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  1. Jewelry is becoming an indispensable accessory for modern people. Among them, diamonds are especially popular. “Diamonds are long-lasting, and one is forever!” The slogan of De Beers diamonds of the last century not only shows the true value of diamonds, but also raises the value of love to a sufficient height from another level, making people very easy to associate diamonds with love. In the context of the rise of young consumer groups and the rapid development of the Internet, the jewelry industry is also facing unprecedented challenges and industry wipeout. How to make jewelry arabic name necklace[find it here] consumption a way of life? Becoming a problem that jewelers need to think about. The reason for these changes is that with the deepening understanding of fashion of Chinese consumers, fashion has evolved from “promoting self” to “pleasure self”, from “showing self” to “personal display”. In the past, many Chinese consumers were proud of owning a LV bag. However, today's consumer psychology has changed. China's middle class hopes to show its taste. After 80s and 90s, young people want to show their personality. Everyone is pursuing the inner self-fashion display, hoping that fashion and self are matched, so fashion consumption has become an expression of self, and the relationship between fashion brands and consumers is becoming more and more equal. Nowadays, many jewelry brands regard “marriage” as the main consumption scene. Therefore, the wedding market has become the main market for most jewelry brands. Taking this as a representative, marketing with "love" as the core theme has also become the marketing subject of name jewelry[click] brands, and some brands have taken this as their own precise positioning. However, whether it is before or now, the problem faced by this positioning is that most of it belongs to one-time consumption. The relationship between consumers and brands is weak, and the connection is not enough. The product can only meet the needs of one node, which will be limited. Therefore, for the jewelry industry, how to break the single consumption scene becomes an important direction of transformation and innovation. Jewelry can't just rely on the wedding market, but think about how to become a lifestyle accessory and become a way of life. In addition, the jewelry industry should also think about other scenes that are suitable for young people, such as zodiac, blessing, peace, transshipment, constellation... product innovation around the needs of more young people. On the Internet, many brands rely on young people to achieve great success.