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  1. Well if dis SOMALI WEYN doesnt happen an none of dese peace talkz go down well... Do u reckon Puntland should follow da same steps as der fellow bruvaz in Waqooyi Galbed n fight for independancy?? I have to say they should join with Yemen.
  2. Damn man?? The brits now are keen to takle this, no more malis fooling the system getting visa again isdhiib, LOL .. we have to find another idea of doing so . Any good one's guyz God Help
  3. January 23, 2004, 04:15 PM Travellers from five east African countries will be fingerprinted when applying for British visas to stop the use of false identities and abuse of asylum rules, the British embassy in Ethiopia said today. The measure will also apply to those travelling on refugee documents from those countries in a move aimed at cutting the number of people using a false identity to claim asylum. "Those applying for visas to come to the UK from Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Tanzania and Uganda will be required to provide a record of their fingerprints when applying for a visa," an embassy statement said. The move is part of a plan to tackle unfounded asylum claims particularly from Somali nationals and fraudulent claims by individuals claiming to be Somalis, the embassy said. "Evidence shows that a significant proportion of asylum seekers who claim to be from Somalia are in fact from other east African countries - a recent pilot language analysis exercise suggested that the number may be over 10% of all Somali claimants," it added. Somalis have been leaving their homeland in steady numbers since the Horn of Africa country descended into chaos with the overthrow of former dictator Mohamed Siad Barre in 1991. Many obtain refugee status in neighbouring countries and then apply for final settlement in Britain, where Somali asylum applications have been growing sharply, and other wealthy industrialised countries such as Australia and Canada. Allison Marriott-Halimeh, an official at the embassy in Addis Ababa, said the introduction of fingerprinting in the visa section was essential to prevent abuse of the system. "This will build public trust and confidence in our immigration and asylum policies, so we can welcome to the UK those who have a legal right to be there," she said. Diplomats said the requirements would be extended in due course to visa applicants travelling from Kenya. - Reuters
  4. Thanx Smith for the News Hope this will end the chaos, we had enought and every other day things were getting harder and even hotter, Insha'alah this might result good for all. Its better to have something than nothing.
  5. Sooyaal well said, I must say U made good points of where the solution lies and the fact is that war will only make the situation worse as you have pointed out and compare LA to Kashmir or whatever examples you used. But my Question to you is Do u think the people of LA would agree the comparison of LA to Kashmir?? Btw, Hargeisa and Garowe are one the former Somali Repulic cities and so is LA. God Help
  6. Inaa Lilaahi Wa inaa ilayhi raajicuun. Walahi very sad news, life in the west is not as one might expect. Samar Iyo Iimaan ilaahayna ha unaxariisto
  7. Salaam all Some of you guyz made good points there but i want to say something on the issue of installing islamic laws and culture in Somalia. Can the Islamic religion be a solution to the prolonged and on going problems of our Country?? Well, as pearl mentioned Islam is and will always be a solution to any problems that humans will face in this world..Evidence of this go back and read the Islamic history, When our prophet PBUH was sent with this was the situation of the Arabs at the time...and what happened in a very short of time when they took it properly as they were supposed to do....Simply they lived in a happy life and more so conquared the world. OK ofcoz yes, Islam a Solution and as a matter of fact can be the only solution for the Somali crisis, but the Q is how? this is what we need to understand? Well we cant say that there is a problem because we lack islamic government, or if this kind of government is to be installed this crisis will go, NO thats not true. The reality is we as indivituals have to realise this and have to have the resposibility of following this religion and its orders. If and when the Somali society will do this then I believe there will more hope for our future back home and a lot more things can be changed. God Help my country/peaple