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  1. In a desperate move, Faysal Waraabe is targeting Puntland students at Camud University in Borama. We know things are tough for the Hargeisa regime, but no one expected them to go that low. There are reports about Some families from Puntland leaving Somaliland, yet I never thought in a million years that Somalis in Borama would be targeted by the Habro politicians. The question is: What would they do if they lose Laascaanod. Besides, according to Faysal , Puntland is a super power that is running the shaw in Somalia. We know *****oco are shrewd politicians , but to say they are the power behind every thing is more than exaggeration. Walee Puntalnd laga baqay. After the reckless statements of warlord Faysal, Camoud University took action and responded immediately. Every Somali student or family from Puntaland in Borama is save. Dhulkoodii ayey Joogaan Faysal iyo Jeegaana waxba ma yeeli Karaan.