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  1. xaji sxb first of all can you stop this kulmye mushaxarad Guulwade bulsh1t because as far as i am concern they this party has dealt a major blow to the young and fledging demacracy of somaliland. its clear there were many flaws in this election and most somalilanders back home will tell you that kulmiye did not win every village, town and city as they would like us to believe.. from east to west most somalilanders will tell you that qudhmiye as they have become known as have engineered result in such primitive and blatant manner kulmiye 9 waddani 7 rest 3, 2, 1, 0 how can the result follow this pattern for every village town and city do they think people are children please been sheeg lakiin been runta u dhaw sheeg. the sooner we clean this destructive and devisive sorry excuse of a ruling party out of somaliland the better. somaliland will not become the personal property of delusional dictator wannabe. they know qudhmiye is a damage property and they are taking as much as they can while they can. we didnt build this great nation so children like you can perform niiko like for siyad barre wanna be.. somaliland is more than these fools and greedy parties who just wanna loot out nation so fuk them. love your Nation Dont be Guul wade.
  2. Somalia Buqlandtii siyasada laga badiyey wali wey ooyayaan looool, it doesnt matter who gets appointed to this position they will tell you the same thing, that zomalia is corrupt to the core and that budlayn is run by pirate mafioso... But we already knew this so whats the calaacal really about... Is something to do with abdi cawar making a fool of himself... Waar these children need counselling from their chilling experience with abdi cawar campain
  3. Stoic I know am just toying with the village idjot, we will just ignore this loser like faroore was ignored by everyone
  4. duke sxb raga calaacalku uma fiicna.. i know adiga iyo cabdi cawar ba karbaash baa idinku dhacay... but wailling like an old woman... common now... heres a tissue son... dont worry son.... guest what they found new oil well in faroole back side ......
  5. miskiin duke wuu isku buuqay sxb we know waxa ku gubaaya its the same condition that makes faroole constantly scream for attention we have worked out that budhlayn waxa haysata kalsooni la aan, hence the constant screaming for "we here too"..... ever since somaliland convinced the international community that there is only and will ever only be somaliland and somalia north-south, pirate boys have been on losing streak... followed by the OIL magicaly turning to WATER remember the oil duke loool and top it all cabdi cawar made a fool out of himself... duke tell us how fanoole is coping we heard he was running around garowe half naked and no shoes.... sxb show some balls and keep the wailing on the minamum... you kinda embarrassing yourself dee... hadaad baqaysaan se dee isu kaayo dhiiba sl will gareentee budhlands safety lol
  6. taleex sxb that argument wey dhamaatay somaliland xadkeedii oo dhan wey soo xidhatay...
  7. miskiin waxaa la yidhi haduu afku ku gabo oo aanad wax aad ku hadashid jirin waxa roon inaad afkaaga iska haysatid.... lakiin waxaa ugu dara nin wey oo afka kala qaaday hadana waxba ku hadal.. miyaad is hay kari weyday intaan cashar u dhigaayo caruurtan chocalateka qurbaa ku naaxday.
  8. the sage buhoodle is not in togdheer no more, its a region in its own right
  9. to all the children above while you children bicker in cyber space let me teach you a lesson first of all there has never been and never will be an entity called ssc in somaliland. its fictitious entity created by qurba joog folks who were trying to use it as political leverage to gain power which later became khaatumo which ended in utter failure and the founder of this ssc rubbish xaglatoosiye is silaanyo new best buddy.... now people dont confused political ellites from abroad (and few confused souls) who want want power and money and what the reall locals want.... somaliland controls peacefully every city and every major town par one in its terrory no one is forced to be somalilanders whether be lasanod or ceerigabo or anywhere else somaliland has convinced almost everyone to come on board except the town of buhoodle and we are in advanced negotiations sl town governers have already arrived.... we know why this ssc and later khatumo failed in these regons its simple the locals told them to take hike even the admt that much. so dont insult the people of lasanood,ceerigabo, burco, oddweyne,gabiley, berbera, hargeisa, borame, seylac and countless others with this ssc clap trap that was invented in hotel room to milk blood money from old ladies...
  10. xiinfaniin;862454 wrote: xaaji xunjuf waa xaaji xunjuf he now reports that Somaliland appointed a mayor for Buuhoodle of all places. What is next Kismayo xiin waamaxay qosol gariir ayaa kugu dhacaye, horaan kuugu sheegay sl waa laga badiyaa when it comes to faanka iyo cabaadka for sheer result in the long term ciyaartaa waa xagayaga.... buhoodle was the bastion of land standing in the wilderness lakiin waa welcome back to the reall family not the blood suckers who claim to be family only to stab them in the back.
  11. Tilamook You live under sweaty arm bits of an african babbon soldiers for protection, your leaders on dogs lead for uneducated an ignorant african kaafir called mahiga.... You cannot stepp withough the international community holding your hands.. you cannot sustain youself for week withough waddling in your own excrement and eating it. And you have audacity to proclaim to the the world.... Why because of a bunch sheep were herded in a den and you chose one as the new servant of your african master.. Please let those that are free speak for you have none. When grow up and you free yourself from this. Un trusteeship and you have brains to walk on your own two kegs then somaliland will see you as an equal. But till then son dont suffocate in that arm bit that has become your liberty.
  12. and how did you come across this information my friend....
  13. Che and dhaqane dont be angry at me for exposing these people who call themselves somali yet they feast on such such filthy beast... to me there is not difference between eating dogs and hyenas. for a person thats eats that i would find hard to even shake their hand let alone call them somali. even the the naked african tribes do not eat this let alone someone who calls himself somali.... so no my friend not everyone can eat what they bloody like ..... have some shame and denounce those who practice such filthy and discusting practice. but i gues some people just dont have standard Wadaadadu warkay sheegayaan wiigan lala yaabye Wacdi baan ka sugaynee haday waali keeneene Culomoy wareernee maruun meel gees isu weecda Waraabaa la cunayaa sidii waaxyo geel qalane Iska waabi mooye hadmuu wuxu xooloobay wax madayso umadani haday bahalobeene wixii laga wiswisi jirey hada waa u wanaage Afka oo wax waayiyo ma dhicin weelka oo madhane Gaajo loo waaraaqiyo majiro dadkii oo waayay xooliye Wadankana ugaadhaa ku badan iyo waxaad jeclaataane waxka beero oo toos dhulkiyo wabiga aad joogto wadkaadoog cuntaa baa ka dhigan sida waraabuuye wax u doono meel daran aday waadhi ku raacdaaye wax ku qaado waa horeba dad buu cunay waraabuuye
  14. moonlight excuse me sheep feet are not comparable to henious and discusting practice of eating waraabe, do you know that hyena gorges on dead and rotting flesh when a hyena bite an animal the animals bite wound become infected with lethel flesh eating bacteria and it has to ambutated or the infected flesh has to be removed. hyenas carry severall deadly diseases for humans such as iboli virus. all those who come from somalia must quarentined if they ever cross the border into somaliland. in order to avoid the outbreak of diseases.
  15. well its saying, its not meant to be taken literally.. anyways whats bothering you... are you one of those that have been feasting on hyena meet you can defend yourself if you want.
  16. I didnt say they practicing cannibalism i said they are close to it...is it still school holidays
  17. when i read this i was shocked and felt sick to bottom of my stomach. i just could not get my head around that there are somalis today who are feasting on flesh of hyenas of all things. somalis waxa lagu yaqaanay dad sharaf leh oo ka wiswisa inay wax kasta cunaan, waxa lagu yaqaanay dad xoola leh oo ka xishooda inay uGaadha cunaan let alone dugaaga.... disturbing images of somalis today cullin, skinning and feasting on the flesh of hyenass.... NIN NOOLOW MAXAA ARAGKI KUU LAABAN
  18. khadar well its ramadan, so chest beating is put on hold lool... i guest we will see what will unforld in the coming months, but you cant help but feel there is change in the horizon something is not quite the same since xaglatoosiye came to buhoodle in broad day light and pull the carpet from khatumos feet as it were.. if i am not mistaken buhoodle resembles how lasanod was back in 2007 when there was tribal rumblings and meeting and tenstion... something is coming and i think you know it too bro but you dont wana say for fear of what that could be loool
  19. ^^^ well what that remains to be seen as xaglatoosiye clearly has quite alot of support within buhoodle as was quite obvious from his grandoius welcome, its obvious he has his sub clan behind him otherwise he would not have been able to do all these campain he is running from withing the walls of buhoodle as we speak. maybe khatumo made the error of making their base taleex which for all of its history does not have the strategic importance of buhoodle and they seem to be paying the price now with buhoodle teering on the verge... but it will all become clear and few are in for shock for what will unfold shortly after ramadan. all in all somaliland waiting game seems to be bearing fruit once more.
  20. There is big struggle between khatumo and former ssc movement for buhoodle, it seems the latter has made deal of sorts with sl government and now there is political struggle for buhoodle from within, ssc seem determind to push khatumo out of buhoodle... It has now boiled down to tribal allegance. A small storm is coming after ramadan in buhoodle major political shift will occur peacefully.
  21. Is it just me or are the warlords beggining to find their voice again in somalia, i suspect you will see alot more warlods back in their old game lured back in by the rich pickings and the stench of corruption... It seems only islamist can keep these voltures at bay. It seems s omalia is forever destined to keep falling in love with these characters... Its like woman who keeps falling in love with the same axe murderer... Very Strange They dont seem to value honesty, trustworthyness, amongs other good charecters in their leaders semilar to italians they seem to rever vile charecters
  22. (New York Timez) In shocking news for the whole of Africa, Meles Zenawi has passed away from acute justifribilasis fatilosis* at the age of 57. No other leader in the history of the third world has done more to lift his country from the clutches of poverty and delivered Ethiopia into the forefront of modernity in less than 22 years of rule than has the cherished leader of Ethiopia Meles Zenawi. His Excellency Zenawi leaves behind a country that is flourishing and his legacy will forever be etched in all Africans as an intellectual giant who has done more for Africa than Nelson Mandela could have done in five lifetimes. Today is a sad day for all Africans as a son of Ethiopia has been called home by his maker. President Barack Obama, in a hastily arranged press conference, praised Prime Minister Meles Zenawi as a model leader who has put the needs of his people above the needs of the wealthy. “Today Africa has lost a bright star, his Excellency Prime Minister Zenawi has been a great partner for the West”, President Obama stated in the Rose Garden.“We shared many uplifting stories at Camp David over wine and kitfo. Prime Minister Zenawi has been an indispensable partner to America and the West as a whole. We have depended on him to free Somalia from Muslim extremists and he has been undertaking yet another quest to stifle Muslim extremism in Ethiopia and in my birthland Kenya. We will sorely miss his leadership and we look forward to the people of Ethiopia voting in a free and fair election as they did in 2005 and voting over 99% for another model Prime Sinister—a Prime Minister—that the West can depend on and value as we valued His Excellency Zenawi.” News of the sudden passing of Prime Minister Zenawi came as a shock to the Mass Media in the West. CNN has been forced to stop it’s 24/7 news coverage of Tom Cruise and Snookie and has sent journalists to find out more about the latest developments in the horn of Africa. Media personalities have stopped begging for followers on Twitter and are now embarking on journalism as they were taught in college by actually following leads and asking tough questions of the Ethiopian government. Moreover, economists in the United States are now preparing for another Great Depression unsure if companies like Starbucks will be able to reap billions of dollars in profit without paying fare wages to Ethiopian coffee growers. Reached for comments, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz referred to the memo that was sent out to SBX stockholders. “We view a coming time of instability in Ethiopia, one of our most profitable cash cows in the world due to the passing of our most cherished clientele and our valued dealer His Excellency Meles Zenawi”, stated the memo from Starbucks.“We are hopeful that the next leader of Ethiopia will be a man who will be just as willing and able to let Starbucks invest in Ethiopia. We look forward to the Ethiopian people supporting a visionary like His Excellency Meles Zenawi so that we can continue our mutually beneficial business relationship.” News of the sudden passing of PM Zenawi sent the price per share of Starbucks crashing, as of 11:30 AM, Starbucks stock has plummeted more than 25% as coffee traders look to Ethiopia with unease unsure if Ethiopia will nationalize their coffee resources and put in place a system to brand and market their own flavor of “Yagerachif coffee” so that Ethiopian children no longer have to beg for UN rice bags to be dropped from the skies. Starbucks locations in Alexandria and Washington DC have reported near riots as the Ethiopian Diaspora has been flocking to Starbucks to buy their $5.00 cups of coffee instead of buying their coffee from an Ethiopian owned Café by the name of Sidamo Coffee and Tea in Washington. We
  23. " Mxamed Yuusuf Jaamac Halac (Indha sheel) ayaa sidoo kale ka hadlay hadal kasoo yeesdhay Hogaamiyihii hore ee SSC Dr. Saleebaan Ciise Axmed (Xagla Toosiye) isagoona sheegay in wada hadalada iyo nabaduba ay tahay mid u dhaxaysa labada Maamul ee Somaliland iyo Khaatumo isna uu u maray wado khaldan hadaba halkan ka dhagayso waraysigaas oo dhamaystiran.." in other words we want to talk to somaliland and xaglatoosiyaa got there first and we have been ignored not fair...
  24. tallaabo alot of people seem to make the same mistake that you are making which is confusing xeer dhaqan and polics, we are not a western nation and we have our culture and ways of doing things you dont think we are going to just throw away our culture values and history and hand all our affairs to a politicians of all people please... we have a government but that does not mean local communities cannot meet and do something for them selves like here in daallo were they agreed to build their local infustructure and develope their region how is that bad or do you look at everything with political tinted glasses not everything has to boil down to politics. dadku xeer iyo dhaqan baa walidoog u yaalay so dont thing people will throw away everything and expect a policitian boys to run their affairs 100%... or have you been living in the west for too long and think somaliland is the same as those society in europe and western world. from reading what the agreement is i dont see anything but positive for the said community and for somaliland as whole. i personnaly have more faith in an old man who gives wise advise than politician who will sell his mother if it would advance his political cause.
  25. tallaabo what kind of precident would that be, how is tribal meeting a precident to somalilanders its been happening for centuries its part and part of our culture and history.