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  1. the minibus is intact which indicates that victims were rather killed by bullets ,not the explosive.possibly retaliaton fire by UNISOM forces after the suicide bomber struck them http://dayniile.com/January2009/24January12.htm
  2. With all the famine and starvation, deforestation and poverty in one of the world poorest countries, we find the government has the funds to wage a pointless war on both of its borders (Eritrea and Somalia). Just what Africa needs--another war. We can blame the West, who clearly are at the root of it, but we have a brain of our own. Ethiopia has supported every single war campaign from Afghanistan to Iraq II. It begs the question, what deal does Ethiopia have with the West that it worth killing its own people. Destroying lives as opposed to spending money on roads, diversifying crops, housing the Borque, curbing unemployment, housing the countless mothers that sleep on the streets with their infants. Instead this money is spent on a war against another poor nation. Sympathy for Ethiopia slips, but we must remember something, it is not the Ethiopian people fighting the war, it is the US backed dictatorship under the mask of a democratic government that is doing that. First came the denial, that it had aggressive intentions on Somalia, the world was left to believe Somali's Islamic government was "paranoid"--then came the attack! Warmongers always have excuses; offensive war gets a coat of paint and becomes "protecting sovereignty." The war on Islam has to be seen for what it is. If America can't get political support to drop bombs on Somalia; then they send in Ethiopia. We need to remember without bias the reforms that the Islamic courts have brought to Somalia, but reforms and Peace have never been part of the solution for Africa. Even the British Media has commented on the progress and peace these Islamic courts have brought to Somalia, yet they continue to label them as "Islamicist" a term used to drive fear and associations with terror. But again it has never been about a brighter Africa. Islamic courts do not secure profits for Western designs on Africa, but illusions of democracy do. To understand the "real" problem look at some of the Islamic Courts reforms: On August 23, 2006, the Islamic courts issued a directive banning the sale of charcoal, rare birds and rare animals. The ICU asserted that indiscriminate tree cutting was causing major destruction of the ecosystem, soil erosion and water scarcity, and that most of the charcoal was going to the Gulf States and Saudi Arabia, where a bag would fetch about US $15. However, the ban on charcoal was lifted after a month. On September 21, 2006, the Islamic Courts issued a decree forbidding the sale of khat (a narcotic drug) in the daylight during the holy month of Ramadan. The ICU asserted that khat was destructive of families and led to loss of income, waste of productivity, banditry and drug addiction. On October 2, from Kismayo, the Islamic Courts burnt in public seven bags of Khat imported from Kenya, which led to a riot among Khat traders. The ICU banned the use, sale and transportation of khat altogether, and the Islamic Court of Kismayo banned the sale of cigarettes. To defend or support and Islamic government is by default to become a terrorist. However to support America or its capitalist agenda is to be a liberator. The Ethiopian government has a long history of oppressing non-Amhara people and Muslims. It was only Haile Selassie that actually tried to restore balance, although he was accused of being for the wealthy (a historical fallacy with all leaders). Serious human right violations in Ethiopia get the classic blind eye, and extreme media control is left out of the discussion. The wealth of technology at Ethiopian security points is testimony to which side of "them or us" Ethiopia has chosen to be on. This data collected by these high tech passport scanning devices is practically the property of the USA, very few countries in the world have this technology, yet poor Ethiopia has this technology-- before the UK. Africa is not for Africans and we need to be clear on this point and wash away all the illusions of "a brighter Africa is in Western interest." in the cold war and now Africa is the backyard for the wars of the west. Where is the UN? The UN in concept is the best idea since sliced bread and the traffic lights, but if it's power and plurality are subjects of Western whims then it is mute and useless. The "new rule" of the world is simple, anyone can have WMD except our enemies, every nation has a right to sovereignty except people we don't like. "Gedi said foreign Muslim fighters had recently poured into Somalia, which he said confirmed the government's accusations that the Islamic courts movement was led by terrorists." he then said Gedi said: "The presence of international terrorists makes this a global issue. These people only want power through bloodshed." The contradictions of our time is there is no shame in the above statement, the unilateral attack, by Ali Mohamed Gedi Ethiopian friends is supported by a statement claiming "power through bloodshed", The presence of Muslims of non-Somali origin means they are terrorist, we have to believe Muslims are not allowed to defend other Muslims, as this is terrorism. How long must the world stay blind to the corruption of our world by an agency of terror, which has no moral religion, and has no geopolitical boundary? source. http://www.africanholocaust.net/news_ah/ethiopia.htm
  3. BOSSASO, Somalia Apr 2 (Garowe Online) - The president of Somalia’s semiautonomous Puntland regional state, Gen. Mohamud “Adde” Muse, spoke to reporters in Bossaso on Monday after returning yesterday from a weeks-long trip to neighboring Ethiopia. President Adde Muse said he was officially invited to Addis Ababa by the Ethiopian government last month. While in Addis Ababa, the Puntland president met with various Ethiopian government officials and had the chance to visit select foreign embassies there. The Puntland leader said he signed a deal with the Ethiopian government to strengthen relations in the trade and security sectors. According to President Adde, the Puntland region would export fish products to land-locked Ethiopia, while Puntland students would be granted access to institutions of higher education in Ethiopia. Ethiopia would also assist the Puntland region in the telecommunications sector. “They [Ethiopia] will help us with security,” said President Adde while addressing last week’s arrival of a fresh contingent of Ethiopian troops in Galkayo, Puntland’s southernmost city. The President said there were “active” members of the ousted Islamic Courts movement inside Puntland, and that the newly arrived Ethiopian troops will help the secure the region from such threats. In addressing a reporter’s question, President Adde Muse said that Puntland is part of federal Somalia but that the region has the legal right to sign agreements in its interest. In mid-2005, Somalia’s weak transitional federal government disagreed with President Muse’s unilateral decision to sign a natural resources exploration deal with a foreign company. The Puntland leader also said that the regional state would attend the upcoming National Reconciliation Conference, to open in Mogadishu on April 16, as a regional government. He dismissed claims by some Mogadishu-based politicians and elders that Puntland troops were fighting a clan war against Mogadishu locals. Somali President Abdullahi Yusuf, the former leader of Puntland, has repeatedly said that the NRC would be a conference of clans, not regional governments or government officials. Source: Garowe Online
  4. Ethiopia is beating wardrum. It seems that war is coming soon ,after the hostage case. read this: Could this be a shortcut for the liberation of our homeland Somalia and quick comeback for ICU? Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Press Statement Kidnapped Ethiopians and Europeans, Victims of Terrorism( March 14 ,2007) Five Europeans and eight Ethiopians were forcefully abducted and taken to Eritrea while site seeing in the Afar National Regional State. Among the hostages, the five Europeans were freed in Asmara on Tuesday, 13 March 2007. The Government of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia wishes to express its satisfaction over the safe release of the European hostages. However, the eight Ethiopian hostages abducted with the Europeans have still not been released. No doubt the crime of abduction was masterminded and executed by the Eritrean Government. Notwithstanding the fact that the Ethiopian Government has discovered this truth, the focus was on securing the safe-release of these abducted individuals. Undoubtedly, this criminal act is part and parcel of the terrorist activities the Eritrean Government has been undertaking. It will be recalled that the Ethiopian Government has disclosed the terrorist acts committed by the Eritrean Government in different cities and towns in Ethiopia including in Addis Ababa. Through these terrorist acts, the Eritrean Government carried out bomb attacks against hotels, market areas and public transport targeting civilians. The in particular, in its latest terrorist act the Eritrean regime had planned to disrupt the 8th African Union Summit, which was successfully held in Addis Ababa. This terrorist act was foiled by the joint anti-terror task force of the Federal Police and The National Intelligence and Security Service with the active participation of the public. The international community is fully cognizant of the fact that the Eritrean Government is perpetrating terrorist activities aimed at destabilizing the region. It will be recalled that the Report of the UN Security Council Monitoring Team on Somalia exposed that the Eritrean Government has been training, organizing and providing weapons to terrorist groups in Somalia. The anti-peace activities conducted in Somalia by the Eritrean regime in collaboration with Afghan trained al-Qaeda extremists, the like of Colonel Hassan Dahir Aweys, Abdellah Al-Sudani, Adan Hashi Ayro, Muktar Robo and other extremists was thwarted by the Ethiopian Defense Forces. It is clear that the Eritrean regime is bent on reorganizing the remnants of the Islamic Courts in order to send them in yet other terrorist missions. Thus, it has become manifestly evident that the Eritrean regime not only supports and propounds terrorism but is also directly involved in active terrorism. The Ethiopian Government has reiterated its commitment to securing the well-being and safe-release of the hostages and has exerted utmost efforts to this end. Though the Eritrean Government has been denying involvement in the abduction, it was forced to release five of the thirteen hostages owing to pressure exerted by the international community. However, the fact that the Ethiopians, who were accompanying the foreigners and have fallen victims to the terrorist act of abduction committed by the Eritrean Government, remain hostages, is of great concern to the Ethiopian Government. The Ethiopian Government expects that the international community will take appropriate measures regarding the terrorist act committed by the Eritrean regime in flagrant violation of international law. Above all, the Ethiopian Government demands the unconditional release of the eight Ethiopian nationals, victims of terrorism. It holds responsible the Eritrean Government for any injury they might sustain. The Ethiopian Government is fully confident that the international community and the media will put the limelight with similar intensity on the grave situation of the abducted Ethiopian nationals while supporting efforts to make the Eritrean Government accountable for its terrorist act. Unless timely action is taken, the destructive activities of the Eritrean regime would further undermine regional and international peace and security. It should be underlined here that the Ethiopian Government has the legal basis, relying upon all the human and material evidence at its disposal, to make the Eritrean regime account for its deeds in the appropriate fora. As the terrorist acts of the Eritrean Government claiming lives and causing damage to property were committed in broad day-light, they will be corroborated beyond any doubt. Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Ministry of Foreign Affairs Wednesday, March 14, 2007 Addis Ababa http://www.mfa.gov.et/Press_Section/publication.php?Main_Page_Number=3484