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  1. Folks, let us mix football with politics. Are you watching the world cup in Russia?. It seems this cup is more interesting compared to the last ones. More goals , more entertaining games and probably the sudden fall of the giants. Mohamed Saleh and Egypt were destroyed by Russia; Morocco had scored a goal in its own net and the saudis are decimated, while more punishment is also awaiting at the hands of Luis Suarez led Uruguay. As fate would have it, both Morocco and Egypt scored to their own goal. While these players could be innocent, millions of Muslims and Egyptians are cursing their leader for his massacres of the innocent and the inhumane blockade of poor Palestinians. Who knows, the prayers of the faithful might have been answered in mysterious way and the Saudis, Egyptians and to smaller extend the Moroccans were humiliated in the eyes of the world. Still more defeats to come for these nations. The demise of the giants: Germany and the angry Messi. Soccer powerhouse Germany is defeated by Mexico, and judging by the cards, they could be eliminated soon . Here is why?. The Germans , like Trump and right wing Dutch politicians, were making mountains out of little mole hills. Few weeks ago when Sultan Erdogan visited U.K he met two German national team players of Turkish descent. Out of courtesy , the two players Mesut Ozil and İlkay Gündoğan , who play in the premier league took pictures with president Erdogan. Then suddenly, the German media got crazy and accused the players for betrayal of Germany. Even some fans vandalised the personal car of Gundogan in Cologne Germany. After the Mexican loss, right wing politician and others are calling that these players should be dropped from the German team. Even former German captain loather Matheus , who should know better, joined the Nazi crowd and now questioning the efforts of Ozil in the pitch. This shows how the Great German team and country are scared of the rising Turkey. In the real world this should never be an issue especially how Ozil contributed to the last German cup winning team. Because of these and the Neo Nazi crowd booing Ozil, I expect the Germans to go Down. Weak temas belong to weak minded nations. Messi and Argentina will make to the second round, but might not go that far. Messi is acting like angry and cursed man. Expect more missed penalty and even a red card after an angry outburst. I expect more misery for Messi. The stars are aligned for Cristiano Ronaldo. He got an early penalty against Spain, shot another weak shot which ended in goal against one of the best goalkeepers in the world and finished with smooth free kick that earned him three goals. Even my buddy Erdogan prefers Rolando. During an election rally, a Turkish Youth asked him which one is the greatest between Messi and Ronaldo. He said, "I really am a fan of Ronaldo. If you are asking, 'Ronaldo or Messi?' I see Ronaldo much more distinctly. "His performance, character, faith and, above all, his [stance] on the Palestinian issue are very important. I applaud him for that." Well , now Ronaldo is our team and we hope he goes as far as he can, although his team is weak. So far the most complete team is Spain. The Nigerians are playing individually not as a team, and the Senegalese got a great team with quality passing. While Marcello is great, The Brazilians are weak at the front with a pussy called Neymar, and will be destroyed by any strong European team. My prediction for the final four is. Spain France Senegal England or Portugal.