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  1. Gediid, i don't have hatred towards any innocent person. iam for fairness and justice for all. as for this dellusionland, its illegal, and totally unacceptable period. i hate ethnocenterism , hypocracy and qabiil propoganda.
  2. the idea of one qabiil_land will not materialize period. The perpetrators of the civil war hail from the waqooyi kuunfur bari and galbeed, and its very hypocritical to point fingers. there will never be justice as long as some people are turning a blind eye on the crimes commited by their people and pointing to those commited by others. as for federalism, as soon as there is a viable goverment (in june insha allah), with the 4.5 formula, and the international backing , hargeysa and berbera will be coming inline. i mean what are they going to do but accept the inevitable? if you think iam optamistic, then lets see ,and count the years with me
  3. If you have any facts at your disposal in regard to the waqooyi galbeed's economy ,then lets analyse it, otherwise claims and counterclaims willnot validate your point. You have been re inventing the tire , without coming up with a valid argument for the seperation of a region from somalia. in addition, you have been trying to present two provinces, out of the 18 provinces which somalia comprises as the "NORTH HALF", while lumping the rest as "the SOUTH". This misleading mirage will not change the realities on the ground, which affirm that the provinces of togdheer (except buuhoodle) and waqooyi galbeed, are illegal and unsustainble as a country.
  4. its rediculous for you to think that waqooyi galbeed is economically superior to puntland. if we agree on a common boarder between the waqooyi galbeed and togdheer provinces and the rest of somalia, iam positive that their economy will collapse. puntland is economically intergrated with the rest of somalia ,while waqooyi galbeed is isolated, except the port of berbera. i firmly beleive we have the bargaining card when it comes to economic issues. the fundamentals are in place more so in puntland than waqooyi galbeed.
  5. since you have figured out the facts, then why don't you do the rationale thing and stop this independance HOOHAA ? READ my lips, IT will NEVER happen, so the sooner you guys accept the absolute reality, the better we will all be.
  6. I second to Horn walaahi. "i couldn't have said it better". could sumarai warrior be Sir Farah, our inhouse Scholar :cool:
  7. Incredible. Thumps up to the scholarly arguments of Dantay- meanin in somali "my business" , Sumaria , and Horn. well, you guys are truly visionaries.
  8. waxaan ahay nin "cabdalayaasha jecel" if you know what i MEan.
  9. No part of somalia has the mandate or the right to seperate. as bari nomad said puntland is part of somalia and will forever be. No habarkuuleey or Awkuuku land
  10. Horn, thumps up for you man. what happened to the tanks, and the commandos. remember "maska ma cuntaa , HAAAA, see u cuntaa HAAAAM"
  11. Actually July 1,1960 is around the corner and its something , no matter where we are from can agree upon , dont you landers think so? JULY 1-1960 Endures and Prevails for ever.
  12. It seems that the adage "Don't Argue with Fools" applies here. it angers me whenever i see Zealots that repeat the same lines , and outdated ideas about Habarkuuleey land. Baashi and Horn , please don't argue with these zealots , since no amount of reason can unlock their hardened minds. south this south that... only xamar is in turmoil, while mudug gedo and puntland are thriving. so don't make as if the whole country is aflame while Northwest is the island of peace. Whether you people like it or not, The status quo will remain and there will never be AN IMAGINARY LAND.
  13. *********EDITED********** [ April 30, 2003, 04:59 PM: Message edited by: Admin ]
  14. much respect for ameenah and Northerner. as for hadraawi, he is foremost a somali intellectual and his opinions could shape the populace of his native region and instill a sense of patriotism to the rest. samyigyrl, moderation should be practised,in any thing inlife, otherwise you will be disappointed forever.
  15. Allaha ku shaafiyo majdi, if you beleive ina yeey that much. cabdullahi yusuf is a thug, who originally build the puntland administration, but wouldn't let go of power when his term ended. eventhough i think he has a better chance of success than ina salaad boy, because of ethio american support, but then he is not a worthy leader, just a place holder for a future president. majdi iam accusing you of the same tribal reasoning as hornafrique in choosing cabdiqaasim lets seperate the interest of clans and those of our nation. peace