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Found 82 results

  1. Millions of dollars were were collected for the drought relief in Somaliland. That money is in the hands of the government and other groups tasked to help the people. Other than few food rations to the displaced , so far nothing has happened. No one is digging any wells, and no one is creating jobs. Of course those who looted the public land purse are enjoying in Hargeisa, but the poor people of Somaliland is devastated by skyrocketing inflation and huge unemployment. Thousands of youth are leaving Somaliland to MOgadishu and to the high seas. How about for those who tasked to create jobs or regulate the labour market? Here , the minister of labour is bragging about her efforts to collect garbage from the ministry building. She thanks the useless TV guy for broadcasting her great achievements. Every Thursday is a cleaning day for the ministry. She could have hired a full time employee to maintain the building and collect the garbage, yet this is one of her great achievements. Nolow marwo wasiir. Ma maqli jirtay qawda maqashii waxna ha u qaban. In this other clip you could see the ministry of mineral and water resources. A huge building that cost millions, yet that money could have dug hundreds of wells for the needy. This is a good example of the false image of the Hargeisa government. Here again the false rig pictured at the office. What they need is small office to manage the resources and the crew who are tasked to dig wells and reservoirs to hold water for the rural people.Most of their job should be technical and field work, instead of fancy offices. Now, in this bottom clip , a small but effective indigenous relieve organization is doing what that ministry supposed to do with much smaller resources. Again, " Qawda maqashii waxna ha u Qaban. Ilaahayow ummadda ka qabo kuwa aan u naxayn. You be the judge.
  2. President AMM Silaanyo meets with haldoorka Qaranka iyo Business community in one of his last official meetings.