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  1. The anti-government groups who for 16 years been feeding on the blood of Somali's are being taken down step at a time.


    Please clarify exactly what you mean by this statement as it clealy implies what you and so many other of you erghm "political" persuation have been freely re-iterating without check fo a long time on this forums!


    Thanks in advance!

  2. After the TFG, this is the next most despised individual I can think off in this recent conflict.


    The word's cowardise terrorist & puppet all comes to mind when in think of her, her departments actions and her repeated intervention which on various technicalities to serve the globe interests of the Washington's administration and its Neo-Con/Evangelical inspired vision for the world.


    Getting the Un (US effectively) to lift the arms embargo, when illicitly funding the warlords through the CIA (the biggest and oldest terrorist organisation in the world) Failed to oust the UIC.


    Intervening covertly in the war with the Ethiopian troops and the munafiqiin Somali soldiers against the UIC, and then as it to score a victory in the war against terrorism killing 77 nomads and their cattle with the Overt bombing raid on the Kenyan border.


    Funding the TFG with an extra $100m to install them at all costs, Giving Ethiopia money now as reported by the NY Herald to purchase more arms from the N Koreans of all people to help replenish them to sustain a longer campaign in Mogadishu irrespective of reports of genocide occurring.




    The Somali community there should highlight this to the senator Coleman when they praise this Frazier unreservedly and not mention the grave reports that have come out of Mogadishu in the last few weeks.

  3. He is the same fool who killed tens of D&M clan militias in baidoa airport before walking over their bodies to travel to nairobi.


    and then ranway and went into hiding.


    another blood thirsty venom added to the long list of blood suckers.

    Thanks for the other side of the story. Now he cannot be both.


    Which one is he, hero or yet another cold blooded killer?

  4. ^^^ subhanllah ^^^


    do you read the threads that you contribute to or just post your own thoughts without first thinking.


    Its better to massacre that to stay without a government forever


    Can you explain to me how massacring anyone can bring governance, one even that would last for a shortwhile?


    Do you sincerely believe this?


    Don't not mock allah swt's religion, lest you end up being mocked by Ar Rahman. By Allah's will the events of mogadisho have occured, but if you believe that Allah swt, ar rahman ar rahim, is behind giving this Terriost Forieng Gang (TFG) aid from two Kufar forces to fight against those who tried to establish a sharia baised governance, and in the latter massicre muslims, then your either your deluding yourself, are painfully short on islamic knowledge or Blinded by tribal alligence.


    Thats my frank assement sxb.


    What do you say.

  5. It does not help that though that we have members here, who continually dispel disinformation threads and fully back the TFG, simply cause their uncle is in line of money to fund their villas from donor aid nations.

    Indeed, and to this i praise the very many excellent efforts of the nomads who have tried to stick to challanging this efforts of misinformation and defemation that SOL has facilitated.


    The site owners have not exactly covered themselves in honour in allowing such deeply offensive and potentially corrupting mistruths to be posted on here.


    But hey they are the owners its their progotive!


    Thanks for the reminder Northner

  6. History repeating itself. And what a sad state of affairs the somali people will once again find themselves in.


    Again where is the so-called international community.


    The International Contact Group.


    The United Nations (States of American Allies).




    Are there any other good leaders amongts our people apart from Sheik Sharif to inspire a new vision amongst the usual clan saturization politics?


    Will the somali people be able to free themselves from the qaabil shakles on the minds and one day rise up and embrase Islam

  7. May allah swt have mercy on the deceased.


    I've gotten beyond the point of trying to argue with those who continue to champion this movment which is directly responsible for the deaths of thousands of mujahids and now hundreds if not over a thousand innocent unarmed civilians.


    This effort along side that of the americans and their proxy army of ethopia is becoming more and more apparent.


    The only thing the TFG has brought somali's to date is death and destruction. Terrorist by action, Forieng by nature & dictate & gang in principle seems a much appropriate description of this illegitimate grouping of people.


    Their actions dont resemble anything close to what a government would be expected to do be it transitional or not.

  8. Another Sid sowed for further division hatred and mistrust.


    Extrodinary rendetions!


    Whats the governments Take on this, sorry Gang's take on this? Does it have a take? Does it even know this is happening?


    Where is the international community, or so-called?


    What is actually being discussed in Eygpt by the IC, what authority do they have? lead by poddle mubarak and stirred by the US, yet another self-elected representatives of teh voice-less somali people.

  9. anywayS, the thing that amazes why all the ill feeling to sland!! i am proud of those ppl! they put their home in order, to say the least...! if i had to give an OSCAR to any somali state, i would award them for real...



    Somali & Perfect can never go in the same sentence, but you got to respect what the political leaders there have achieved.


    And May alla reward the efforts of any somali in this charity effort.

  10. Exactly


    Very Disappointing but suffice to say predictible anaylsis which i might add fails to take into account that the dynamic's of any future political process inclusive or not will be dictated by the likes of AY Gheedi and the ethopians.


    Do you convinantly forget what has occured over teh past week or so, what is still occuring with further deployment of troops to other defactor Ethopian towns?

  11. I
    care less for who lives and dies
    but the objective of peace has to be secured at all costs
    no matter what price

    I defy any one with reason to be able to make sense and reconcile the two irreconcinble positions taken in this beautifuly inchoherent sentence.


    What exactly do you mean you don't care who civilians dies or lives? So the Civilians caught up in this aggression are worth less..................perhaps because say "they live on occupied looted property"?


    Is this your logic?


    Peace cannot and has never been won at any cost, it has to be inclusive it has to be broked by the important people and, with regards to the TFG and this bull-xaar of the IC it wont mean nothing if the somali's of mogadisho arent appeased.


    Labelled them what you want but in the end they will be part of any lasting peace settlement, but for the time being may allah give them strength to continue fighting this jihad agains the ethopians and the munaafiqin in the TFG.



  12. ^^your clutching straws again.


    The question here is, in case it has escaped you, is what the TFG/Ethiopia/US doing correct? I think not and you think yes.


    Fact of the matter is my objection (and the objections of most Somalis including people from your tribe) is based on the principles of Islam/Somalinimo. Your indifference is based on tribalism.


    You simply connot escape these facts ya Predictable 'i'.


    go on, throw another comment in about seccession.


    'you know but you acting like you dont knooooow'

    Exactly either answer the inherently relevant and well put questions or by default labell yourself "am a tribalist get me out of xamaar!

  13. At least in Somaliland alhamdulilah the population is safe and isnt being bombarded by the ethopians, at least in Somaliland there is consensus and peace and has been for a deceade and more.


    Ethopia's power and reach may extend to every corner of the for republic of somalia poltically and geograhically, but am thankfully that the not all somali people are suffering a sustained cycle of voilence.


    The difference between Somaliland's political managment of its people and issues relating to its claim for independance cannot be marginalised, you only have to look at the death and destruction this TNG sponsered supported and faciliated by the UN AU Ethopia and US have brought to the Mogadisho and south somalia in the space of just a few months.

  14. You said why wouldn't they go and fight in empty fields so in that way woman and children woulnd't be hurt in the act. I agree, however, could you come out from hiding behind Xabashi tanks, stand alone and fight with your own strengh. It's utter embrassing to act manly on a force which doesn't belong to you.


    Let me know when the Xabashis leave the country, then give the UIC a week, this so called TFG thing would be history. No kidding.


    The cowards are the ones who are crying for foreign help. Stand up and fight alone like men.

    I Argured it seems a countless amount of times that somali's are among some of the worst people on earth.


    These latest Act of genocide perpetrated by the ethopians with the silence of the so called international law abiding community, and celebrated by those who believes in tribe before anything else has confimed all that i already knew.


    1. The is no international Law

    2. Somali society is fundemantally flawed and needs to head in a new direction.

    3. That worst enemies of the somali people are its people and its social fabric.


    All these were probelms that could potential have been solved or a start made, a few months ago, with patience good leadership and sincerity.


    But now i dont expect anything but more intensified fighting and bloodshed. Some will continue to cheer on the genocide of their people, oh but wait technically speaking they are not their people so it doesnt matter right!


    The Silence of alot of nomads that frequent this forum is most disappointing, the cannot be any form of nuetrality, silence when the defeaning noise and fan fair of the tribal, mis-informing and offensive few amounts to nothing less than aggreance.


    May Allah have mercy on the poor and weak in Somalia

  15. Equally have you heard the Commenting of these latest acts of aggression by the ethopians on that area of MOG by the "so-called government"!


    Either dimissive in nature ignoring the seriousness of the situation, or simply disgracefully lying.


    I once argued with a good friend that i believe that the bad in somali's makes them at times amongst the worst grouping of people on earth, and i can just see teh traid of captions coming my way of being dramatic or calaal etc etc, but its true.


    How on earth can this situation be unfolding with some somali's cheering for it?


    Perhaps (without meaning to be disrespectfull in anyway shape or form) somali's should identify themselves first in Tribe and we should stop using this world Somali or Somalia, because it seems when shyt hits the fan a large section of the society's first call of point is ................

  16. lol@Superflous


    Am sorry but if you insist on being naive then do so. But the reailty is all their in the topic the political persuation and as such the agenda such as this.


    The post isnt ****** its a sad laughter.




    No doubt some if not a lot (because somali's are irrespective of where they hail from) are very clannish), are against this Terrorist foriegn Gang called the TFG purely because of clan reason.


    However either they way you view yourself and the conflict is dictating how you respond to they day to day events, or your simply being unrealistic, or worse of trying to be subtle about your political persuastion.


    However you closed on an important point. I firmly believe that this TFG is pushing back mindsets to the height of the hattred back in 1991. You can see it in this forum from idiotic comments from Alleubahne and GD and his cronies.

    Yesterdays events didnt supprise me at all, but it worries me just how much further this will escalate to now.


    May allah have mercy on the weak and poor




    I have no idea why those asterix have appeared!

  17. Interesting that the TFG supporters decide at this juncture to come in to this latest exchanges.


    Peace will be secured in Xamar by all means necessary and even if we have to ignore the civilian casualties we will.Enough of the mournings now!

    Capatain Something


    Who exactly are we? please clarify


    Who is in the fighting? Who's "securing the peace" as you put it, ethopian helicopters and tanks or TFG soliders? Would this make the actions more or less acceptible?


    And what is war humor exactly?


    And finally yes, its a pretty straight foward an asertion to make. Hypocracy is Hypocracy.


    Though know one can claim someone who says "la ilha ililah muxhamda rasululah" is not a muslim! and i would caution any one against labelling people as such, we also know fully well that a muslim can be described according to their actions behaviour and beliefs.




    Supporting a Secularly marketed Group of Immoral Inividuals (as a government), Over a not perfect but still Movement with Islam as its Label.


    Verdict Hypocracy.


    Unable to accept any form of critique of the TFG, such as its compositions (with the individuals in the former & current make up of the Govt, and its Trabil formular 4.5) its actions, or lack of actions.


    As opposed to the wholesale critique and Lack of objectivity of the UIC when in power, its acheivements, and the turmoil that has followed f

    the only Organisation that brought peace to (albeit you tack this tactless way now).





  18. Hypocrites to the Bitter end it seems, Blind completely Blind. It seems the Power of Qabil to corrupt logic and an individuals thought process noes no boundries.


    Just keep writing what you write, you do a much better job of exposing your twisted logic and deviant loyalties than any direct questions a supposed clan court terrorist support can ever acheieve.

  19. Who Killed Who, and Who exactly are the Boys?


    The Method can be challanged and critised, yes. But Jihad Cannot, not matter how many angles you try to approach it from and trivialise it.


    Firstly. These Fighters, These Men, died fighting against Ethopian Forces, Hypocrite Forces and American Air support. The Uion of Islamic Courts that you so bitterly oppose didnt not kill anyone but Ethopian forces and perhaps allahu alam some of the Hypocrites as well.


    Again the Method can be discussed and criticed. However i find, i suspect not unlike alot of readers of this thread, this effort of your's to try to further discredit the UIC nothing but extremely depraved.


    You convinantly forget (and demonstrate your lack of sincerity in any meaningfull debate) that in the end it would not have mattered how well driled, equiped and lead the fighters of the UIC (may allah be pleased with them). The Overwhelming force of the Ethopian's and American invited in and begged by the TFG was the decesive factor.