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  1. ^Isbuuc kahorteed bay mooryaan Galmudug ka timaday dad ku layeen Puntland. Adna waxaa leedehay hubka maxa looga dhigayaa??? Reer Galmudug dariis wanaag kula ma dhaqmaan reer Puntland. Hadii aan la xalin nidaam laanta ka jirta Galmudug oo police adag iyo ciidan macna leh oo so qabta dadka rabshada wada - wax heeshiis oo soconaya ma jirto.
  2. The increase in attacks is a symptom of Al Shabaab trying to hobble this nascent government. This monster was always there but somewhat dormant because Culusow didn't poke them. Now at least this government can try to mobilize to counter this threat. And they need to do a much better job of harnessing the anger of the public. A simple statement of condolence is hardly putting this tragedy to good use. My suspicions are that Al Shabaab is essentially an Ethiopian proxy designed to destabilize this country. They are triggered on demand. And given the Farmaajo government's stance towards Ethiopian meddling - I'm not surprised by the increased attacks. What they need is a much better intelligence organization - something the Turks can help with if the government pursues it. If one year from now - the security situation is the same - then you can call them a failure but not at this time. Countries with much more sophistication and resources are having these issues.
  3. The markets you have now are the markets that count. No matter that they are unpredictable - you have got no alternatives at present. No point not confronting economic reality. Wishing and hoping isn't going to change anything. And this government has no capacity to begin to think about expanding commercial arrangements. They have enough on their hands already. A report came out from a former Qatari intelligence chief confirming that Qatar actively supported Al-Shabaab with money and intelligence and weapons. Not sure that Saudi/UAE coalition did the same. But if we will stay neutral hope the federal government talks frankly and openly to Qatar about the issues we have with them.
  4. To be honest - Somalia has more at stake with Saudi and UAE than Qatar. We sell millions of animals to Saudi every year and the prime Hajj season is coming up in a few months. And we have innumerable trade links with UAE. Not sure what Qatar can offer us or has offered except bankroll the nightmare that was Hassan Culusow. Still I support the government in maintaining neutrality. It gives Somalia more credibility and lets Gulf countries know that we will not do as they command in exchange for empty pledges. Now is the time for the Somali government to negotiate hard for a good deal. Qatar needs to provide immediate and substantial financial support if we stay the course. Conversely - if not - and we go with our broader interests - we expect the same from the Saudi/UAE crew. Show us the money B******.
  5. Thanks for bringing attention to this Yoniz. I'm tired of the narrative that we have always been anarchists, pirates and crazies. It is quite amazing the difference between the current level of leadership and these pioneers. It's almost as if an alien species has landed in the 20+ years and taken over governance, clan and religious leadership.
  6. @Holac said: Congrats ElPunto. Great achievement for the Somalis. He is muslim He is Black He is an immigrant. I laughed at this. It's not me although he is a friend. I agree with Galbeedi - hopefully we get a whole bunch of younger, educated and culturally aware Somali Canadians to run. I just hope that they don't think this is another 'dukaan' type thing they open right next each other. Winning public office actually takes a lot of preparation, groundwork and networking. One of my black friends was talking about how the much longer established black communities have been unable to achieve this feat. Somalida waa dad fir-fircoon. I just hope they focus on using that in a positive manner. Seriously - a great day for Somalis not just in Canada but around the world. I remember in the 1990s when Somalis in Canada were refused permanent residence because they were unable to prove their identity as refugees. The case went to the Supreme Court and they won. And now some 20 years later - the same group of folks have one of their own as the Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship. Just another proof that Canada is the truly the best country in the world. We may be cold, overtaxed and somewhat boring but no place better to be an immigrant.
  7. ^Yes. But they weren't white working class people. Those people were open and proud of supporting Trump. It's white college educated that told pollsters they were voting for Clinton but voted for Trump on the basis of race. Any person with a brain can see that you can't build a wall let alone get Mexico to pay or bring back manufacturing jobs to Ohio by snapping your fingers. It will be a complete circus for the next 4 years - celebrity apprentice on a global scale. We will see what happens but I believe that this narcissistic fraudster will kill the whole republican party well and good after his term. Get the popcorn out! BTW - if anybody had any doubt that Americans are the stupidest western ppl around - here's the proof. Electing someone who boasts about grabbing women by the p***y and states that Mexicans are all rapists and murderers.
  8. Civil war and displacement causes that. But I don't know that there is a greater preponderance of mental illness in the Somali community. BTW - your title references terror - doesn't look like it. You shouldn't feel too personally about this - look at it as you would some random white guy stabbing people. Tragic but hardly cause for hand wringing.
  9. Yes an interesting analysis and I agree for the most part. But what to make of Erdogan detaining and/or firing 50,000 people. It can't but be the sign of an autocratic egotistical dictator. Despite the coup - I think on this path Erdogan and the AKP are setting the clock back on themselves. Something the coup didn't manage to do.
  10. This is what passes for objective analysis in the west: 'Rule No. 2 in planning a successful military coup is that any mobile forces that are not part of the plot — and that certainly includes any fighter jet squadrons — must be immobilized or too remote to intervene. (Which is why Saudi army units, for example, are based far from the capital.) But the Turkish coup plotters failed to ensure these loyal tanks, helicopters, and jets were rendered inert, so instead of being reinforced as events unfolded, the putschists were increasingly opposed. But perhaps that scarcely mattered because they had already violated Rule No. 1, which is to seize the head of the government before doing anything else, or at least to kill him. The country’s president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, was left free to call out his followers to resist the attempted military coup, first by iPhone and then in something resembling a televised press conference at Istanbul’s airport. It was richly ironic that he was speaking under the official portrait of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of Turkey’s modern secular state, because Erdogan’s overriding aim since entering politics has been to replace it with an Islamic republic by measures across the board: from closing secular high schools so as to drive pupils into Islamic schools to creeping alcohol prohibitions to a frenzied program of mosque-building everywhere — including major ex-church museums and university campuses, where, until recently, headscarves were prohibited. Televised scenes of the crowds that came out to oppose the coup were extremely revealing: There were only men with mustaches (secular Turks rigorously avoid them) with not one woman in sight. Moreover, their slogans were not patriotic, but Islamic — they kept shouting “Allahu ekber” (the local pronunciation of “akbar”) and breaking out into the Shahada, the declaration of faith.'
  11. Personality cult and Islam don't go together. This guy is suspicious. Not sure why the Americans are sheltering him either.
  12. @Tallaabo said: If Ethiopia breaks up and descends into chaos and ethnic conflict, the consequences for Somaliland and to some extent Puntland would be disastrous. The Oromo migrant problem of today will pale into insignificance when millions of refugees overwhelm our towns and cities. In my opinion a failed Ethiopia is not in our interest so let us pray for a reformed Ethiopia where democracy and the rule of law are strengthened. Absolutely right. But it would swamp all of Somalia not just Somaliland. 90 million plus flood! I do think it is in our interest to get a weaker Ethiopia not a failed one. A weaker Ethiopia will concern itself with itself rather than micro manage and divide Somalis.
  13. Seriously. Hiiraan has got nothing in the way of governance or administration or much of anything else. As we learned in Mogadishu the hard way - any government/administration is better than none. This Ugaas is a moron no different than the courts in 2006.
  14. @Holac said: I could not stomach watching CNN, FOX and even the EU chanels. It is really amazing how biased the Western media is. Did you see that? So much for democracy and NATO ally etc. Gaalo - they will never be your friends. On the other hand - Erdogan needs to know that being the Putin of Turkey doesn't do the country any good. Given all this - Turkey should be very cheap to visit now - hmmm - *will need to look*
  15. The police need to be held accountable. I don't care who they are protecting - if you are a police office - you are there to take the bullet first before firing yours. All too often - all they get a suspension and are back on the job in months. How many more have to die senselessly before wholesale change is instituted?
  16. ^Yeah - same same old. What is surprising is that nothing seems to be done to prevent these incidents even with Obama in the White House and a black lady the head of the justice department. I was listening to a debate on this and some guy was talking about improving training for officers etc. But this isn't about training - if you have a visceral dislike or fear of black people - you will shoot first. They have to find a way to weed those people out of the police force.
  17. DALLAS — Five officers have been killed and at least six more injured in a hail of gunfire during a demonstration organized to protest this week’s police-involved shootings in Minnesota and Louisiana, Dallas police confirm. Can't say I'm surprised.
  18. ^Meesha shacab majiro. I think white papers about equality at this stage miss the bigger point. If I was the minister, I would have focused on getting meaningful change like raising women's literacy with specific funding allocated and even rewarding girls and their families for putting them in school. To pretend that pronouncements that women deserve 50% of seats in parliament actually makes a difference is shortsighted. And newsflash - this figure is not achieved in developed western countries. BTW - the comments made by the so called wadaado about legalizing gay marriage etc - is that actually in there? If not - why did the minister hide and not stand up for her team? Someone needs to challenge these beardies who believe they have a monopoly on the nation's morality.
  19. Go. It's cheap now too from what I hear due to the bombing at the airport.
  20. ^What you are saying is crap? Whatever grievances anyone may have - you have to come up with a process/procedure that has broad support to address them. And not to start a conflict. And lo and behold these grievance magically materialized when this idiot was removed from his post. Xayawaan. And so are his qabilist supporters. This is the height of the anarchic, me first tendencies of Somalis. Someone gets removed from a post and they start this. And to drag a whole bunch of his kinfolks into this to bolster the make believe that there are legitimate 'grievances'. I believe these folks should be shot in whatever region anyone tries to do this. There is no role for elders in this kind of insurrection. It is purely a government/military matter to deal with treason and sedition. If Somalia is to get back to normalized governance - actions such as these cannot be tolerated.
  21. This guy is a hapless hypocritical nitwit. Just goes to show to never believe in any Somali politician especially one that cites his academic position as 'holier than thou'.
  22. ^I think they are going for a bigger project than a simple jetty. The lufluf is more that way. You don't play fair by going to donors to try to cancel another's project especially using the imprimatur of the federal government. Not sure how true this story is though - Somalis always like to cry bloody murder.
  23. Good article. Though I don't agree that people join Shabaab because of mistreatment at the hands of security forces per se. At the beginning, Shabaab targeted and recruited marginalized folks with no other economic options but now it is morphed into just a simple salary. I don't think it would take much to defeat them but there is no real will by the Federal government.
  24. It is odd how the consensus here is to let things as they are. That is wrongheaded and foolishly liberal minded. Somalis have no right to be xenophobic given our sad history as refugees and migrants outside our country of origin. But Somalia can't be an economic outlet and dumping ground for an Ethiopian population of 90 million. One is just inviting takeover by population by continuing on current trends having already been taken over politically. I think the relevant administrations should do what they can to stop new migrants entering and crack down at the borders. But there shouldn't be any chauvinistic actions or violence taken by either government or the people. As to the prospects of integrating these folks - at least the ones who have been there some time - it is already happening but then this becomes another pull factor for more migrants. If real actions to stem the flow aren't taken now - I can't imagine what will happen if Somalia does get its act together finally.
  25. <cite> @xabad said:</cite> Bloody Socialist. Government this government that, isku xishood. So says the skinny who suckles at the fat teat of government. Brought to the west on govt sponsorship as a refugee from the depths of Africa, educated and nursed on tax money he and his family never contributed to, housed and clothed on welfare and the government dole. Et tu xabad??