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  1. @Che -Guevara said: Blue, it's almost guaranteed a Somali will have other ethnicity. I was surprised when I found out mine. Did it confirm your so-called arabic ancestry?
  2. Majority of these people are the so called the "looma oyaan" and Mr. Culusow does not give give rat's arse about them. In fact, in order to secure his seat in 2016. He is busy now squandering millions of dollars into a barren land whose people have abandoned for better pasture in Mogadishu long ago.
  3. Pesky Greeks, what were they thinking about when they joined the EU in the first place? I mean it is no brainer, their economy heavily relies on tourism and thus the cheaper their currency the better they will do. I bet the Turks are chuckling to themselves by now, as a horde of german tourists flock into their country.
  4. ^ Talk about being negative, did you really have to say that knowing that this king went there to further the Somali cause in general and not just for particular group of Somalis?
  5. Soomaalidu kala gobsan! Degaanada qaar baan loo martiyin. Somali returnees from Yemen were landing in various parts in somalia, so far Bosaaso being the city that hosted the majority. Those who landed in Bosaaso were mostly repatriated to their region of choice and most of the expenses associated with the hosting and the repatriation process were paid by the private sector and the general public. Various private entities like Golis telecom and some other prominent business owners and NGO such as the IOM paid the lion share of the expenses. However, the Puntland government being short in funds, mostly helped the facilitation of some of the programs such as the allocation of land close to the port for use of temporary shelters and the encouragement of the public to help their brethren. Elsewhere in Somalia, the federal government rented ships to send to Yemen and encouraged Somalis to participate the repatriation process. The cabinet of minsters offered pay cuts of per thousand dollars from their monthly salaries. Some elder and Sheiks voiced their concern over radios to encourage some well known companies like Jubba airways and etc to play a role of helping the exodus from Yemen. Every Somali knows that most of these administration in Somalia dont have the necessary funds to help these people but their willingness of encouraging the public and the private sector and NGOs to help is the most important role they can play at this time. So far some administration have failed to do so..
  6. Dr Kenny is right and the president did screw up by not prioritizing security first and dealing with other trivial matters later. From the get go, he should have a plan of weening off the nation from the reliance of the AU forces for protection. By now at least the somalis should be capable of protecting Mogadishu and all the important government instituitions within. It is a sad business of an affair; of all these years the president was in power, the presidential palace, which is the vary place you would think the somalis should be in charge of by now for it's security is still under the custody of the AU forces. To tackle the security issues first, the president was to select a capable PM and this is were he got it wrong from day one in office. And I do think this misjudgement by him was also as result of the overly influence of the people that were around him as well. The president basically dished out all the important qualities he would expect from a potential PM and focused only on loyalty and that led him to find Mr Shirdoon as his PM. MR Shirdoon lived up to the loyal subject he should be and topped it up with incompetency. It was too late and considerable time and resources were lost by the time el presidente realized loyalty alone wasn't moving the wagon. And now for him to lock horns with his second PM that is doing his job properly is just pure stupidity.
  7. It is about time these vile warlords are getting their arses handed to them and It would be good if their confiscated arms are getting destroyed because you never know if they are going to end up in the wrong hands again. Some of our men and women in uniform are in desperate situations since the government does not pay them accordingly and I would not be surprised if some of their loot trickles back into the arms black market again.
  8. Jacaylbaro;977794 wrote: Markay ahayd "Villa Waar-Ba'aa" maxaad uga hadli wayday ? . Clearly there was no thought process involved of what you typed and that is because by now you would have known the Villa is not in Puntland. Without the support and the safeguard of the locals it is impossible for anyone to reside in the villa specially the chaotic situation Somalia is in now. Same goes for other cities that hosted the TNG like Jowhar and Baydhoba. Waxaagu waa iska niyad dhisasho sxb.
  9. ^ War ninkow 4.5 is only applied when appointing prime minster, ministers, ambassadors and parliamentarians but there are other hundreds or so government employees which can be hired or appointed without the use of the 4.5 system. These employees could be the personal staff of the president such as the cooks, the drivers, the security personnel and they could also be his advisers. So far most of the staffers of the Villa are predominantly coming from a single family and not even the wider HAG which is pathetic specially when you want to be seen as a the leader of a diverse nation. The men you named only see what majority of somalis see and at this point it is irrelevant whether their criticism is based on self interest or not because the president is still wrong for encircling himself only with his close kin.
  10. ^ Cidii baqdaa waa la shaacin marka lagu shaaciyana kaba daran marka aad waraysiga u fadhido waayo ugu yaraan eedeymaha qaar baad iska difaaci kartaa marka lagu wareysanayo.
  11. Al-Shabab can be defeated but is the government willing to funnel it's resources and energies in the proper venues of winning the war? For now it does not seem so. Culusow spent considerable amount of cash and time by meddling with the jubba affairs and in turn ruined the fragile relations with some of our neighbours. At the end Culusow made peace with Jubba Admin and requested slight modification of the name of the region which makes you think was it really worth? Definitely not! Now Alshabaab is springing back from it's tight situation of being on the run and is in the process of reshaping it self to a formidable terror group. Miracles aside, we dont have the proper leadership in place for somalia to be terror free at the moment and the current government is busy picking bones with peaceful federal entities basically over nothing.
  12. shouldnt this sort of work befitting for a prime minster or even a minster? these people are joke
  13. Those Million iraqis where killed by fellow iraqis and arabs in suicide bombings and sectarian clashes - overwhelming majority of them, not americans. your paranoia is typical. The sectarian violence was as result of a power vacuum created by the americans and of course they are responsible of all the lives lost. Saddam was a terrible dictator but removing him in that manner was not the best of all options and the UN sanctions alone were enough to cripple his regime over time. Who knows if he was left alone by now his people might have toppled him just like they have done in tunisia with a minimum casualty.
  14. ^War Xaad ceebtiisa hadii halkan lagu tiriyo boga Somaliaonline waaba buuxsami ee aniga waxaan ka hadlay sida uu dhaliisha isaga duway oo keli ah.
  15. Xaad isagu si reer magaalaysan ayuu dhaliisha isaga duway inkastoo anan u bogin adeegsigiisa erayada afka qalaad isagoo heli karaya erayo badan oo af somali ah oo u dhigma erayga qalaad ee uu adeegsaday. Wuxuu ka dhamaan waayey "abulajays" war hoogaha maxaa u diiday in uu adeegsado RAALI GELIN? Odayashi la is oranayey iyagaa afka toosan ku dambeeya waa kuwaas!
  16. Belo ku malaaqday kaasi reerku odayga u yahay baa hoogay. Wuxu caqli xumaa? Magaaladii reerkisa bay turkigu dhisayan! Meeshu u mahad celin lahaa buu habaar iyo cay isugu daray.
  17. Tallaabo;971483 wrote: Rape against anyone is deplorable and should be condemned and stopped wherever it takes place. But what I was pointing at is the fact that the rape incidents which took place in Puntland were orchestrated to victimise our destitute and vulnerable sisters from South Somalia and were not a problem for the general population. It was selective. How do you know if the culprits are native puntlanders because of all we know, thed IDP camps do also have significant male population? or did you just assume so in order to make yourself feel better?
  18. Not just this particular story, but take it with grain of salt anything that comes through MEMRI tv. Their bias intent have been exposed even by some prominent western journalists and various media organizations through out the world. It is obvious, most of their targeted audiences are non muslims and of course some gullible muslims, for the soul purpose of misinforming them about islam and making muslims appear a barbaric society. All muslims are not saints, but cherry picking the extreme views of small groups like Al-Qaida and similar fringe groups to represent the 1.5 billion muslims of this planet is clearly a dishonest act.
  19. ^Of course somali logic can be frustrating for some especially if you are inherently gullible for an obvious reason.
  20. The video was actually posted by MEMRI TV, which is a pro Isreali media organization co founded by Yigal Carmon, who is a former isreali military intelligence colonel. Their name stands for Middle Eastern Media Research Institute. They are supposedly to bridge the linguistic gap that exists between the middle east and the west by translating relevant news originating from the middle east. However, they are known to selectively translate, publish and distribute the materials of people with extreme views, perhaps to promote anti arab and muslim views. in this case it obvious the intended purpose of this clip.
  21. ^Too much diana sxb. Marka marada ka rogto hoosta ayey ka madowdahay
  22. warsamaale;968432 wrote: they are asiatics just like levantines, kurds etc nobody considers turks white if you don't know but bosnians are considered white, just islamicized slavs. they integrate better and don't cause problems like turks do in germany. kosovo is tiny and manageable in their eyes but turkey is a different proposition, due to its size and population. umm no. You could not identify a turk from greek or from a Bulgarian or also even from a Romanian to an extent and that is because the turks ruled that part of Europe for a long time. Also there is little to suggest that religion is playing a role why the turks are being refused to join EU. This whole matter is a pure business.
  23. I dont think the party in power now is interested at all joining the EU but they are throwing a show for a large segment of the Turkish population which are predominantly young and who are yearning to join the EU regardless.The AKP understands that turkey can be self sufficient, and can thrive without the EU membership and that is what many of their political agendas are intended to prove to the the turks and also to others. For the EU, they have a pretty strong case for refusing turkey at the moment and Greece alone is too much troublesome for them now. The Europeans can not absorb turkey's problems politically or economically because of turkey's 75 million population which is roughly the combined population of eastern european EU member states.
  24. ^ Xaaji we all know the root cause of the Jubbaland conflict and if the SFG were not involved there wouldn't be a problem in Kismayo. So if your input was genuine and positive, you would have suggested the SFG to stop arming and supporting trouble makers like Hiraale and Baasto but you arent. All your suggestion are always to undermine the D-block and it is the very reason why you have attained the nickname Xaaji Habaar. As for federalism, it is here to stay for the simple fact that somalis need sometime in order to gain the trust of one another. Xaaji people like you whose only goal is to maim or annihilate opposing tribes on or off the net, are all over the place and I dont see why someone would trust their future with such people.