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  1. did Alphas Troll takeover the old troll section ?, I really don't care just trying to meet my yearly comment quota
  2. if that guide has anything good to say about berbera disregard it, the rest of the northern territories are an awesome place to visit
  3. dadkaan meesha ku cusub brief overview hala iga siiyo, meesha waayahan waa ka maqnaa
  4. The Girls has absolutely no blame. Her father failed her before she failed him. The Father must take the responsibility, hadii si fiican u soo korin lahaa, dhaqan xumadan lama timaadeen. It amazes me the number of parents, who act surprised when their special little snowflake commits some edeb-daro, really you had no idea this would happen ?, have you disciplined them appropriately and guided them when they were younger ? , maya sow mahan .. then as we used to say ama afeef hore ama adkaysi danbe
  5. Are there even a pair of pants that will contain ninkaan xamaantiisa ?
  6. I'm getting tired of uttering saying 'you too ' when they tell me 'happy holidays' because they know I don't really mean it, I can see the pissed off look in their eyes, and the exaggerated restraint they are feigning in being forced to say Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas. I've turned down multiple 'Holiday' gifts, secret santa invites, 'year end' celebrations. They thank me for sacrificing my time, to work over the "Statuary Holidays", when it is no real sacrifice on my part. it is just another calendar day to me, except it is quieter and my paycheck is a little fatter
  7. I recently witnessed this in muqdisho & hargeisa, was very impressed. It makes it convenient and secure, no need to carry around a few pounds (mass not currency ) worth of somali shillings in muqdisho they call it EVC and in hargeisa they call it Zaad both sysmtes operated by Hormuud/Barakaat/Telsom
  8. Ahlan NG. thanks for the welcome. this place has slowed down considerably.
  9. Maalin wanaagsan maryoolay. It has been a while since I've been on SOL. maxaad meesha ku haysaan ?
  10. These pictures seem to show only the good I was in muqdisho for a few days recently after being away for ~ 15 years. it was eye opening, alot of progress, much more peacful than I expected. all around I was happy with what I saw.
  11. I know two susans, and a somali christian who has a somali firstname and a western last name. things are changing ....................
  12. I actually went to afgooye and witnessed this event a few years before it was banned, very underwhelming. or stories I heard before I went were exaggerated on the otherhand the baxaar (crocodile whisperer ?) put on an entertaining show. The sixir on display that day scared the !@#$% out of me, especially the baxaar's wife .. made me doubt my eyes and what I was witnessing
  13. Maalan wanaagsan reer SOL. this place seems busy
  14. why would any somali honour zanawi ? naarta ilaahay ha ku fogeeyo ! let alone parade their daughters and sisters in this shameful manner ? waxaad moodaa livestock auction oo kale. war meesha wax damiir leh, oo joojiyo malaga waayay ?
  15. maalin wanaagsan reer SOL. ma raydaan ? feels strange posting in here after being away for a while.
  16. It is a Great Day, I would have been happy with anyone but shariif. but inshalaah Xasan is a far better alternative. waan arki donaa isbadalka keeno.
  17. Great job with the updates Lazy. at this point, anyone but that damn disappointment sharif. I'm at work, watching the live stream. Inshalaah what ever comes out of this, will be good for somalia
  18. Salaam Maryooley. I've just sent the wife and kids. I'll be joining them in a few months inshalaah for a short vaction. havent been back for 13 years. I hope to cover Borama, Hargeisa, muqdisho, Bosasso, jabouti. looking forward to it.
  19. Maalin wanaagsan maryooley , maxaa iga danbeeyay ?
  20. most of the stuff was gang and drug related. it's a nice gesture, but im not sure that 'social programs' will be of any help. throwing money at a problem does not mean it will solve it. at least 4 deaths over the last two years that im aware of were men in their 30's gang/drug related incidents how is money targeted at high school kids going to help ???
  21. I just bought a plot of land in hargeisa in march. inshalaah I hope to got it built by next year.
  22. maalin wanaagsan yaa jaamaca ... maha yaa jooga ?
  23. here it is $1.3/L which comes to around 6$/Gallon. I filled up the truck yesterday for $120. fortunately I drive a company owned vehicle. I used to pay out of my own pocket and get re-reimbursed. now I just fill up and don't have to worry about prices. but I agree, the prices are rising.