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  1. bismillah lol at the uk bro hizb that was funny, although u made couple of sisters tighty a bit.. unhappy with your tone i guess.. first lady, sis u r right to look for a man, and go get married is the best thing hat could happen to you.. i don't know where this noise of marriage being something that holds you down comes from.. but i assume is not something from our culture.. i would like to ask you zulzilah, dangerous name, waaba ka baqay. what is the answer then if single ppl can't get married then what can they do then, just fool around with oppisite sex, and leave each other, or bf/gf coz you know human beings have needs. if can tell us what can the ppl susbsitute with marriage.. i wait for your answer.. i think lots of ppl make marriage a big thing, no matter how much time u put on this person or how much time u date him/her, you would never know the real person till you share a life spend lots of time together and then you see what kind of person he or she are, so do your search, tawakal cala llah, go get married. for the sake of allah, for staying away from sins and all, and u'll get barakah in your marriage and it would last long.. there are no hollywood marriage here, nor mr. right or mrs right.. u try, u get something, u work hard at it, u moulded into what u want it to be, u need lots of patience and the complete trust on allah..
  2. waraa nuune duqa af soomaali kaaga caadiga ah aaba la fahmi karin, markaas aa sii qoree af jinni iyo af gadaal.. reverse miyaa sheekada bro..
  3. assalamu calaykum maa noqotay, naag lagu daboo, using it for a fishing game.. bisinka.. what is going on, in this world nowadays.. if you ask me, i wouldn't go to a mixing weddin first time, so maybe u wouldn't encounter all this problems.. the best way to keep ur reputations.
  4. ar kheer waaye odayga haduu kuu roonyahay, shaahiisa lee hala soo daahin marka uu ubaahanyahay.. haye xaajiyad aah, iyaah manoo saadisayba xajka already, wallaahi gabar fiican aa tahay nooh, thanks, wee fiicantahay.. al hamdu lilah.
  5. are you kidding me french kulahaa.. i thought u only speak french if u wanna clear ur throat, kha khus.. damn loool.. i am not hating on the language but i honestly don't think it is beautiful, maybe in the movies or in hollywood scenes.. most romantic language.. afsomali ofcourse especially the xamaraawi dialect.. nuune u agree loool..
  6. sheekada saan mee isku badashay marka aan suuqa ka baxnay.. public application caadi ah aaba taal meesha.. ca jiib.
  7. oh woow couple of our old nomads and well respected sister in sol family.. tami and paci thank you ladies.. waad ku mahadsantihiin, idinka waan idiin rajeen sidoo kale insh'allah.. wiilo odayga adna kawaran aa lagu dhahay haye loool.. maxaa waaye politics ka aan maqlaayo, goodness grace.. bisinka.. waraada i got nothing against politics i just don't like the somali one.. that's all.. aaway kuwii qeel qeelin jiray yaakhay.. tuujiye ku aaway.. luuq maa gashay adna, luuq luuq maroow lasim laami lee ka danbeeyo waa kasee ma ahoo.
  8. wiilo loool wallaahi hala huriyee dee yaakhay loool.. raula walaashiis thanks, wali majoogtaa maaha kheer waaye.. lod.. legend of doom adigana wali waa iska xaadirisaa inlee meesha.. tujwania bisinka magaca malagaa iibsaday walaashiis/ walaalkiis i don't know even know which gender u play for but calaa kulli xaal barasho wanaagsan loool.. waraa tuujiye adi wali gabdhaha masaakiinta oo ilaahooda raba in ee u cibaadeestaan aa lagu daba dhigay haye, masaakiinta yaakhay masaajidka haka leexin ee leerta sii nooh..
  9. ahaha amoeba oh pls don't remind me that word, i remember my science class damn, and i am in my summer break.. that ain't right.
  10. as long as france, england, germany, and italy don't win the world cup i am happy.. i want small poor country to win it... brazil they power house but if they win is all good coz they still poor country.. hopefully one of the african teams go far to semi or something..
  11. Qac Qaac


    Detroit won last night game 5.. and if they get a win, which i hope they'll the heat is past and history... i like wade, and dislike the rest of his team mates, zo, walker, payton, j will, shaq i don't dislike him, but he won 3 already.. that's it.. al though i am wishing, wishful that my home boy nash wins it, with this weak team.. woow he is really mvp... oh yeah and about the hockey.. go oilers go.. edmonton should win it.. we want a canadian team to take it.. what's with this ppl hating on b-ball, r u kidding me..
  12. I don't think u wrote that.. sorry..
  13. waraa tuujiye bismillah.. siinlaaye aah.. waraa iga tag.. guys for all do respect all the names posted in here are names u can't even pronounce unless aad carabka muruq uu kaa galo.. i am sticking with the islamic names.. xumad, muxumud maa ciyaalkeega ubixin karaa..
  14. excuse me who said marriage is too much to handle.. well let me just say for those of you who are not married yet.. you guys are missing out, and for those of you who are in their 20s living in western countries going to schools or work in these countries.. with out marriage i don't know who u guys would surfive unless u guys bring this bf/gf thing..
  15. waraa checkmate saxiib khalaas lee mala yaabantahay.. i didn't even start using the other vocabs i have in mind.. abooto.. amelia abaydiis duqda thank u, aad iyo aad ugu mahad santahay sida quruxda badan aad ii soo dhaweesay.. laakiin pls shaati badalka maxaa waaye yaakhay.. amelia formely known as what... hee.. nuune iyo tuujiye.. yaakhay labadiina caajiib... nothing changes haye, meesha aa wali soo taag taagan tihiin.. nuune thanks bro.. we wait for your xalwad too.. tuujiye pls mid xaree lee adi.. tuujiska badan faraha kuguma daalan miyaa waraa adi.. i heard massage therapist aa noqotay hadda, u took ur certificate from uncle woo massage place huh.. waraa hakuu macaanaato.
  16. she thanks sis.. yeah delated...
  17. yaakhay waad ujeedaan that i even forgot how to post topics in here lool.. double posted the topic.. sorry adminka aka madaxweenaha iyo koofiyad guduudiisaba.. ok hee naga gambiso i already said sookhii
  18. Hi and hello, wazz up u all... well is being a long time since i wrote something on one of these forums.. although i had no time to come to website. but i missed it and the nomads here.. anyways nin ween aan ahay ma ooyn garee laakiin waxaan idin lee yahay.. kuligiin waad salamantihiin dadka intii horay aan uqaanay, iyo inta gadaal ooga soo darsoontay our family here.. salaan khatar cadiim ah iga gaadrsii, juxa, dawoco, tuujiye, nuune, nafta, nova, basra, dadka wee badanyihiin lama soo koobi karo, laakiin kuligiin.. wiilo, most of the guys, and woman here, checkmate.. kulli yaakhay.. khalaas..
  19. waraa tuujiska adi wali wixii maa wadaa.. caajiib... kaalay gacmaha kuma daalaan miyaa.. how long aa tuujis waday.. bisinka.
  20. Haye one more person oo ka mid ah dadka lawaayay halagu daro meesha.. wazz up u all.. oh i missed my sol nomads.. how u all doing.
  21. Qac Qaac

    i am back

    thanks guys.. baro family is back loool.. xiinfaniin yaa idinku wareeriyay.. magac yadeen lool.. waraada ii warama.. maxaa waaye wajiyada cus cusub man..
  22. Qac Qaac

    i am back

    assalaamu calaykum akhyaarta sharafta leh.. i being away for a long time.. i missed u guys.. what is going on... so u kind have to bear with me.. coz i didn't read any topic.. in here.. so if it sounds like repetition i apologize for it ok.. i see new faces.. some old faces.. but mainly new faces.. so i am wondering where is everybody xagee la aaday.. mise shaati badal aa jira.. meaning u all took new names or what... looking ppl like, juxa dawoco nuune tuujiye ale ubahne jumaame checkmate hibo wiilo the list is too long.. nafta, filsaneeey, and many more..
  23. join the espn fast break challange.. is free, and is nice.. but gotta keep up, everynight.
  24. what is the latest record of the wilds.. i wasn't keeping record.. they loosing more games.. what is going on..
  25. red sea i guess u said, sens would allow more goals.. well 2 days ago they played against tampa bay who happend to be stanly cup holders.. and guess what tampa only managed to score 1 goal on them.. while ott scored 4.. final game 4-1.. anyways, jan 16th u say.. ok.. i hope u guys don't loose anymore games.. while we have to take care of our devision again.. so we could hold number spot.. in the easty.. and yeah before i forget, i think wilds just lost.. so their record is 4-3.. so u tell me, how many goals they allowed.. loool.. bro no hard feelings.. but honestly no competition between the 2 teams.. p.s. r u hoping, for the sens to have a bad playoff year.. coz all i see is hope.. so far sens got, best goally, best defenders, and ok scorers, they are not clicking yet.. u will see all the top players of sens make it to the play off games.. that's for sure..