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  1. Halmaan Hadal kumo jiro ayay Somalidu tidhaa Don't try to scape my.... you know what I mean and you get also from suldaan I think you meant to say Jean Daudelin & Lee Seymour the academics who authored the piece that these little nobodies are seeking to reply to.
  2. Do you know different between Gamal Hassan and Paul Martin. One is Independent researcher who is analyzed with his rational mind and other one is well educated Somali who can not control feeling from his sub-cognition mind and deep tribalism. I believe in scientific world you have to be rational and independent to publish paper with quality.
  3. Dear Haaruun my missage is not polatics aimed other wise I chosed the polatics part. ibn sina, let him be Dictator Riyale PR manager in SOL. I don't care Riyale, Col. A/lahi or other bloodthirsty warlords in Somalia. What I'm trying to share with you was The big changes in Hargeisa from 1988 when 90% of the city was destroyed by ****** and now 2005. what i also trying to share with you was great possibility of Google earth technology which I partly used to make this video. But in your case every think is politics and tribalism
  4. yaa Ibna sin you can call all of them bcs you don't get it
  5. Sorry nomaders the link was dead but you can see via my web log Aqoon wadaag
  6. Sorry nomaders the link was dead but you can see via my web log Aqoon wadaag
  7. Hargeisa Daawo Dacalada Mix Hargeisa Pictures and film with nice song Juba Shacabkii hargeisa
  8. Hier you can find some information about Love Cilmi baadhis lagu sameeyey jacaylka (cawke iyo Hereri ayaa kuu akhriyaya BBC)
  9. About Djiboute 48 Hours in Djibouti Every thing he write is negatief "The town itself is much dirtier and more chaotic than Hargeisa, many buildings being made of corrugated iron and any other materials the builders may have chanced upon." Another one "We are too poor to drink fruit juice, eat fish, or engage in other luxuries, so we go back and eat more pasta for 50cents. At a dark spot by some parked minibuses are two loafers and the thought “pickpockets†flashes through my mind. No-one has ever considered me rich enough to rob, but I’ve heard plenty of stories: someone does something aggressive like grab you by the collar or spit on your clothes, and while your mind is thus occupied his partner empties your pockets and both disappear before you realize what’s happened. They go for the right front pocket of pants, and I normally carry my money in my left pocket which has a zipper, but Somaliland has made me grow lax, and I’m carrying about $20 in my right pocket. It could happen to me! 5 seconds later one of them is trying to distract me and I feel a hand in my pocket which I immediately grab, upon which he releases his hold, letting the money go. Now both X and I turn on Mr Amateur, and X gets it in his head that he would like to punch him, and starts chasing. Bystanders join in the pursuit, and once captured begin to slap the thief. When X joins the fun it’s in the form of a flying punch dealt to the back of the thief’s ear. To his shame, the blow didn’t knock him over. X says he didn’t have enough space to “express himselfâ€. At the police station they seem disappointed by the quantity: only 3000 francs? By this time X has worked himself into a rage and is yelling and cursing at the thief -- who doesn’t speak French. The police say he must be Ethiopian, but he has dignity and replies he’s a Somali from Hargeisa. I guess one reason Hargeisa is so safe because all the thieves have moved to the glorious Republic of Djibouti".
  10. October 15, 2005 - 05:12 US State Department meeting recommends stronger engagement with Somaliland Awdalnews Network. WASHINGTON, 14 Oct. 2005--A US State Department and National Intelligence Council meeting on Somaliland and Somalia held here on Tuesday 13 Oct. 2005 concluded on a strong feeling for the need of international engagement and work with Somaliland. The seminar attended by a number of US government departments and think-tanks, listened to a number of presentations by Somali studies specialists which included Iqbal Jhazbhay, Matt Bryden, Ken Menkhaus, David Shinn and Adre Le Sage. Awdalnews Network has learned from a reliable source that there was a consensus for more engagement with Somaliland and it was agreed that the seminar conclusions would become material for the National Security Council. It was also agreed that the TFG was unlikely to get off the ground for some time and that more work would be needed to deal with the reality that Islamist groups both in Somalia and Somaliland in terms of engaging them to take moderate Islamic positions. "They currently have no contenders on the playing field and need to be engaged to ensure that they do not exploit this space either in education, health, law and order for extremist and military ends," the meeting recommended according to the source. "In a meeting with some of the participants after the seminar, the US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs pointed out that the UK was of the attitude that the U.S should be more involved in Somaliland. " The U.S. official also said that the U.S. government had made very clear to Abdullahi Yusuf during his recent visit to the US for the UN meeting in New York, that he did not have US support, but that the US supported the Somalia peace and reconciliation process. One the papers presented during the meeting described Somaliland as a country having a better record on establishing democratic governance than any other country in the immediate region with the possible exception of Kenya, although warning that Somaliland's democracy was far from perfect. It also noted that the dispute between Puntland and Somaliland over control of most of Sool region and eastern Sanaag region was an impediment to peace and acceptance of Somaliland’s independence. "The non-participation in the electoral process of most of the Warsangeli in eastern Sanaag and the Dulbahante in Sool is the greatest challenge to Somaliland’s political legitimacy. To its detriment, the issue is largely being ignored by the government of Somaliland," the paper asserted. Another view asserted that this matter required an approach of a cool mind and a warm heart and a much lower level of international focus to reslove this matter amicably. In a related developement, US Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, Dr Jendayi Frazer, is schduled to have talks with South African officials soon to discuss the re-shaping of US foreign policy towards Africa. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- © 2005 Awdalnews Network
  11. most of fiction roman ended happyly but this was real history that is way most of us don't like how it ends. Maybe you wonder how Hodan felt when she heard cilmi's death did she think it was her fault that he die and what did people say about her have they blamed her for causing the unbearable pain he's gone through. No one knows exactly how Hoddan felt about Elmi’s infatuation of her but her silence should not be construed as a lack of caring. In general, Somali women back in those days and even at the present time are known to say very little or nothing about issues that are regarded as disgraceful. However, Hoddan was caring enough to visit him at times when he was too depressed and too weak. I believe she cared about him, but due to pressure from her family she was afraid to admit. Perhaps she did not perceive Elmi as a crazy man like everybody else did, but she deeply cared about him too. Keeping that in mind, I can only imagine how she felt after he passed away. to broef that I heard flowing history from uncle of my. Wuxuu yidhi "waxaan baabuur kuwa xamuulka qaada ah ka soo raacay magaalada barbara waxaanan ku soconay Hargeisa xiligu waa dhamaadkii lixdameeyadii. Xiligaa lama dhisin wali wadada laamiga ah ee u dhaxaysa Hargays iyo Barbara. Wakhti dheer ayay qaadan jirtay u kala safarka labada magaalo. Baabuurka dushiisa waxaanu ku fuushanahay aniga iyo dhawr oday halka shidhkana ay kaga jireen laba dumar ah iyo dirawalka. Si wakhtiga la isu dhaafiyo ayaa ragii dusha saaraa waxay bilaabeen inay gabayaal iyo taariikho ka sheekeeyaan. Mid ka mida odayashaas ayaa waxa uu si qoto dheer uga sheekeyay gabayaddii Cilmi Boodhari, isagoo gabayba gabayku daba xiji siinayay. Mudo markay sheekadu sidaa u socotay ayaa baabuurkii mar qudha si lama filaan ah loo joojiyay labaddii dumarka ahaa ee shidhka fuushaaana way ka daadageen oo waxay u carareen geedo yaryar dabadooda. Markaasuu dirawalkii yidhi "Waaryaa ninkaagan gabayada ka sheekaynayoo jooji sheekada hadaad Ilaahay ka baqanaysi" waayo ayaanu waydiinaya dirawalkii waxaanu noogu jawaabay "labadan dumara ee daadagay mid ka midi waa Hodan sheekada iyo gabayada aad ka sheekaynaysayna way maqlaysay sababtaa awgeed ayay emotional u noqotay oo loo soo beerqaaday oo ay oohin u bilowday". Maadama aan sheekadan ka maqlay qof wayn oo looga qaateen ah waxaan odhan karaynaa Hodan qudheeda jacaylkii xaga dambe ayuu kaga soo baxay oo wuu saameeyay inkasta oo ay Inashabeele caruur badan u dhashay. Mid ka mida caruurteedaasna aniguba waan arkay. Nolol caadiya oo qoysna ay ku noolayd. Arin kale oo aan inta badan laga hadalno waa mar haddii gabadha somaliyeed ay guursato oo ay Soddoh noqoto lama soo hadal qaado sheekadeeda oo waa laga xishoodaa
  12. The history of Ilmi Boodheri is sad one with unhappy end, but the legacy from Boodhari is still alive in our culture. I read long time ago Ilmi's bibliography, what i can remember is: It was sometime before 19937, while Elmi Bodhari was working at a bakery shop in the port city of Berbera. In late afternoon a young and beautiful lady named Hoddan bought bread from the store that employed him. From that day on, Elmi was mesmerized by the natural beauty and elegancy that God had given to Hoddan. What followed that afternoon to the end of his life became the most famous love story in the continent of Africa. Initially Elmi faced two difficulties – not only was Hoddan's family much better off financially, he also faced the cultural taboo that surrounded the concept of love. Both were formidable challenges for him to overcome. One could only imagine his anguish of trying to convince a society that regarded love as a disgrace and shameful thing. His family, including his relatives, tried to convince him to stop bringing shame on the family but to no avail. His heart was attached to Hoddan and no matter what people tried to do, he demonstrated his devotion to Hoddan through countless romantic poems. At one point a dozen beautiful girls from his tribe came to persuade him to forget about Hoddan and settle for on of them. Elmi's response was one of the most beautiful love poems in the history of the Somali people: HADAY ILI WAX QABANAYSO OO LAGU QABOOBAAYO AMA QURUX LADAAWADO KOL UUN AADMI KU QANCAAYO ANIGUBA QADRAAN SOO ARKIYO QAARARKII HODDANE HAYEESHEE QAREEN BAA IGU GALAY QALAY NAFTAYDIIYE HABLAYAHOW HALKII QOOMANAYD BAAD IQABATEENE QALBIGAAN BOGSIINAYAY BAAD QAC IGA SIISEEN QAR QARADA JIDHKAYGIYO GACMUHU WAY QADH QADHA YAANE QALBIGUU WAX IGA YEELAA ILAYN NAASKA QAAWANIYO INAAN EE BAHAY IDIN QATALIN QARIYE LAABTIIN This roughly translates to IF THE EYE CAN CAPTURE SOMETHING (beauty) AND THAT COULD CALM DOWN SOMEBDY (somebody's heart) OR EVER A HUMAN COULD BE STISFIED WITH BAEUTY I HAVE SEEN KHADRA’S (Hoddan's) SHOULDERS, NECK, AND FACE HOWEVER, I HAVE STRIKEN BY LOVE THAT DEVESTED MY LIFE LADIES, YOU HAVE POKED THE PART (the heart) THAT WAS IN PAIN YOU HAVE HURT THE HEART THAT I WAS TRYING TO HEEL MY UPPER BODY AND HANDS ARE SHIVERING (due to the painful effect of love) THE NAKED BREAST HURTS MY FEELING GOD FORBIDS TO SEND YOU TO DISTRUCTION, I ASK YOU TO COVER YOUR CHEST Hoddan did not show affection towards him but perhaps due to pressure from her family she was unwilling to deal with his passion for her - a hardship of love that isolated him from society. After learning that Elmi was too depressed from his infatuation of her and it was taking a physical toll on him, she paid a short visit to his place. Though she never showed feeling for him before, her visit to his residence in the last few days of his lives tells us otherwise. When she arrived, Elmi's roommate and best friend Muse informed her Elmi had not slept for several days until today. Hoddan didn't want to disturb Elmie, so she told Muse to tell Elmi that she was here to see him. Upon waking late in the afternoon, Elmi was informed the woman that he loved the most was here to see him and she wished him the best. In utter disbelieve and regretful for missing her visit, Elmi placed his hands on his head and said HOHEEY HADHKA GALAY HURDADU WAY XUNTEE BAL INAAN HABAAR QABO MAXAA HODDAN IWAYDAARSHAY SLEEPING DURING THE DAY, IS NOT A WISE IDEA UNLESS I AM CURSSED, WHY DID I MISS HODDAN Unlike the story of Romeo and Juliet, the story of Elmi and Hoddan is based on real events. Its beginning and finale have been passed from generation to generation. If you can read Somali Gabaygan waa gabay fariin ah oo Cilmi uu farayey nin u socday magaalada Berbera oo ay joogtay gabadhii uu jeclaa Hodon Cabdi. Isaguna waxaa layidhi wuxuu joogay markaa Hawd. Wuxuu yidhi: Ina adeer hagaagtaye hadaad hilinka sii qaado Hantaq iyo Illaah kuguma rido hagabyadii Sheekhe Mid hubsiimo badan baad tahoo halo la siiyaaye Adigaan halyay kuu bidiyo huritii Daa'uude Hilaac baa Berbera iiga baxay Hodan agteediiye Hurdadana habeenkii ma lado had iyo waagiiye Sida hoorimaad baa qalbigu ii hanqadhayaaye Waxaa lay horjoogaa sidii horadhacii geele Inaan haybsigeed dhigay haday Hodan i moodayso Gabadh kalaan haasaawiyaa waa iga haniyaade Hadaan hadiyad caano ugu diro hoohigaa gubiye Maxaan kula hagaagaa yartii way hanwayntahaye QAARARKII HODON Gabaygan wuxuu tiriyey mar la yidhi hablihii beesha uu kadhashay gabadh kasta ha tusto meesha u qurux badan bal si uu u ilaawo jacaylkanjiif iyo joogba u diiday markaa isaga oo la hadalaya hablihi quruxdooda soo bandhigayey wuxuu yidhi: Hadday ili wax qabanayso oo lagu qaboobaayo Oo qurux la daawado kol uun aadmi ku qancaayo Aniguba Qadraan soo arkiyo qaararkii Hodane Ha yeshee qaraam baygu galay naftaydiyee Hablayahow halkii qoomanayd baad i qabateene Qalbigaan bogsiinaayey baad qac iga siiseene Qarqarrada jidhkiyo gacmuhu way qadhqadhayaane Qalbigu wax yeelaa illayn naaska qaawaniye Qosolkaa yar yari waa waxaad nagu qaldaysaane Inaan Eebbehay idin qatalin qariya laabtiina. CIDINA MAARAYNE Gabayagan waxaa layidhaahdaa waa gabayadii Ugu Danbeeyay cilmi inaatunu dhiman wuxuuna tiriyey Gabaygan mar loo sheegay in lasiiyey gabadhii uu Jeclaa ee hodon nin warsangeli ah oo la odhan jiray Mohamed Shabeele wuxuuna yidhi: nimanyahow gabay waa murti iyo maaran kala waaye Rag uun baa maroor wax u tusoo kaygu waa malabe Sida Sheekh mufti ah oo cilmiga meel ku marinaaya Waw muhanayaa maansadaad mari i leediine Hadaanse madar ka sheegaayo oon walle ku maansoodo Martuba way ka dhici layd hablaha muxibbo owgeede Murugada calooshayda iyo muhanka laabtayda Miyi waxan la tegi waayey iyo madaxdii Daa'uudka Meeraysigeedii waxaan ula madoobaaday Nin mataanihiisii gacmaha meel dhigtaan ahaye Mid kalaa la tegay geenyadii maanku ku xidhnaaye Muruq kuma kaxaysanine rag buu magansanaayaaye Haddii aanan mahiiggiyo ka biqin murabidkaa gaalka Amase aan mashraqo lay sudhayn maalin ma hayeene Alla magane sow dowladani meesha kama dhoofto Afartaa intaan miin ka dayey marin ma qaadsiiyey Mid kalena waa maansaday muhatay laabtaydu Mariil baa qardhaas loo tolaa meelo la qabtaaye Mereg baa la gooyaa cishqaan cidina maareyne Inantaan naftayda u makalay way i moog tahaye Mid kalaaba loo meheriyey ooy meel u gogoshaaye Micna gaabanow dumar inaan malo la waydiinin Waa waxa martiyo loogu xidhay marada shaydaane Muxubiyo makaawo wakiil magac waxaan siiyey Maydhkii khasaaraysay iyo maaddi gabayeede Waa ii muraadday iyo waxaan uga muraaqoone Mitaalkeeda waan heli lahaa Maydh haddaan tago e Mudanihii Cismaan iyo bal aan Maakhir haybsado DHAXANTA MEERAAYE Gabaygan waxaa layidhi isagoo dhulka xardhaya ayaa waxaa ku soo Baxay qolo ay asxaab ahaayeen markaa wuxuu is yidhi intaanay ku Waydiin u sheeg wuxuu yidhi: Nimanyahow dharaar iyo habeen waan dhadhabayaaye Dhulkuun baan xarriiqaa siday dhiillo ii timide Sida qaalin dhugatoobay oo geelii wada dhaafay Dhallinyaro ma raacee kalaan dhaxanta meeraaye Dhaqtarkaa la geeyaa ninkii dhaawac wayn qaba e Iyana waygu dheeldheelayaan dhamacda Daa'uude
  13. Tuujiye iyo akhayaarta kale ee moodaysa inay Geerashayntu hadeer soo baxday waxaan halkan idiinku soo gudbinayaa mid ka mida gabayada ugu caansan xaga gabay dheegadka waxa loo yaqaan (Gabay dheegad waa gabay hanaanka uu u dhacayo loo eekaysiiyay gabay hore u jiray balse midhaha iyo fikirka uu ka hadlayaa ka duwanyahay. Gabaygan waxa laga soo dheegtay gabay uu tiriyay Ismaciil mire oo kaga hadlayay duulaan ay daraawiishtu gashay halka kan dheegadka ahina uu ka hadlayo gabayaaga iyo 7 asaxaabtiisa ah oo Geerashayn hargaysa ku sameeyay. Gabaygan waxaa la tiriyay sanadahii lixdamaandka ilowgoodii. u fiirsada sida uu u sharaxo geerashayta iyo habka ay u dhacdo. CABDISLAAN AADAN-TUMASHO, TUMASHO Duhurkii Togaa Herer hadaad qado ka soo tuurto Hurdo laguma taamo e naftaa lala tacaalaaye Aniga iyo todoba aan ku jiray tumasho soo qaadnay Rag tabaabulshuu leeyahay ee wax is tusaalaynay Sahan kama tagana meel mirqaan loo tawaawacay e Laba tubaha noo sii cayma hore u tuurayay nay Tog Wajaale qaadkii ka yimid tacab ku soo miidhnay Markay laba tobnaad noo xidheen toobiyaha qaadnay Taksi lagama maarmee nin waday suuqa nagu tooci Tilmaan quruxsan goobtay fadhidee agabtu noo taalay tusmadii hablaa lagu yiqiin saani ugu toosnay Rag kaleeto goobtuu turqaday maare kaga teednay Tubtii horeba boqol jaa'ifa ah taybalka u saaray Nin waliba tankiisii haraaq tiilay ugu laabnay Isaga oo falaas lagu tamilay laysu tebi shaaha Tirsan mayno naag laga tegay iyo tu aan la doonayne Laba aad Tukriga moodo oo tikhilka naagood ah Iyo laba tafiirtii Janada lagu tilmaamaayo Iyo laba wax layskuma tirshee sida tiriigaas ah Iyo taan lahaan jiray markaan tumasho soo qaadno Intaas oo xarago tiicaysa oo timeshla luudaysa Intay toobab noo soo xihdeen tel iyo xiisaan leh Anaguna gabdhaa kama tagnee geerash lagu teedi Kaman talalax leeyiyo durbaan tiririgtood yeedhay Tiiraanya qayshaha rabaab gacanta taabsiiye Ilaahay ha tabantaabiyo e noogu tacab sowdka Anaguna tastuurtay lahayd sacabka tiitaynay Markii ay cabaar naga tumeen tegis u qoondayste Tafwareenka sheekada rag weys tira tireeyaaye Kaftan aan turxaan lagu ogayn la isku taataabay Gabdhahay sheekadu noo taxnayd toganay haasaawe Sidii tayse roob nagu onkoday taaha ku caweynay Warmihii tumaatida cadaa tiirka qabadsiinay Rag takooran baa nagu jirayee tabaha qaar diidnay Inkasta ay taftuba noo dhaweyd teedka sharaf eegnay Habeenkaa ninkii tamar badnaa taxay mirqaan kiisa.
  14. It is great news. All political parties accept result.
  15. Still I'm not yet nomad. Do I miss something and work hard to become one or you say don't do that?
  16. What to do? any way not like him trying to fight fire with benzine instead of water. He mist the honeymoon and now their is no way to exit the case which you gives us.
  17. Curious case of Somaliland By Richard W. Rahn What is Somaliland? Don't be embarrassed if you don't know. Very few people know, and that is the beginning of the problem. Somaliland is not Somalia, but is a part of what used to be Somalia — and it may or may not be an independent country. As you may recall, Somalia was the country in which the famous "Black Hawk down" incident (and later movie) occurred. Somaliland is on the Horn of Africa, surrounded by Somalia, Ethiopia, Djibouti and the Gulf of Aden. First, a little history: In the days when Africa was controlled by European colonists, there were three contiguous Somalias: French Somalia now known as Djibouti; British Somalia now known as Somaliland (but only by the Somalilanders); and Italian Somalia, now known as Somalia. In 1960, British Somaliland was granted independence, and was immediately recognized by 35 countries. Five days after British Somaliland became independent, Italian Somaliland also became independent, and the two merged into the Somalia Republic. The merger did not go well, but the country did hang together until 1969 when a military coup installed Gen. Mohammed Siad Barre as president. The Somalilanders chafed under the brutal rule of Barre, and they eventually developed an opposition movement to get rid of the Barre government. A full-scale civil war developed by 1988 that resulted in the deaths of more than 20,000 people and great devastation in Somaliland due to government bombing. The Barre government fell in 1991. Somaliland declared itself independent, and the rest of Somalia came under the control of various warlords. The resulting conflicts and starvation led to the U.S. intervention during the Clinton administration and then hasty withdrawal because of unexpected U.S. casualties amid continued chaos. To this day, Somalia remains a failed state whose government is only recognized by a handful of countries (all African). Anarchy is an apt description of the state of affairs in Somalia. Meanwhile, Somaliland worked its way toward creating a real government and at least a recognizable (if not perfect) democracy. In 2001, Somaliland held a referendum that approved a constitution and reaffirmed its independence. Ninety-seven percent of the voters approved the constitution, and two-thirds of eligible voters participated. There was a very close election in 2003 that the president only won by 80 votes (shades of Florida in 2000). The U.S. Independent Republican Institute (IRI), supported by the National Endowment for Democracy, has been assisting Somalilanders and their institutions in building a real democratic structure for the country — even though the United States and all other countries have not recognized Somaliland. Here we have a black African, moderate Islamic country with has a positive attitude toward the West, that protects women's rights, is willing to help in the war on terrorism, and is slowly building democratic and free market institutions, which is what we say we want. Yet, again it is important to repeat that no country has recognized Somaliland. How ironic. What is the problem? Somaliland's population is about 3.5 million, which makes it almost as large as Ireland. Its land area is as large as England and Wales (or Tennessee). It has oil and mineral resources, some good agricultural lands, and a good port. The problem is geopolitical reality. The U.S. and Britain are reluctant to recognize Somaliland before some of its African neighbors, because it is a breakaway state. Most African rulers are very reluctant to begin changing the borders of African countries because they fear where it might lead, even though they realize most of the borders were created arbitrarily by European colonialists. Though Somalia has no functional government, many Somalis argue Somaliland is part of Somalia. The Somalilanders ask why they must remain part of a dysfunctional state. Before the colonial period, there was no Somalia state, and Somaliland was under British rule for 80 years. They argue their situation is not really all that different from the Baltic States or the now independent countries that made up the former Yugoslavia. Without diplomatic recognition, Somaliland cannot join international trade organizations and has difficulty attracting foreign investment. The danger for the U.S., Britain and the other Western countries is their failure to recognize Somaliland will gain influence and power for radical Muslim elements there. Somaliland might be pulled back into the morass of Somalia, a terrorist breeding ground. American diplomats by nature tend to be cautious and are reluctant to appear to be rewarding breakaway states in Africa. However, it is the judgment of some of the diplomatic "Africa hands," who know the situation best, that the benefits of recognizing Somaliland far outweigh the potential costs of continued nonrecognition. The Bush and Blair administrations should come together and immediately recognize Somaliland to reward them for pursuing a constructive path toward free market democracy. If we do so, I would bet that, within a year, most other nations will have followed our lead.
  18. Geeljire internetka ma kuugu soo galay. Maxaadka taqaan nolol soomaalaad ka dhalatoo caano geel lagugu anqarshee
  19. However, so-called Somaliland for the last 15 years failed in their campaign to establish clan-state recognized by international community, accordingly will Somaliland waste another 15 years or will they become conscious the realities on the ground and forget the clan utopia state? The world is fully aware the fact that major regions/clans of north Somalia (former British Somaliland) oppose the secessionist tribal faction based in Hergeysa. Also the fact that Hergeysa Tribal faction is a belligerent faction that’s threat to its neighbors particularly Sool Sanaag and Cayn regions. Dear Somaal If you said What somaliland did last 15 years is wast of time. than we cann't agree what is good and what is bad because good/bad is relative according philosophi Nothing is good or bad only thinking mind made it(wax qof ceebtiiyaa mid kale caadadiis ah). My thinking mind said if you cann't deal with your brother right way than leave him and chose your own dasteny insteed of conflict and later if you see right way to deal with him you can change your mind. and for you "Kala go'kala lulashaa ka roon". For the case of Laasanod,Buuhodle,Taleex,Lasqoray IWM Waxba yay iga daba lulani ima celinkaraane ama ha i raceen ama ha iga hadhaan.
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    Mansha Alaha Nabadbaa Nolol lagu gaadhaa!!!!!!
  21. Dear SOl I was expecting more rational reactions, but most of you speaks from emotional par of your brain not rational intellectual part. How dare this moryan speak for the entire Somali nation. Soomaaliya oo dhan Xamar lee ma ahan. As long as there is Puntland, Somaliland is going nowhere. Dear sky every Somali has wright to speaks for Somalia if you don't accept that "Moryan" can talk about entire Somalia than you aren't unionist so you have to accept that every region decide their destiny. you said As long as there is Puntland, Somaliland is going nowhere. and I said Hashaan gaado waynow libaax uga gabanwaayay inaan gorayo cawl uga tagaa waa waxaan la helatn (Timacade) For the recognition part, i can only support when all peoples including those in sool and sanaag fully support such quest and also the rest of somalia should have a say in this important issue. Somaliland is going to accomplish this project with or without Laasanod,Lasqoray,taleex,dhahar and Buuhoodle. In my opinion the people in this area should chose their destiny but they don't have right to stop Somaliland. Hergeysa clan faction (exSNM) cannot advocate for self-determination for so-called Somaliland (Hergeysa-Barbara-Burco Triangle), while they don’t want to respect the will of Sool Sanaag and Cayn people What a Hypocrisy!!! If Somaliland doesn’t want to waste another 15 years, they need to end the hypocrisy and duplicity ! Dear Soomaal who is wasting 15 years Somaliland or the rest of Somalia. In one line you admit success of Somaliland and second line you are talking about time wasting are you thinking or you are in emotional hijacking.
  22. While i was internet surfing after afur this article get my attention. any comment what is your opinion about Somalinimo and somaliweyn. for me if i say i don't want somaliweyn its not same my love of somali people is dead. Aan Aqoonsano Somaliland Ilayn anaga sidaan ayaan noqonaye !! Waagacusub Online, Faalada Saxnuuni Marka cinwaankan ay arkaan dad badan ayaa u arki kara inaan ahay nin jecel in soomaaliya la kala goo- gooyo laakiin ma ahan sababtoo ah waan aragnaa xaalada meesha ay marayso, bal aynu eegno xaalkeena iyo kan Somaliland waa mid aad u kala fog. Bal eeg somaliland waa meel ka jirta, ammaan , horumar, waxbarsho, maamul, kala dambeyn, doorasho caalami ah, isixtiraamid qabaa’ilada dhexdeeda, xitaa waxyaabaha I farxad galiyay waxaa kamid ah qaabka doorshada baarlamaanka ay u dhacday oo waxaa goob ka ahaa xubno caalami ah oo karjoogo ka ahaa doorashada iyo waxyaabo kale oo badan oo aanan soo koobi Karin.anagana dil, dhac, dagaal sokeeye, reer hebel na maamuli maayaan, is ku hub urursi iwm. Mida kale dadka reer Somali land waxay na sugaayeen mudo badan oo ay is lahaayeen walaalahiin maamul bay samaysanayaan laakiin nasiib daro may san dhicin shan iyo toban sano kadib waxaan u laabanay is ku hub urursi iyo isku diyaarin dagaalo sokeeye oo ay hor kacayaan dadka na horboodayo oo isku sheega inay yihiin siyaasiyiin Balse aan aniga u arko dad aanwali gaarin xaqiiqda heerka qof siyaasi uu ku noqon karo sababtoo ah siyaasiga waa nin u naxa dadkiisa ee ma ahan midka u tafo xayta laynta shaqsiga dadkiisa. Dhinaca kale dadka reer Somaliland waa dad jecel soomaali nimada laakiin ma ahan inaan u lug goyno walaalaheena sababtoo ah haday helaan aqoonsi caalamiya ayaga garab na siinaayo sida Jabuuti hada wanaageena ay u jecashahay waxayna u heelan yihiin inaan lugaheena isku taagno, waxaa is wey diin mudan ma walaaltanimaa inaan is lug goyno? Ma haboon tahay hadii midnimada dhib kaynayso? Midnimada ha dambaysee hada aan qabano inta aan awoodno soomaaliyeey. Waxyaabaha iga yaabiyay waxaa weeye mar aan shaqo u tagay Hargaysa caasimada Somaliland in dadka halkaa ku nool ay noo soo dhaweeyeen si walaaltanimo leh oo igu abuurtay jacyl soomaalinmo. Marka ay nu kala qaadno soomaali nimada iyo maamul dawladeedka, aan kala saarno soomaaliyaan jeclahay hadana kama shaqaynaayo horu mar soomaalida waa mid aan isqaadanaynin. Wax yaabaha cajiibka waxaa ka mid ah in dadka qaar ay iska dhaadhiciyaan in Somaliland aysan isu taagi karin kaligeed, taasi waa been ay is ka dhaadhiciyeen siyaasigeena caqliyan dhiman,sabab too ah dowlado ka yar yar dhul ahaan iyo tiro ahaan ayaa jira caalamka sida jabuuti oo kale marka fikir kaas waa in la iska iloobaa, waa sax inay muhuum tahay in soomaali weyn ay ahaato mid su’aasha meesh tagan waxaa weeye waa goormaa? Waa sida uu horay u yiri Madaxweyniihii hore ee Somaliland Allaha u naxariistee Mudana Cigaal oo qabay in soomaali weyn mar uun ay midoobayso laakiin waqtigaa dhiman, marka reer Somaliland waa dad aamin san soomaalinida laakiin hada xaalada aynu eegno, daruufta anagaa sabab u ah hadaanan wax isku qarinaynin, oo keenaysid inaanan hada midoobi karin. Hada caaalamka waxa uu qarka u saran yahay inuu aqoonsado Somaliland waana dulqaadka ay sameeyeen, sababtoo ah waxay caalamka tusiyeen wax qabad sax ah iyo doorasho aad ugu fiican xitaa wadamo badan oo afrikaan ah iyo carabba, iyo waliba dimoqraadiyad sax ah oo lagu kalsoonaan karo, marka inta uusan caalamka nooga hormarin aqoonsiga Somaliland aan kaga hormarno soomaaliyay,Xaqiiqda cid nooga dhawaanayso ma lahan ilayn waa dalkeenii bal waaxaaba dhacaysi inay garab na siiyaan oo ay tababaraan siyaasigeena qabyaalada qalbiga gashay oo qarankii qabiil u maleeya. War anagaa carruurteena mustaqbal u diidnee aan u ogolaano walaaheena, war anagaa qaran diidnee aan u ogolaano walaaheena Somaliland, war anagaa sharaf diidnee aan u ogolaano walaalaheena, war anaga ma hayno caqli aan is ku taagnee aan u ogolaano walaalaheena Somaliland, war ma hayno caqli aan is ku maamulno aan aqoonsano walaalaheena oo ilaahay waafajiyay inay is maamulaan, war maanta aan wax u tarno walaalaheena Somaliland say wax nooga taraan mustaqbalka. Ma ahan jacayl wadaniyada in aad ka shaqayso lug gooyada walaalahaa, ma ahan wadaniyada in aad ka shaqayso midnimo lagu baaba aayo ama hadaan si kale u dhigo midnimo lagu hoogaayo maxay noo taraysaa? Waa maya waxaa wax noo tareeyaa is aqoonsi ay ku noolaanayaan walaalaheena soomaali weyn oo ku salaysan is ogaansho ku dheehan dad jacayl iyo wadaniyad. Marka waxaan is leeyahay maqaalkaan oo aan ku cabiraayo fikir kayga igama ahan inaan jeclahay in la kala goo- gooyo Jamhuuriyada sooomaaliya balse waxay iga tahay war sidee loo badbaadiyaa soomaalida qaar, marka hadii soomaaliya ay baaba ayso ma ahan in la hor istaago soomaali kale oo horu mar gaaraysa, ma ahan inaan niraahno wadiniyadu waa in is xayirnaa, ee waa inaan wax isku ogolaanaa oo aan ka tagnaa xaasid nimada, waxaan qabaa in siyaasigeena uu mar marsi ka dhigto Midnimada waa muqadas. War aaway muqadis nimada walaaltanimdeena, oo ah in laga shaqeeyo hour markeena, mida kale siyaasi gudan waayay xalin qabiilkiisa maa xalin kara soomaali weyn?waa maya, mida kale waxaan la yaabaa siyaasi jacel midnimada soomaali weyn hadana ku farxaayo dhiiga qabiil kale ama ka shaqeenaayo burburinta qabiil isaga la dega koonfurta soomaaliya, mar kaas ayaa af uuka leeyahay “ ma aqabalayno in Somaliland ay gooni is ku taagtoâ€Waa xaasid nimo uun saan arko aniga maxay tahay diid mada intaa la eg, oo ah inaanan ogolayn soomaalida inay aqoon sadaan walaalahooda Somaliland. Ugu dambayn soomaalida waxay ku maahmaahdaa gaalka dil gartiisa sii, hada waan aragnaa in Somaliland uduun ka indhaha ku sii taagayo ma waxaan sugnaa intay aqoon sanayaan ama waxaa haboon inaan anaga ka hormarno? Jawaabta waxaa weeye aan bilowno AQOONSIGA SOMALILAND, sababtuna way cadahay waxa weeyey hada dowlada aan soo dhisanay waan aragnaa meesha ay marayso oo ah in maanta hub uu ka dagay dekeda macmalka ah ee Ceel macaan oo looga tala galay dagaal iyo dhiig cusub oo dowlada dhexdeeda ah, walaalaheena Somaliland-na waa inay ka shaqeeyaan inay u caqli celiyaan siyaasigeena caqligiisu yahay inuu laayo dadkiisa . W?Q Suxufigga weyn ee Xuseen Saxnuuni, Cairo, egypy xuseensaxnuuni@hotmail.com
  23. Even though the President had his ups and downs overall he has done a Great Job. It's a poor Government I don't except to much to be done. Speacily when there are war-lords that are trying to stand in front of the government. No War has occured which is great the President is in Jowhar and most of the Parlementerians are there doing there jobs. The Somali Army has been put in place there are government workers in most parts of Somali today they have toured the nation from village to village they got the people they wanted on there side working with them. We can claim every success we want but reality is, there is almost no success that we can celebrate. you say there is no war occurred while there is allot of wars in Somalia may be more than the last year. Heir you can see how many war and clashes happened in first week of october. What do we call successful: If the price of weapons sinds this day one year ago increase 300% (because war treat is more closer than ever) if the number of weapon import in Somalia is increase 370% according UN. Could we say that this government did any thing about reconciliation as they promise one year ago or did they divided Somali people more than ever. Could we say there is success because president visit UN ussampli and ask to lift weapon embargo while the main topic was "millenium development". I this Success in terms..... • Maleeshiyo ka socota koonfurta magaalada Gaalkacyo oo ka soo jeedda beesha (qabiil) oo shalay ku duushay garoonka diyaaradaha Gaalkacyo oo hoos yimaada maamulka Puntland ee qabiilka (qabiil's name). 29 September • Deegaanka Xeejo Mahaad oo ka tirsan gobalka Sh/Hoose oo dagaallo ay ku dhexmarayaan labo beelood. 29 September. • Dagaalkii shalay ka dhacay degmada Boondheere oo ay ku dhinteen 7 ruux ayaa maanta si goos goos ah uga dhacaya deegaankaasi. 3 October • Banaanbax looga soo hor jeeday madaxweyne C/laahi Yuusuf iyo ra'iisalwasaare Geeddi oo ka dhacay magaalada B/weyne. 1 October • Dagaal sababay dhimasho oo Baydhabo ka dhacay. 5 October • Sarkaal sare oo u shaqeynayay Qaramada Midoobay oo xalay lagu dilay magaalada Kismaayo – • Nin qoorta laga gowracay oo dilkiisu dhaliyay iska hor imaad labo maleeshiyo Baydhabo. • Maleeshiyooyin ka tirsan Madaniga oo maanta iska hor imaad uu ku dhexmaray xaafadda Juungal ee degmada Yaaqshiid. • Beelaha (qabiil) iyo (qabiil) oo ku dagaalamaya tuulooyin ka tirsan degmada Tiyeeglow. • Iska horimaad dhimasho iyo dhaawac sababay oo maanta Kismaayo ku dhexmaray ciidamo ka tirsan Isbaheysiga dooxadda Jubba iyo ilaalada Shirkad la yiraahdo Dalsan.. • Laba qof ayaa ku dhimatay Toddobo kalana waa ku dhaawacmeen iska hor imaad hubeysan oo maanta ka dhacay bartamaha magaalada Baydhabo. • Dagaalo dhimasho iyo dhaawac geystay oo mar kale ka dhacay deegaano ka tirsan degmada Tiyeglow ee gobolka Bakool.. • Gabar Soomaaliyed oo magaalada Muqdisho Nafteedi ku weysay Shukaansi kadib Markii. • Guddoomiyaha Midowga Maxkamadaha Islaamiga oo Caawa Fiidkii Lagu Weeraray Jidka Warshadaha. • Dad xalay lagu dilay laguna dhaawacy gudaha magaalada Baydhabo iyo Sababta loo dilay. •
  24. What do we call successful: If the price of weapons sinds this day one year ago increase 300% (because war treat is more closer than ever) if the number of weapon import in Somalia is increase 370% according UN. Could we say that this government did any thing about reconciliation as they promise one year ago or did they divided Somali people more than ever. Could we say there is success because president visit UN ussample and ask to lift weapon embargo while the main topic was "millenium development"