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  1. Guys,what xiin is saying is the president should concede to my clans demand otherwise another civil war is on horizon.
  2. It aint a rocket science ninyahow,if puntland wants to secede,then by all means sir.
  3. Puntland can secede all they want as long as mudug issue is settled and i think that will be the best way forward and may even hasten the peace in the south after all,what does puntland ay ku soo kordhisaa dowlada somaliya except burden and constant whining?
  4. The Gedo issue is like that of Lower shabelle where Militia from Central Somalia and Marka Town controlled the Majority of the Region even though population wise they were a Minority just like ahmed madobe Militia are doing now with the Help of his Kenyan Masters. So,if OG folks cry To Garowe,Jigjiga,NFD for Help,I dont see why the other clans H-Block and D&M block shouldnt do the same and refer the matter to their powerhouses of Baydhabo and Mogadishu.
  5. The Elders have every right to talk about jubba issue and voice their concerns on those issues that concern them,kuwa garowe jooga oo maalin walba ku haya kismayo dowladda faraha hala baxdo maamul u sameynteeda laakin kenya iyo ethiopia ayaa maamul u dhisaya looma jeeda warkooda,but when the elders of the region talk it becomes USC mentality miyaa.lool epic failure.
  6. Another Conspiracy meeting in garowe orchestrated by faroole and his Mafia,Whether you invite People from Garissa or not,the train has already left and it is time faroole swallows the bitter reality.
  7. Lol,aph I have already clarified my stance on engaging somali sijus on issue related to the internal affairs of somalia.last i checked we belong to two different sovereign states with different flags and juridisction. Xiin Maxaa USC meesha keenay,if you really believe adigoo nugaal ka yimi inaad kismayo iga xigtid ama marti aan kugu noqonayo then a rude awakening is in store for you.
  8. Why is somaliland gov arming a certain clan against other? this issue can be resolved easily but the regime in hargeysa doesnt want that.
  9. It is a sad to see somaliland in this dire situation.Recognition is not coming and every kid in hargeysa knows that,so two choices are there. 1.Complete Isolation from IC and its Consequences while somalia resurfaces step by step. 2.finding a common deal for a way out of this dilemma. Lets see which choice the elites of this project take.
  10. Ahmed madobe is a warlord and should be treated as a spoiler.he and his tol can not speak for other clans in the region,he can form a maamul goboleed for afmadow or dhoobleey for all i care,but insisting on imposing his will on the clans in the region will be not in the best interest of his beel in the long future.
  11. That is a right step in the right direction. What amazes me is dadkaan jubbaland ku hadaaqadaya where were they in the last 20 years? and we have to ask our selves who is the native of jubbaland and how can legally claim it is their right to form an admin? the somali keyan from garisa or the reer qoraxeey refugees who where setteled in the land by MSB regime for clan reasons? or the refugees in Mogadishu whose property were confiscated by moorgan in kismayo in the last 20 years? or reer bariga kaluumeysiga meesha ku yimid? or the baydho folks who inhabit major parts of jubbaland? first we have to define which clan can have the right to speak for others rights and claim the supreme leader.Just because kenayn army has kicked alshabab out doesnt make you extra balls. Qof aan waligii kismayo tagin baa jubbaland ku haaya 24/7 .fantasy and reality are two different things and what ever somali sijus in garissa do or form in kismayo has no legal basis and the matter will be referred to the somali parliament which will decide.and if you are not satisfied with that ,then go back to garissa iyo NFD aad ka soo dhaqaaqday.
  12. kkk madaxweyne obama ma ahan nin wuxuu raba iska sameeya ama meeshuu raba iska aada everything uu sameeyo ama ku hadlo waa carefully pre planned.hadda waxaad i leedahahy obama oo sida qof shaqo lahaan heyso ayaa iska soo galay meel madaxweyne hassan fadhiyo? epic fail in the history.
  13. This is not a demonstration but a staged demonstration by certain clannist minority who are against the interests and the peace that majority of somalis inspire and want however ,the gov will proceed bussiness as usual.wax loo joojinayo ma ahan dad nolosha ka dacay oo horumarka iyo nabadda shacabka somaliyeed ka soo horjeeda.
  14. what a piece of garbage.waxaan dadka maangaabka iyo caruurta ayaa loo sheegaa.as we can see,islam is being used and used again and again for political gains by the territorists and khawaarij alshabab.
  15. Again ,we have another fantasy topic about jubbaland. The idea federalism was suggested was the fact that somalis doesnt trust eachother and we should be separate regionally on the basis of tribe,if that is the premise and we know it is the truth since Puntland,somaliland ,galmudug are all based on clannish agenda.Then how can the D-block convince the Jubba clans that are tribally affialiated with mogadishu clans to come under some immigrants and be ruled by them? mise the mistrust dispears suddenly in jubba regions? dadkaan hadda xoodxoodanaya waxaa ku jira kuwo MSB uu cararka Refugee ID siiyay hadaad is leedihiin kuwaas oo kenyati dabato ku wato ayaa meesha qaban karo adeerayow riyadiina iskaga jira.
  16. This jubbaland thing is getting boring and wont work in Reality,You cant just hide behind kenyan tanks and dispalce the locals and declare their land as yours waxaas meeshii ay ka soconayaan ha la geeyo kenya ama meeelahas ayaa warkaas ka soconayaa ayaan filaan,
  17. Somalia Your hypocrisy is being exposed here,Here you come trying to advocate justice while you deny the existance of a systemic clan warfare your uncle A/yusuf waged on Reer Mogadishu to ethnically cleanse them from their degaan,destroy their property and make them refugees.It is all out there,From the Survivor accounts To UN human rights watch. A.y and the caydiid you loath Were To side of the same coin. war Criminals.
  18. Waxaa ceeb ah nin dadkii la laaynayo kadibna dadkii sidaa sameeyay qiil u raadinayo? maxey tahay dadnimada uu sheegan karo qof ceynkaa ah?
  19. Amin amir depicted them fairly,what the kenyan army has done in garissa is just a tip of the iceberg,many worst things may come to fruitation.ilaahey ha u fududeeyo masaakinta.
  20. sorry i dont discuss internal somali affairs with kenyans.
  21. Somalia;892249 wrote: Oba given that your kind killed many of her family members, I think you ought to keep quiet about who should retire from what. What about the thousands your dead uncle A.Y and his ethiopian masters killed and maimed in xamar? their property destroyed and forced to become refugees? should your people compensate for to the families of these victims.
  22. Haddii aan been intaan iska dhacdhacsiiyo oo meel lawada dego aan iraahdo anaa iska leh kadibna aan ciidamo aruursado miyeey ii shaqeyn logically? No,This jubbaland stuff wont materialize until all stakeholders including reer baydhabo,reer mogadishu agree and have an equal say.
  23. oba What ever it takes to end this tribal warlord from dispossessing the local clans.asaga and his masters are not the way they are painted.