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  1. good to see somali's being part of the political process.
  2. The difference is, there are mechanism in place within secular governments that correct mistakes. A good secular system is one that can be improved by the will of the people , unlike rigid theocratic systems. A good example of this is the civil rights movement in America.
  3. Napoleon

    moving out

    The sooner you move out the better, I moved out when I was 18 some ten years ago, never looked back since then. The sooner you learn to be self-reliant, the better.
  4. Religion has its place in society, but it should never be mixed with politics and allowed to dictate public policy.
  5. Tuujiye Gaal adaa ka xun oo munafiq takfiri ah. Watch your mouth son!
  6. Saxiib. I'm promoting controlled vice, not out of control vice. Besides in the long term, our reliance on these vice industries will fade as better industries develop. But right now they are required to kick-start the economy. It's a natural step to nationhood.
  7. Don't knock it till you try it. Alcohol has benefits when it's used in moderation. In the battle against cardiovascular disease, all types of alcohol -- beer, wine or liquor -- provide certain protective effects. For one, alcohol boosts levels of the beneficial HDL-cholesterol. Alcohol also decreases the stickiness of red blood cells, making them less likely to clot and result in a heart attack or stroke.
  8. Che Is it not true that alcohol is served in heaven, how can something haram be in heaven? Crack is not the same thing. Juxa i've been drinking for the past 10 years, and i can guarantee you I've never vomited let alone unable to control my bowels. That being said, you're right, majority of somali's can't handle it well. Wallahi wax ka fulxume majiro skinny who can't handle their drink and they always start fights in bars too. wallahi waa ceeb. Somali's need to learn to drink like civilized people, start small, light beers, then work your way up.
  9. Originally posted by Resistance: And since when being able to handle alcohol became something lagu faano. Sida Shaax and Shaani loo handle kareeyo ana ku sareenaa hadaan Soomali nahay duqa. shaah iyo khamro midkee xun abti? mid diabetes buu ku siiya midna beer ka xumeeyaa. At least with khamro, cirka baad ku aada. In the end, both should be used in moderation. I'm a firm believer that alcohol is not haram, but the abuse of alcohol which can lead to liver disease s haram.
  10. lol unlike most somali's, i can handle my liquor.
  11. It's friday, a few more hours at work and then i'm off to the bars with saxiibkay Jack Daniels.
  12. Who said vice is bad? Vice is good. Vice keeps cities vibrant and alive. Vice jump-starts economies and creates jobs. Just look at what piracy has done for that region, not only did the pirates and those who helped them get rich off terrorizing the oceans, but now that corrupt government in that region can also bring in some money from western governments to fight off pirates and create 'anti-piracy' coast guards, from NGO's, which in the end means, more jobs, more money for a fragile regional state. Other than remittance from back home, the piracy industry and the khat industry are the main reasons somali's survive today.
  13. Originally posted by Kool_Kat: ^Why an older single mother with low-esteem and alcohol addiction, when he can simply find a clean, loving, caring single mother oo caruurta caanahooda wax kasiineyso? Why sell him short? :rolleyes: kuwas waa the somali garoob group i mentioned, laakin waa madax xanuun qarkood. with cadaan women, you get free biyokulul/alcohol and many other perks. B It's a temporary and exciting way to live, don't miss out if you become homeless.
  14. This is the best time in your life to invest in a suga mama, look for a middle aged desperate white woman who owns a home, or better yet, crash with an older single mother with low self-esteem and alcohol addiction, find a somali garoob with a council house, sleep in hotel conference rooms. The possibilities of being a successful squatter and hobo are endless.
  15. I'm a firm believer that mental health professionals, psychiatrists etc are scam artists bent on profiteering from prescribing drugs rather than genuinely helping people.