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  1. I am a man under huge tent, I have friends all over the place. I have connections with people from Gedo, Togdheer and Sanaag, Boosaaso, Mudug,, Banadir , Bay and beyond. To find the pulse of the nation you must talk and sit with different people with ease. This conversations reveals that the Somali people are divided beyond comprehension. There is huge division in Somaliland, in Sool and Sanaag; Galmudug and Hiiraan; all the way to Mogadishu and Jubba. So far the only two places which are immune with big cracks are South West region and Puntland. Although the Tukaraq issue and the next elections would affect Puntland too. I do believe that only revolutions and strong national government could preserve the overall interest of the Somali people around the country. If a national government want to debate every sub clan, it might take another 30 years to achieve a viable nation state. In line of that apparent division, let us meet: The Man from Sool. let me remind you that I was shocked as anyone to discover how deep the division in Sool is. No wonder people are going back and forth from Buuhoodle to Garoowe and back again. Things are much different than five or even four years ago. So, in order to find out things from the horse's mouth, let us talk to this man from Sool. He is an educated local man who is well connected in his community throughout the years, in fact you could say that he is one of the leading members of that community if not the most prominent. Galbeedi: Tell me about the war and Tukaraq. Sool man: It is another game that will not benefit the Sool community. Galbeedi: For the first time there is huge army from Puntland and the Sool people seem to be in coordinated effort to take back their land, isn't that the case? Sool man: I do not think so. Kooxna dhul bay doonaysa, kuwa kalena dad bay rabaan. Roughly means those from Puntland want the strength of the people of Sool, and those from Somaliland want our land to achieve their ultimate goal. Galbeedi: Are you saying that all these military maneuvers and campaign from Puntland is nothing but a political game? Sool man: The one in Hargeisa Ina Biixi want to cover his failure and stagnation and Gaas want an extension and to win the election. Galbeedi: Put aside the Hargeisa group since we all know their intensions. Are you saying that Puntalnd doesn't want the recovery of Sool and Sanaag? Sool man: Look, on clan geneology , we are equal to the Puntland community. We might be parallel of them in terms of education, business, and politics and they can't dominate us. I do believe that the Puntland leaders do not want a parallel Sool community that could challenge them on the Somali federal side. Cali Khaliif was an example. When he became prime minister, the first people to oppose him were the Puntlanders. All they want is the number and strength of our people. Galbeedi: The Sool man doesn't explain that then president C/laahi Yusuf was aiming the top job and didn't want someone else whether from Sool likr Cali Khliif or Hassan Abshir from Nugaal to derail his ultimate goal. I heard that this time around there is a political decision among Puntlanders to recover the Sool region and set up later a federal region run by the Sool community, do you doubt that plan? Sool man: I do not think so. Few years ago we set up the SSC movement to liberate the land, and we organized a 10,000 strong men to face Somaliland, but it was Puntland under C/raxman Faroole who released and posted anti SSC documents throughout the region to discredit us? Galbeedi: what did the document contained? Sool man: It depicted the SSC as terrorist organizations in the region and implemented those memos in coordination with Somaliland. That is when we understood that the Punties will not allow a separate Sool Maamul. Galbeedi: Are you saying that the faith of the Sool region rests with the separatists. Sool man: No. As I said, one group want the land, the other want the people. Yet, those from Somaliland, their goal is clear . It took them 20 years to reach here , but their goal is clear. At the end Biixi will go back to Gamadhe and the status quo will continue. I do not expect Puntland to liberate Sool. Galbeedi: so, what is your future expectations? Sool man: I do not believe that Somliland will be able to separate or achieve that goal, but their intention is to keep all the these region in one entity in order to gain more donor aid and political negotiations with the south. If the separatists drop their illogical sepretation and start opening things , it could be different. Galbeedi: what is Cali Khaliif doing? Sool man: he is challenging and opening the system from inside. Last week when he held the Khaatumo parliament in Sool a lot of the Habro and others were shocked. Without firing a bullet he is dismantling and challenging the system. Galbeedi: How about Mogadishu?, is there any help. In my view , there was the usual money for Uganda and others I Belgium and nothing changes? Sool man: it is true, yet according to the people who attended the Belgium summit, Farmaajo was accorded the highest level of reception given the top leaders of the world. Many people including Faysal and company could get close or get access for days. He was received as any leader and the EU seems to elevate Somalia. The problem is nothing will change in Mogadishu because the elite and those who reside in that region want to keep the status quo and keep profiting from the lawlessness. The end. Folks this discussion with the Sool man has shown how Somali tribes are fragment due to grievances, pride or antiphaty to their neighbors . Few years ago the sentiment of Khaatumo was almost universal,. Before my discussion with this gentleman, I have other Sool friends that I talk to almost twice or more a week and their view is totally diametrically opposed to this gentlemans view. They do believe that the liberation of Sool is now or never. This nations is fragmented. It needs a strong hand to unite without apologies.