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  1. I didn't get it, what do u mean? Are they invading land or...?
  2. Somalia4Somalis, u are a troll. U would get reported to Libaax and Maskiin and hopefully you would get dealt with.
  3. You are weird, how would you know he was Mooryaan and not just an innocent bystander? AUN to the Marxuum.
  4. I don't think he should have worn that either. You don't have to show or prove to anyone you are Somali. Wear something appropriate and professional, like a suit or something.
  5. Man wanted on murder arrested. Burnsville, MN. Faribault police officers arrested a man wanted by the Burnsville Police Department at the Holiday gas station on Saturday night. Ali Ahmed Said, 29, was arrested by Faribault police officers after his car was seen by an officer on patrol. Said had been driving a white, 2007 Toyota Camry. The Burnsville Police Department had issued an “attempt to locate” for Said and his vehicle on Friday. They had directed that he be arrested for probable cause of third degree murder of an unborn child by a dangerous act and for a domestic assault misdemeanor for intentionally inflicting or attempting to inflict bodily harm on another, according to Faribault Police Capt. Neal Pederson. Ali Ahmed Said, 29.
  6. Man wanted for double homicide turns himself in Toronto, Canada. Toronto Police have arrested the prime suspect in a double murder near Lisgar and Sudbury, on June 28th. Kamal Hassan, 23 years old of Toronto surrendered on Friday July 3rd, just before 8:00 pm to police. He’s facing two counts of first degree murder. Kamal Hassan, 23.
  7. Khat has to be the most disgusting thing in the world. Its right up there witb other illicit drugs like cocaine and Meth. I am glad its been made illegal and anyone caught with garaabo faces jail time.
  8. Looks nice, they should take it and pitch it to Shark Tank, they can get national exposure.
  9. Two men who chased and stabbed a man get 15yrs in Xabsi. London, UK. Two men who chased a man through Ealing Broadway before stabbing him have been jailed for a total of 15 years and six months. Abdi Hassan, 18.
  10. 3 SHEYDAAMO stab someone to death, make a YouTube rap video about it London, UK. The family of a church minister’s son stabbed to death in the street today said they had forgiven the three gang members found guilty of his murder - but they should still be jailed for life. Ayman Koshin, 18. T Shai Ennis, 19 Idris Daud, 19.
  11. A Farah who can't keep it in his pants gets 5yrs for Rape. Bristol, UK . A man has been sentenced to five years in prison after being found guilty of attempted rape and ABH. Abdilisis Shide, aged 27, from Easton, was sentenced at Bristol Crown Court today (April 20) after pleading guilty to ABH and being found guilty of attempted rape. Abdilisis Shide, 27.
  12. If i had to guess, i would say its because that part of the country is mountainous and above sea-level. People who are born or live in high altitude or above sea level areas are generally faster than the majority who live in at sea level. Maybe that explains it. Only downside is, they are on average shorter than their counter parts in few inches.
  13. 3 Qashin who stabbed someone to death and made a YouTube rap video about it, found Guilty of Murder. London, UK. . Three teenagers have been found guilty of murdering a church minister’s son from Willesden in an unprovoked attack in Harlesden. Ayman Koshin, 18. T-Shai Ennis, 19. Idris Daud, 19.
  14. MMA salaan sare sxb, horta how is everything sxb? Nice Picture btw, 40yrs ago things have changed, thats all i can say about it.
  15. If u would have said female circumcision was wrong, i would have agreed with you. Studies after studies has show that male circumcision prevents diseases and is beneficial, Even the U.S CDC (Center for Disease Control) came out supporting it. Lemme guess, u are what Somalis would call Buuryo Qab (Qof aan weli la gudin cml). Its Kaftan, no hard feelings.
  16. Dadkaan Shaqo hala siiyo, so they don't go on Tahriibs and lose their life on the sea. I hope our brothers from Gobolada Waqooyi the best luck.
  17. LooL seems like you really do have an axe to grind with reer UK. I know reer Canada and UK Somalis have some kinda rivalry going on, lool but it doesn't effect us here in the U.S. I've met alot of Somalis from Europe and they seemed cool folks. Even got family (tolka) who live in Sweden, London, Norway, Netherlands and stuff. All over Europe, dad fiican iga dheh. I'd trade them for the Somalis here in the US.
  18. What i don't understand is, how these people have money if they don't work. I've talked to alot of them over the years and they all said they travel back home to Somalia or Arabaha every summer. I'd like to know where they get the money to travel every year. Probably involved in some kinda scam or illegal activity. I can barely travel outside of my state, let alone take FASAX to Africa. Back in 2004, i met a guy here who was visiting the area from UK. He posted here on SoL and said he was in town visiting and looking for other members to show him around the city. Picked him up from Baltimore and showed him around DC and taken him to Skyline in Alexandria. Only person from UK i ever met. Really cool dude, use to come here with Winger or something similar.
  19. Cutting the entitlement benefits would certainly get their attention. Why work when the government gives you everything you want. No incentive to look for a job.