kahor, mar aan wax ka waydiinay masuuliyiinta degmada ee xisbiga , waxay waayeen kalmado kooban oo ay ku cabiraan sida xaal yahay iyo sida aanay waxba gacmahooda ugu jirin, sanaaduuqdii shalay aad wax ku ogayd oo maanta lagu sheegayo tiro kale, adiguba maxaad odhan lahayd?. Sheekadu waa kud ka guur oo qanjo u guur., Afhayeenka Komishanka doorashooyinaka somaliland Siciid Cali muuse oo saaka la hadlay warfidiyeenada magaalada haragaysa ayaa sheegay in gobolka Awdal tirintiisu gabo gabo ku dhawday laguse gudo jiro oo aany dhamaan. YAAAA ?, halka wararka ka soo baxaaya xisbiga KULMIYE sheegayaan in la soo gunaanaday oo laysku barbar dhacay. suaalaha wadaniyiinta reer Awdal iswaydiinayaa ayaa ah codadkii reer waddani ma daaddkii xaabale qaaday, goobo aan gabi ahaanba lagu ogayn xisbiga KULMIYE oo u b badhax la’aa xisbiga WADDANI ayey tirada hadu sheegaysa in lays cod legyahay, waar SALAADU HALKAY KA XIDHMI LA’DAHAY ,oo Xalay baa dib loo codeeyey markii la soo xereeyey. Isku soo wada duuboo sheekada Codadaka Gobolka Awdal waxay la mid yihiin kuwa gobolka hargaysa ee wararka soo baxayaa sheegayaan in lagu guray bugaag xisbiga KULMIYE soo daabacday oo bug ah , odaybaa laga hayaa , CADCEEDU HORTAYDA WAY IMAN. Subulaha news.
  4. Somaliland election commission should announce and tell people the preliminary results. They have done a great job, but this chairman and his side kicks must know that it is about time people see the early results from polling stations.This is not 2010 or even 2013, the Iris bio-metric system is efficient and it would be unusual for the early results to change. IN most elections, were vote counting takes place in the actual poling station, the results are already known. Their main task is official recount at the district level and resolutions of the disputed boxes. Because of the bio-metric nature of the system it will difficult to falsify votes or staffing of boxes. THe biggest incidents so far are people of Authority or in this case the Kulmiye government sequestering and stealing opposition boxes. In Hargeisa, the mayor, by the strange name of Solteco, with his uniformed body guards had taken some boxes claiming to be disputed boxes and transferring to the commission. In Gabiley the city rule and governing had collapsed long ago, most of the residents had moved to Borama, Hargeisa and Wajaale. Waddani "Muraaqibiin" are denied to escort the boxes to the district, if this is true this boxes must be either disqualified or investigated. During the last municipal election, Gabiley politicians and criminals took all the ballot boxes to unknown place and divided the city counsel cities among themselves. What they do not tell you is there are large Awdalites in north Gbiley, Ceel Bardaale , Bus, Kalabaydh and Wajaale, yet their votes were looted. The commission guy keeps repeating that the official counts at polling station level could change. This fool must know that unless disputed by anyone, the polling station counts given to the party representatives should not change that much. If a party gets 2300 votes in certain station that result may reverse few votes if those who were counting made mistakes. The commission chairman must not prolong the official announcement to another four days. He must release the early preliminary vote counts done by district level, unless he is cooking something. We need the early results. Waxbaa dhacayo iyo masiibadan aad ku celeclinayso looma baahnee, shaqadaada qabso oo halka ay wax marayaan noo sheeg. Mise wax aad karinaysaa oo jawaan lacag ah ayaa ina Aw saciid kuu balan qaaday?
  5. There are clear indications that this election could be rigged through different means. Here are the main reasons that this election could compromised in a way that hasn't been done before. 1- Law voter turn out of the actual registered voters. This could mean many things. In many regions the difference between those who registered and those who collected their cards are huge. Almost 30% of those registered did not collect their cards. Then, among those who collected their cards few months ago, another 15 % did note show up to vote. In fact in Awdal 20% of those who had cards did not vote. In some regions 40% of those registered few months ago did not show up. 2- Where are these cards? Did Somaliland election commission locate these cards of the absentee registered voters? Why these voter cards are showing up every where?. Even Puntland had some sequestered voter ID cards. Puntland authority could intercept ballot boxes intended for the polling stations or those filled with ballots, yet they got actual voter ID cards. Isn't the voter ID cards belong to the individual , and unless you take away from the person who owns, how could they got?. Puntlnd alone had almost up to 60 cards. Are these cards traveling by themselves? These questions must be answered by the commission. 3- Why buy voting cards from the poor people and for what purpose.? The Somaliland police had intercepted hundred of cards bought from the streets for as law as $10 dollars and as high as $100. All indications are that the ruling Kulmiye is behind these schemes. What is the use of these cards?. did they discard them or use them for nefarious reasons? 4-- The so called bio-metric system might be beaten by insiders. After people marked their ballots and put inside the box, there should never be disputed. Actual recounts could easily indicate who voted and for whom, yet there are reasons for people to be suspicious. In many places the biggest threat is parallel ballot boxes that could replace the actual boxes. In Gabiley, Hargeisa and western Sanaag where Waddani party representatives were missing , Kulmiye paid escorts were the only ones who were left alone to transport. As Maakhiri ,here in SOL indicated ,these systems might not be as good as advertised. 5-Waddani rallies were bigger than Kulmiye in many places. If you look the party rallies , especially in the east , the Waddani rallies were bigger and stronger. It seemed the whole country was Waddani, yet we see close calls in Togdheer and many other places. 6- Mohamed Aw Said factor. This businessmen has monopoly in Somaliland fiber-optic internet access in Somaliland and he want to remain the sole provider of LTE network with modern features. Many other companies tried to inter the market by trying to pull fiber-optic cables through Oman but was rejected. In fact the minister who signed that deal was fired immediately. Through another telecom company he is making a killing. He is charging hundreds of dollars for internet access. Folks, this man could buy anyone for the right price. He was In Awdal with big cash and he did distribute to elders and others. If I were the opposition, I would check the movements of huge money being transferred from Djibouti to Hargeisa or individual accounts in Dahabshiil and Dubai. I will watch closely the commission and it's chairman. One thing this election thoufght is that everyone could be bought for the right price. 7- Gabiley must be disqualified. I am not making this up, but in Gabiley there are no more functioning government their. In the Last municipal election they literally brought the ballot boxes and divided among the clans in secluded building . It had four mayors for the last seven years. Even one of them made " Tahriib" or could not be found. Every box and ballot from that region must be investigated. Make sure ballot boxes are not replaced with Kulmiye boxes. This people are really crooks. Finally, the tradition of Kulmiye will not disappear. This people got rich of the public purse and will not satisfy unless they got the whole " Xeedho". If there was " Booli-Qaran" houses in Mogadishu in the late eighties , the Hargeisa one is much bigger and daring. Unlike those in Mogadishu, they are not even hiding. They have sold every public house, school yard, park, and even the national theater built by the Chinese. Folks, they will not let go these honey combs. If they lose power all that ill gotten gains might be scrutinized. for these people , it is do or die. They will do anything to hold to power., besides, throughout their tenure they had never done a fair election. If a change does not come to Somaliland, expect bad things from these bad actors.
  6. From 2011 to 2017, Galaydh could not achieve to build anything meaningful. This could only be summarized as the demise of the professors. This is the Laascaanood treatment of Muuse Biixi two days ago. Here is Waddani a day later:
  7. Waxay na badeen , waxay na bareen baa ka sii daran. Few years ago if you asked Awdalites about Muuse Biixi, they would described him as a unrepentant warlord, gangster and the personification of ugly past of Somaliland. No one in their right mind would have even entertained the thought about this person seeking the highest office. Since then few things happened. The Somaliland political system has destroyed not only the cohesiveness of the Awdal community through tribal lines, but the whole society of Somaliland has lost all matters of unity, honesty, honor, respect for the rule of law , earning honest day of work and everything that holds people together. While the people in general hold the the idea of communal peace and coexistence, the politicians have worked overtime to destroy every thing that holds people together. The hope is, life , liberty and the economy does not depend on the government ,but to the people. Siilaanyo is sick and senile, but through his cronies , he knows how to apply the divide and rule methods he learned many years ago by being a loyal student of Siyaad Barre , for a long time. With 80% unemployment among the youth and others, people have to beg the few government positions and contracts in order to survive, and those jobs are usually given to those who are loyal to ruling tribe.Villages with less than 50 people were made districts in order to entice people to think that favours had been given to their sub clan. The seventy or so ministers, deputy ministers and state ministers must whip their clans and bribe everyone in order to find support for Muuse Biixi. If your cousin or clan member joins the opposition, you will fired and replaced with another hungry minister who who will do the dirty job whipping the clan. Many people have shocked when they saw ministers, deputy ministers, governors, mayors, parliamentarians and other jumping the ship and joining the opposition party of Waddani, just few weeks or months before the election. Because , one of the systems Ahmed Siilaanyo brought to Somaliland is ministers and governors would draw the salary after they were dismissed. If you keep quiet and do not join the opposition, you will keep the car and keep your ministerial salary of couple of thousand dollars. As their term concludes people are now free and are willing to forfeit their salary for future fortunes. Another reason is people had seen the wind of change and are smelling the victory of the opposition party. In this case , the Waddani party will have huge problem to govern after they won the election, because every Cali and Cumar want to join the bandwagon and claim to be part of the new change. The Awdal community had suffered the same fate of divide and rule. Contracts, jobs, and management positions are given to divide people. The same people who have openly discussed the threat of Muuse Biixi and his presence in the political arena are now ignoring after they have been bribed with money and positions. Another thing that must be noted is the Kulmiye party had flooded millions of dollars to the streets of Borama. For example a group of people will hold a rally and voluntarily support the opposition party. Few days later, money would come from Hargeisa and that same clan or group will hold another rally and show their imaginary support in order to earn that cash. Usually, the Kulmiye guys never take the initiative of organizing in the city, they always react and try to answer with money. one day later the same guy leading the rally was bought and they said he changed. When you ask people , why there is these counter rally of Kulmiye?, they will tell you the famous statement Somali parliamentarians used to proclaim when Hassan Sheikh was distributing cash, namely, (Lacagtana qaado, codkana mucaaradka sii") take the money and vote to the opposition. The problem is that the Siilaanyo government had created a system of government that rewards people openly with the public funds and encourages looting as long as they are loyal. As we speak politicians are seling parks, school yards, bus stands, libraries and government buildings. People are realizing that being part of the ruling class means rich and rewarded. THe people of Awdal had made huge mistakes by accepting Siilaanyo or the SNM group to rule in Somaliland. Cigaal had thrown out these unrepentant warlords long time ago, but a weak and spineless Dahir Rayaale allowed them to come back to power. Now they have the audacity to bring unrepentant warlord as the new leader. If he want to be the governor of Hargeisa , that is fine, but he should not be ruling over others. No Somali group or region would accept those who had blood in their hands and took part in the civil war. If Mohamed Qanyare, Cismaan Caato, who were lieutenants of General Caydiid were rejected, or Mohamed Cumar Jees, Morgan, and Shaati Gaduud were only confined to their regions what made you think these Muuse Biixi will rule over other clans. Waar Mujaahidku reerkiisa ayuu Mujaahid U yahay laakiin cid kale uma aha. Xaafadiisa ha maamulo laakiin dad kale i uu xakumo laga ogolaan maayo. I do not think that Muuse Biixi could win the , but if he steals the election , some serious things could happen. We do not make up this staff. Anigoo wax dili kara duca qaadan maayo. 1- South Hargiesa, Togdheer, and Sanaag would rebel. if this unrepentant warlords takes power. His presence would remind people of the bloody civil war that took place between 1994-96. When he was told to lay down the gun and reconcile among the brothers who were fighting, he proclaimed that, " I will not take or accept blessing as long as I am capable killing with the barrel of the gun. It is not a legend , but that famous "Afaray' is well known throughout the land. His presence would open the wounds of civil war which will weaken the cohesiveness of Somaliland. 2- Awdal state will emerge again. Awdal State issue will emerge again and this time with a serious leaders . The presence of this man would unite a large segment of the population which would eventually damage both the Awdal people and Somaliland. The last campaign by Suldaan Wabar was a dry run by a non politician Suldaan who did not had the means and ability, but if a serious leader comes things could change. Here the grand Suldaan of Awdal 3- Sool region will not be the same despite the buying of Cali Khaliif. My sources told me that Cali Khaliif got an initial payment of $820,000 when he went to Hargeisa in the summer with his parliament chairman. What Cali Khaliif did not know is that millions of dollars had been spent by Siilaany to divide and fragment that society and he will be following the same footsteps steps of his nomad clans rooming the land. Who would have thought a well off business man in his seventies would cash in for the fragmentation of his people. He and Proff. .Samatar had talked this issue way back in 2013 in Mogadishu, and decided to shift their policy toward somaliland. Samatar had decided to change the course and accept what ever criticism and abuse that comes toward his way. Unlike Galaydh, Samatar could not organize the Awdal tribes toward his agenda. What infuriates people is the winding road Galaydh reached to cash in. He could not even organize or sway 20% of the people toward his plan. All the false hopes of opening the constitution and making Khaatumo as a viable land controlled by "Reer Sool" ; all the tough talk of saying that he does not want anything from Somaliland has evaporated. Eventually, he cashed and would disappear soon. At the same time during the reign of Siilaanyo there were a lot of brinkmanship involving both open war, influence peddling, bribing and low intensity conflict in the Sool region involved between the Siilaanyo community and the Sool region. The East Burco community had asked Siilaanyo and his tribal lieutenants to find a peaceful solution and some kind of normalcy among them and Reer Sool. They said that they were defending Somaliland and his seat , now that you are leaving , do not expose us with open tribal conflict with our neighbors , so find a solution( Waar Soomaaliland Iyo Kursigaaga Ayaan difaacaynay Colaadna waad noo abuurataye, inta aadan tegin arinta Qabaa'ilka ee na dhex taala reer Sool naga xali). So, Siilaanyo and his tribe had spent millions to appease and calm the waters. In one instance, 20 landcruisers were sent to Sool to distribute among the elders to buy their silence and support. Unfortunately, Cali Khaliif became one of the elders who were easily bought. Siilaanyo and company have mastered how to use the public purse to buy and appease opponents. The first leader of AWdal State that was celebrated in the diaspora Rashiid Aw Nuur , was easily bought and brought to Borama with few shekels. As we speak, he resides in Borama and hides from the people. Also, his hatred and antipathy of Puntland is very deep. Some say it had started in 1972 when Siyaad Barre made Laascaanood to be ruled from Garoowe and the Nugaal governorship, but I do believe that his hatred is mostly based about the political defeat he got from late President C/laahi Yusuf. In 2000, after C/qasim made him prime minister, it was sidelined by a coalition of politicians from South west and Puntland , led by AHN C/llla Derow and C/laahi Yusuf. He was replaced by Hassan abshir. Since then, he fought many battles to avenge that defeat with no success. The tragedy is that he sacrificed his whole political career and his people just to stick to Puntland. What I am getting is that even with Cali Khaliif at the helm, Muuse Biixi will exasperate the issue and the Sool region will rise up again. The East Burco clan will not be the one pushing for conflict next time. 4- Documented cases of atrocity and war crimes against Muuse Biixi. Ahmed Siilaanyo was the political leader of SNM. He is one of those who led the clan based Somali movements that fought the dictatorship of Siyaad Barre. His people rightly celebrate and respect his struggle and sacrifice he made toward his people. Also, seeing the tribal nature of Somalis and what came after the collapse of the Somali state, his community feels that his actions were instrumental of their self rule and the meagre progress they made. Some might say that today, compared to the conditions of Somalia, Somaliland might have done something tangible and peaceful. Despite poverty and unemployment, Somaliland is a beacon of peace and progress. After seeing the Mogadishu bombs, it is not fair to put down or deny these achievements by the people of Somaliland. We might criticises bribes, corruption and the failure of the institutions, but at least , you won't be murdered as you go by to your daily lives. This is the Cismaan Caato of Somaliland. Yet all that achievement and peace could evaporate if people follow their tribal and ugly instincts by electing a warlord who should be in some obscure house in Hargeisa. Folks, I am not exaggerating, but there are documented cases of atrocity by Muuse Biixi. Unlike Ahmed Siilaanyo who was a political leader , this man was a commander and a person who oversaw the killing of innocent people. Folks we have ton of information and other serious issues pointing out about unelectability of Muuse Biixi in the next few days. I am not kidding but if this guy becomes the president of Somaliland, he may end up in Hague, the international criminal court. There are active , corroborated cases with witnesses that could easily be brought to these courts. The Hassan Appolo case is well known in Awdal and in Somaliland. A popular football star of "Woqoyi Galbeed" raised in Hargeisa was murdered by his orders. There was a similar case of people ended up at the hands f SNM but with better outcomes. A man by the Named of general Mohamed Hassan C/laahi " Jidhif" , commander of the SNM coastal militia , who received dozens of Awdalites deported from Djibouti By Cumar Geele uncle and thrown in Lawyacado. It alleged that they had no shoes when they were deported, but Mr. Jidhif gave them shoes , food and asked that these men be taken safely to Borama. Jidhif saved people while Muuse murdered. These stories are well known just as the one committed by Muuse Biixi. If this man becomes leader expect nothing but trouble. Every politician known to Somaliland has abandoned him, except Cali Khaliif and Proff. Samatar. In Awdal, when people were asked about these professors and how they were out of touch of the local reality , they said (Adeer nimankan aad leedihiin waa "graduate" , anagu waxaan u naqaanaa , Garaad weyd, rag garaadka caato ka ah). Finally, I did talk to some prominent unionists in the diaspora and to my surprise they favor Muuse Biixi. They base their conclusion for two reasons: first, he might be a tough guy as described by Samatar and others as a former fighter, but political legitimacy trumps everything.He will be a weak and will strong opposition from many regions and will be weakened within, which denies him strong mandate. So, there will be a fertile ground for opposition. Second, he will be able to sell the union issue if there were agreements with Somalia, by claiming that as a former fighter he has the interest of the people since he shed blood for the land. In political jargons rightwing leaders are better equipped to deal these issues. They said that Daahir Rayaale as a former officer who was not part of SNM had a difficulty talking to Somalia. Unlike Siilaanyo, Rayaale even rejected sitting a table with Somali Leaders claiming to be a different country. At the heat of the election, Shariif Ahmed dispatched $3million dollars to Siilaany, yet, latter Shariif who was novice politician regretted about the whole affair. They afraid that president Cirro will keep the status quo for two reasons: One, his lieutenants Xirsi H. Xasan and former diplomat Mohamed B. Yoonis had already participated both the London and Istanbul negotiations and know how to drag, procrastinate and get the cash from the international community by appearing to be a genuine negotiators. They will entertain Farmaajo just like they did with Hassan Sheikh who realized in early 2015 that these talks were not going anywhere. Second, he is a very slow person who might not make tough decisions. THey think that he will keep the status quo just like Siilaanyo and find ways to milk money from Farmaajo by accepting talks which will not go anywhere. I feel deep down that some of these unionists favor the chaos candidate to open up things. In my opinion these unionists might be reading different tea leafs. Look at Trump, he acts as tough, but American power and prestige is weakened around the world while he is feuding cable news. Who knows what we hate might be our cures. History is repeating itself across the Somali region. Warlords are emerging both from the south and north in 2017.