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Found 6 results

  1. Turkish Airlines will soon join Air Arabia, Fly Dubai, Fly Ethiopian, as an alternative for Somaliland travellers. Horndiplomat- Turkish Airlines officially launches first commercial flights to Somaliland Soon ,according to Turkish consul Ali Noyan met with Foreign minister. More Somaliland:Turkish Airlines starts direct flights to Somaliland
  2. Mr. Bedel waa raggii Ingriisku hadalka u daayey. The Title of the book was " Ina Cabdile Hassan Ma Sheekh Buu Ahaa" a lot of SNM boys will read this book and call the great darwiish as Kafr. This so called Minister does not belong to lead a cultural ministry. He must be fired. Long live Mr. Bedel. Waar ninka Af-Soomaaligiisu wanaagsanaa.
  3. Hargeysa - Taxnaha 89 - 90 - Qaybta Toddobaad Halkan ka akhri: Hargeysa - Taxnaha 89 - 90 - Qaybta Toddobaad