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  1. Should you love or hate the arabs ....generalization will serve no purpose if we are to use the saudis deporting bck somalis or the libyans not voting for somalia's independence... it also the saudis who "selectively" purchase(ed)the somali livestock that traditionally sustains(ed ) the somali economy. The same is true for Libya (need i also mentions Syria)which had received and welcomed thounsand of somalis seeking refuge due to the wars etc. a little true stroy...about two months ago .. as i waited in line at the Dubai international airport.. of the three lines stood by hundreds of travelers waiting to be processed.... i enviousely glanced at the shortest line of 3 people... the line that read.. not "expatriates" not "Eueopeans and N. americans" but it read"Ashiqaa'al Carab"... hhhmmm. upon joining this line not only was i processed faster but i would later learn that an "arab" cannot "legally" hold certain menial despised jobs in UAE....something very far from the realities of the millions of somalis in the diaspora who are systematically and by design are cronically working in the "European and North american" labour markets. I shall not go into detail of how during crisis the U.A.E "arabs" have welcomed somalis... in allowing un-insured passenger planes land in designated areas in the Dubai airport... creating the economic outlet somalia needs, allowing hundreds of somali senior eye patients get emmergency medical assistance.... and more..