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  1. Hayaaaaaaaaaaaay! I'm uncivilized, uneducated, a bigot, but at least I'm trying to be so "LIBERAL" Somali culture should be consersative. What i cant understand is, aren't you guys surprised to see a jewish person living in Mogadishu. But this dude isn't somali, Inanku wa yemeni soomali haku sheegins walaalyalow
  2. Originally posted by Che-Guevara: ^^^^There is nothing nice about Somalia or Somalis. The worst thing in this world is ! SELF-HATERS !!! BRO DONT hate YOUR SELF ! spread the love instead of the negative attitude.
  3. Taako Man! No we don't live peacefully, As Muslims we should all follow the sharia law! THIS western democratically is nothing for me! Well next time i wont be surprised if i see some mooryoley fighting for gay rights in Somalia !!! LOL we are getting SO LIBERAL !!! And this guy isn't writing nice things about Somalia or the somalian people !!
  4. Naden what do you think ? think a bigger picture here, what is next? if we have jews living in mogadisho !
  5. Surfing on the net, i find this blog, a yemenite jewish boy living in mogadisho, subxahanalh maa yahuud baa jooga xamar? Amxaaro iyo Yahuud Inaa lilaahi wa rajacuun... War away dadkiii soomaaliyeed ! "I was introduced to a blogger today who might have forever gone unnoticed in the Jewish blogosphere. A blogger who, honestly, may have lived and died, without so much as a blurb in the news media. Avraham lives in Mogadishu, Somalia. A 19 year old young man who lives with his mother, he paints out a picture of what his daily life is like as a “Yahud” in Mogadishu where, in his words, 99% of the people are Muslim. He speaks nostalgically of back when “the government used to have control” of the Islamic courts, and daydreams sometimes about returning to Yemen — where there are at least “more Jewish people”. But he knows, he could never leave his mother (presumably, alone) in Mogadishu. A blog from a point of view I have never heard before, which really puts words like “exile” and even the entire holiday of Purim into a new perspective for me. I only hope Avraham can keep blogging."