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  1. Somalia Rebuffs Ethiopia’s Bid to Gain Direct Access to Red Sea Port Bloomberg - Are you a robot? WWW.BLOOMBERG.COM
  2. Our brothers in Awdal need something akin to this.
  3. Discourses – both actual and presumed – on water, access to the sea, and related topics floated in the recent times are numerous and excessive indeed. The affair has perplexed all concerned observers. In the event, the Government of Eritrea repeatedly reiterates that it will not, as ever, be drawn into such alleys and platforms. The GOE further urges all concerned not to be provoked by these events. Ministry of Information Asmara 16 October 2023
  4. Galbeedi, Before getting into trade and political independence, how do reer Awdal attend to dislodge Hargeisa from their regions? I mean having physical control over their land?
  5. Galbeedi, The wording could have been much better! Abiy is talking about annexation, not leasing ports. Reer Awdal need change and economic development. I think something like Garacad initiative might be a better option. It gives the community ownership and they don't have to worry about foreign intervention. It is also worth noting Abiy might run Ethiopia into the ground considering his endless wars.
  6. Tell us then. The only thing I could think is that the movement needs arms. And this is the only exchange they can offer.
  7. Galbeedi, Has the Awdal Movement gone rogue? Responding to Abiy's delusions this way will undermine the cause.
  8. Iran representative at the UN: If Israeli war crimes and genocide in Gaza do not stop immediately, the situation may get out of control — Al Jazeera