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  1. Sighnomore, you're welcome sis. Abaayo, I'm sorry for your hurt, but like Abdi said, don't let one bad experience hold you back from trying again. I believe everything happens for a reason, always take the good from the bad. Be grateful, that Allah showed you what kind of person is before it went any further. Think of it as Allah protecting your heart and safeguarding it for someone that is worthy of it. A few years ago, I met a guy and I thought he was the best thing since sliced bread. I admit that I was young and naive, tbh. We made marriage plans, because I was trying to avoid engaging in any sin, but it turns out he was lying to me and he got married to his cousin (albeit with pressure from his family) behind my back and he never had the decency to tell me. I found out from a third party. To say that I was crushed is a huge under-statement. I had trouble trusting men for a loooong time or believing in marriage. Eventually, the wound heals and you do start trusting again, albeit more cautiously than ever. Anyway, to cut a long story short, right now, I'm about to get married to a wonderful Somali man, and I'm truly happy. Things work out in the end with the Grace of Allah. Be positive and forgiving. Focus on your personal goals, but don't shut the door to finding Mr right' for you.
  2. ^ I totally agree. I don't think the OP cares though, and the MODS seem to think it's acceptable since it hasn't been deleted or locked after 52 pages and quite a few complaints.
  3. Firstly sis, I want you to know that there is nothing wrong with you, I know that women are made to feel inadequate if they aren't married by their 20s. However being married at certain age doesn't mean anything because we all have different journeys in life. Patience pays off in the end. All the best with your studies and inshaAllah you will find a wonderful Somali husband oo ku qalmo. Ameen.
  4. DoctorKenney, I thought you might like this. He says pretty much what you're saying.
  5. MashaAllah, bright and beautiful young lady. Seems like Somali sisters have quite a creative streak.
  6. No, I didn't watch that show. Are you insinuating that he faked his muslimnimo for 7 years? Maxaad sheegaysaa? If someone says they are muslim, waa muslim. I responded because you assumed her husband must not be a Muslim because of how she is dressed. Cajiib. So I responded to dispel your assumption. Now you can continue your judgements to your heart's content. So you see, live and let live is not BS.
  7. Her husband is a Muslim actually. He wrote a letter in reply to Somalis with your mentality that can't let others live their lives. Enjoy the read; http://sahanjournal.com/hani-jacobson-somali-st-cloud-faceboook/#more-590 The only thing I find strange is that she took his last name. But even that is her decision. Live and let live.
  8. Jazakallahu Kheyr for the reminder.
  9. As a long time silent reader I like most posters here.
  10. I don't understand why these girls are flooding to a warzone. Maxa lugu aqriyaa? She's only 15. So sad. Nay she return safely to her family, inshaAllah.
  11. But isn't there a Somali proverb, that goes a bit like, hadaad been sheegaysid been run uu eg sheeg, 'Cause any person can see this is a blantant lie.
  12. When Prophet Lut (AS) offered his daughters, he wasn't referring to his biological daughters as stated by the scholars. He was referring to the women of Sodom, because he was their father too, symbolically. Similar to how, the Prophet Muhammad's wives' (SAW) are the Mothers of the Believers. Why would he say they are purer for you if he was offering them for fornication? He directed the men to what was purer for them and for the society as whole and what is purer than marriage between a man and a woman? However these men were intoxicated by their lust - and it's clear that they weren't interested in purity because they only sought to fulfill their perverted sexual desires. The Bible's account of Lot's story is disgusting and incorrect. It's in the Bible they say Lot offered his two daughters to the men and said they can do anything to them as long as they leave his guests alone. The Bible also includes other sordid details of Lot's daughters sleeping with their own father. Nauudibillah.
  13. This whole section is entertaining to watch. Keep it up fellas. I can really see why somalia is a sh!thole (and yes that includes Somaliland too).