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  1. Can you people defferentiate, distinguish or even comprenhend, see the bigger picture and smell the coffee.

    LoooooooooL.....Wats is da big picture...Enlighten us plz. The way I see it if you had a hand in the actions of the goverment which essentially abandon its responsibilities towards its citizens, and opted to destroy its land, then you are criminaly liable.

  2. ^^^^.Xoogsade...Atleast You are honest.


    Back to da topic

    Qeybdiid is guilty as hell, n so r many others from every Somali tribe, but what is funny is the Planders in here are calling for this man head on plate, and while at sametime defending the likes of Ali Samatar, infact making fundraisers for him to cover his defence and other expenses, and then having the audicity to come here and preach justice.


    I was scared to see women throwing away their clothes and pouring sand on their head to entice the men to go back and fight, defend their tribal honour. Dadkaan qabiilaa dhuuxa ka galay.

    LoooooL.....Saaxib, Qof Somali Ah oo Qabiil Lafaha Ka galin Malaha.....Anba Habeenkasta Magool Baan Ka sayxan Dagaalkii 91. The inhibantants of Xamar responded to her venom in great numbers killing their neighbors, marching to the south not to defeat but exterminate the "enemy".


    Somalis are effected by Qabiilism, but you can choose to believe some are more tribalistic than others.


    I think Islamnimo and Somalinimo is non-exist, and the last 15 yrs is proof of dat. The only thing that could save Somalis is realising that your individual interest doesn't lie with your qabiil.

  3. ^^^^^^LooooooooooooooL


    Waqti dheer baad sugi


    Geedi will concentration on his people in the south and get their act together

    His people.....Hmmmmmm...I thought he was your prime minister which I guess would make his people.


    Back to the topic.....These men dat are heading Pland, and other tribal fiefdoms in Somalia are just here to benefit themselves N they would enter into deal as long as they get piece of the pie.

  4. Shariif is ineffective...He can't stand up to Yeey or the warlords in Xamar. He says he is defending something, and at this point, I feel to see what. These ****** whether Yeey, Shariif or the bunch in Xamar don't know Compramise. It is not about them, It is about the Somali people N time must come when all stop being "Macangag". You iron issues by sitting together not by jetting around the world, amassing militias, importing arms, and getting ready for a new wave of unnecessary mass devastion of life and property.


    OLOL...All Somali Leaders are idoits....I don't see why you are defending any maryooley leader.

  5. By Nur Hersi Bahal


    Ambrose Bierce once said that politics is “strife of interests masquerading as a contest of principles. The conduct of public affairs for private advantage. †I share his insight and I detest it for its dishonesty and its trivial pursuit of making fact into fiction and fiction into fact. But let us give the devil his due: Most societies, to the exclusion of the Somalis, have a purpose and a common objective or a national agenda respected equally by all. This is, for example, the reason that the position of the United States of America towards the Middle East does not change regardless of what party comes to power. Politics, in a society with a plan, becomes a tool that fosters and accommodates a variety of views. Do Somalis have a common goal? Whereas the rest of the world draws on a system such as democracy to foster an atmosphere of stability that nurtures progress we have opted for tribocracy. The war-lord-paradise where every time there is reconciliation the worst of their lot comes to the top to claim legitimacy in leadership has more to blame than just the power-hungry war lords.


    For a long time, we have ignored the role of the general populace and their share in maintaining the continued grip of the predatory warlords and facilitating the warlords’ ever growing confidence to make their gun-wielding politics a reality. It takes a number of partners in crime for social deconstruction to succeed to the point of anarchy. The stance of the warlords flourishes on the availability of manpower and grassroots support. Hoards of young males, including some who are barely in their teens, look to warlords for employment and in turn provide the much need bands of armed militia. An equally dangerous support is garnered from inside and, more importantly, outside the country where clan and tribe members are poised to support ‘their’ warlord morally, materially and ideologically. If 15 years of lawlessness, draughts, natural disasters, the death of over 500,000 people and the daily ravage of killings and crimes perpetrated against their nation and their brethren does not convince them of the heinousness of their thought process, what will it take to get them to wake up?


    Introduced by Arab Sheikhs sometime around three hundred years after the birth of Islam in Arabia, groups of Somalis in a locality formed a confederacy to a particular sheikh who taught them Islam. They became his “Xer†commonly referred to as the “Xertii Sheekh Hebel†– The Religious Confederacy of Sheikh so and so. Given enough time, such confederacies developed into full blown tribes with their line of paternal ancestry adjusted to go back to the Sheikh himself and instead of “xerti Sheekh Hebel†it became “reer Hebelâ€. There is a simple prove for this: The average line of ancestry (abtiris) is 20 grandfathers to the Sheikh. The average life span in those days was not more than 60 years. Therefore, the ancestral lineage or tribe is only 1200 years old. But Somalis existed in the Horn of Africa for the last 5000 years evidenced by the recorded trade and interactions with the Phoenicians, Ancient Egyptians, the Chinese, and Indians etc. way before the Christian era. Without belittling the influence of Arabs and the relationship with Arabia, the fact that Somalis have a distinct language and an idiosyncratic physical feature that endured over the ions is a clear indication that Somalis are a race onto itself parallel to the Arab race.


    The overarching principle in tribalism is collective liability. The tribe is jointly responsible for the wrong-doing of its members. The individual was insured into a tribal ‘policy’ where unanimously agreed upon elders advocate for and stand in his/her stead in the event of a mishap. The tribe used to impose the necessary punitive measures required to impede individuals from taking advantage of tribal allegiance. The advent of Western governance in Somalia, and in most African countries, introduced an alien element in tribal thinking. Politics and the politicization of tribe altered the course of deserved trust and altruistic interactions between tribes to attain or maximize peace, coexistence and stability. The average Somali looks at politics as the art of out-manouvering others, including clans of his own tribe, by any means necessary. In the Somali language politics (siyaasad) is synonymous with deceit, cheating, dishonesty, treachery etc. and therefore, it is not a mere coincidence that tribal politics has a propensity to by-pass the inherent limitations in any fair dealing or the expected accountability that accompanies any position of responsibility. Without the restrictions on behaviour imposed by the old tribal rules such as morality, honesty, cooperation, and in the absence of tribal mechanisms that require compliance to the rules and regulations which avoid conflict, leadership within a tribe is also synonymous with a contest between the few who can afford to give. The current divide of each tribe into clans is an attribute of not only the natural continues partitioning of tribalism into smaller and smaller units but also the effects of loss of the tribalism’s pillar; unanimous acknowledgement of tribal leadership, a character that brings harmony and coherence into people with a variety of inspirations. Elders whose outlook on the tribal affairs involves peaceful dealing and compromise with others are endangered species today with their ideas equated or referred to as antiquated.


    This multi-layered and multifarious new breed of delusional thought requires a society to espouse a position towards those who use patriarchy to attain a self-serving end if she aims to relinquish decades of ravage and war. Tribalists are very savvy in refusing to concede that the interest of their tribe is dependent upon a fully functioning Somali nation. At a time when tribal politics has emerged as a tool of survival, it is infantile to harbor any believe that lets you imagine the possibility of your tribe at the realm of a nation to the exclusion of others. Today’s political impasse in Somalia is a direct result of tribes constantly swimming against the current, each claiming to be fighting for the right thing. Unless and until each and every tribe holds its members accountable for their actions it will be futile to even think of peace and stability in Somalia. War lords, above all, should be made accountable. After all it is their tribe that fuels the imagination of their undeterred egos. If a war lord does possess the courage to bring peace even to his fellow tribesmen and women then what good is he to them? Even in Somaliland where peace prevailed over the last 14 years, one can see the ravages of tribocracy and its intrinsic vices. Somaliland has lost the opportunity to use the most expensive commodity - peace - to its advantage. Squabbling over tribal lines and dirty musing of tribal politics has wasted time and resource that could have lifted the people spirits and given them hope of progress and the realization of their potential. But I digress. Let me come back to the issue at hand!


    At the height of this moronic debacle called Somali peace process and politics is the Diaspora. A living, thinking, society builds upon its common goals to arrive at beneficial aims that adds to the betterment of the value of their life. It should learn from other societies and enrich itself as a result of getting access to knowledge and experience not available to their folks back in Somalia. It has the opportunity to gain insights into how members of other cultures cooperate to ensure their survival, progress and prosperity. The Somali Diaspora has deliberately failed to augment its thought process and closed itself in a cocoon unaffected by the world of progress built on a health thought process and logic. Our Diaspora employs antediluvian thinking in a world decided by selection of the best possible strategy to ensure success. Tribocracy is the only thing the Somali Diaspora knows and it has not even procured a strategy to develop tribalism to bring cooperation to them and facilitate peace and nation building in Somalia. It seems to me that the Diaspora is feeding the fire of the nation whose problems they immigrated from.


    The Somalis in North America chose to take sides between the warring factions. The President of the TFG and the Chairman of the TFG Parliament were in recently in North America to attend a UN session for the 60 th birthday of the United Nations and the World Parliament Day. It was a golden opportunity for the Diaspora to bring this groups to the table and give them an ultimatum to reconcile or else! I was shocked to read that groups loyal to the Chairman of the TFG Parliament apprehended “spies†from the TFG President support who wanted take back information. Equally amazing, is the fact that scores of people loyal to Abdillahi Yusuf left Toronto to meet him in New York. Chairman of the Parliament came to Toronto. There were guards at the door to stop “unfriendly†and “spies to beâ€. Of course identification was on tribal basis. What do you expect!!! I was supposed to speak at the Chairman’s visit in Toronto but I was taken off the list. Actually, no body spoke. The reception was changed to a question and answer session. I am speculating that the group that prepared the reception was not ready for tough questions. I intention, were I allowed to say a few words, was to tell the Chairman that both he and Abdillahi Yusuf are operating the outside the agreed upon constitution. In that case, no one is right. I was going to tell him that while they squabble like band of baboons a 150 Somali kids die every day. I was going to tell him that Abdillahi Yusuf cannot tell us that he wants to solve their differences by using peace and persuasion and then turn around and ask the Security Council to lift the arms embargo. Who does he think he is kidding! There are 100 million guns in Somalia. He wants the Security Council to scrap the article that prohibits a nation to invade another. In this case he is paving the way for Ethiopia to invade Somalia. I was going to tell him that he, Mr. Shariff, cannot tell us that Mogadishu is safe and the government can move in while foreigners and Somalis who fight for justice and peace are slaughtered in broad daylight every day of the week. I was going to tell him that while Mogadishu is hostage to a tribal militia, it will impossible to dream of peace. I was going to tell him that if he and Abdillahi Yusuf are not willing to follow, they do not deserve to lead. I was going to tell him that it is too late to trick me anymore. I have grown, matured and learned and I came onto my own. I can see a lying politician a mile away. I am not going to sing the Guulwade anymore for I cannot see victory in the blood of the Somali children. I was going to say that he and Abdillahi Yusuf and each and every war lord can go to Hell!!!


    Nur Hersi Bahal

    Toronto , Canada



    I thought dis was a nice piece.



  6. ooo Here go again,

    Saaxib...Waa adiga nacaynayee Somaliland Yaa kugu Haysta......Mase Markaa rabtid inaa daac daac sato baa reer koonfur soo raasataa.



    The rest are all negative and biase towards the succes of Somaliland

    Why don't you read wat you posted above n see if you said anything positive about Somalia.


    Be positive n unbaised then maybe others will follow your suit.


    N plz enough with self-righteous crap....At end of day, you are just another maryooley with da triats like any other Maryooley in da horn. So calm down kid.

  7. ^^^^^...Gediid, I thought yu were gonna to make to DC as the honorably Sland Amb way before.


    Baashi, here is fact, a quarter of all Somali children die before the age of five, and Yeey, Warlords, and the so called presidents ( riyaale n Cadde) continue their menace pretending skilled men playing the high stake game of politics. We are lead by retards, but the sad thing is the somali people are even more retarded.

  8. Originally posted by Brown:

    Just one question kid, If God created Adam and Hawa, only two pple, how did the world get populated


    Someone had to shag his sister for neccesity.

    So, we are essentially a product of sister n brother. N dis doesn't make yu feel gross. Hmmmm.


    Just wondering,what was so gross about my first post. It merely stated that cousins are sisters and brothers, and should therefore not marry each other.


    But wait lets throw some silly numbers in here and see if you would wanna Do what Adams and Eve's Kids did;Ight

    ??????????.....yu lost me here, reread my post and try to understand what I was implying.


    Stioc...You get point. Enlight us next time. I think most ppl who took biology would be know Hemophalia A, a bleeding disorder that was common in the European royal families due to in breading. The disorder is caused by a defective gene which is passed to the children either by the mother or father. It is males that suffer from the disease, and the females are simply carriers.


    Lets say a female carrier marries her cousin. Lets assume the couple are blessed with two boys and two girls. One boy would suffer from hemophilia A and one girl would become a carrier. Now if the boy or the girl marries one of their cousins, this assures the passing of the defective gene to the next generation, and again 50% of the boys would suffer from the disease and 50% of the girls would become carriers. Bottomline, diversify your genetic pool, and marry an outsider.

  9. Grrrrossss! :mad: . You should be shot in the Head [/QB]

    Why shoot me n whats gross?


    Just one question kid, If God created Adam and Hawa, only two pple, how did the world get populated?


    Hadaad...I know the first cousin marraiges are religiously sanctioned. If ppl want to marry their cousins, dats fine by me, I was merely my view on the subject. Perhaps, I could have worded better, but bottomline is that I view my cousins as my own sisters.

  10. Xoogsade.....Maybe we are just delaying the inevitable by thinking Somalis are going to reform if they continue existing in their present situation, or if we believe the bad ones will die out. Just look at the people in SOL, Most of them are relative young, educated and have been a witness to the destructive nature of Qabiilism. Farthermore, Living in the west have shown them the benefits of statehood, yet you all insist on supporting one warlord or other solely coz of Qabiil affliations.


    Wats even sadder is that no Somali of any Qabiil could say wat their respective warlord has done to benefit his/her Qabiil. The only thing that could change the Somali landscape is when individual Somali stop worrying the Qabiil and start looking out for his/her interests. I don't see this happening at all. So I think the best solution is to have unity goverment with rotating presidency, formulate constutition allowing regions to secede,and peacefully determining the boundaries of future Somali states. Those regions that wanna stay with Somali proper can be in the union, and those that wanna break away can leave the union peacefully.

  11. Somalis obviously don't like each other. It seems there will be no solution to our problems.

    Everybody should just go back to their lands, and form new countries by dividing Somalia along ethnic lines.


    P.S Pland militias should listen to the likes of A/risaaq, and not follow Yeey into another useless war. All Planders should also realise USC warlords are not interested in the return of Somalia to statehood. I think it is time for the rest of Somalia to look for their future somewhere else, and forget about Xamar.

  12. Originally posted by Qudhac:

    my opposition to his unholy marriage is due to the fact the guy is well known christian :eek:

    War Qudhac...Since when did start caring about Yeey and his family lool.Your religious objection to the marriage if it is actually true seems to be least motivated by religious conviction.As much as you hate Yeey bro and enjoy bashing him, lets not involve his girls in this fadhu ku dirir ranting. Iam sure you don't like anyone to start rumors concerning any female that is related to you, so lets stick to Yeey n leave his women alone.

  13. kkkkkkkkkk.....You are so predictable in your assessment of people, but I guess that's in your very nature, unable to give any real answer to any critisms,simply resorts to mockery. I have no desire in shaping opinions or formulating policies.Iam gonna that to you along with your adeer Yeey who Iam sure have great track in shaping opinions/policies. As for my aunts, They have better things to do than tell stories to middle aged man whose obsession with pyschotic man dominates most of his day.

  14. Originally posted by Samurai Warrior:

    You speak of him as if you are either his biographer or Mistress neither of which I trust you are unless of course you wish to honour us with a revelation of sort; for which we shall forever be in debt to you old boy. You make military sound so bad; did you not see the non-military…hang on though- I shall for a reason put on hold that piece of your argument along with the remaining portion of your note for perhaps another occasion. [/QB]

    Waa isla indha tiraa, one doesn't have to be Yeey's biographer or mistress to reveal Yeey's menace. My uncle served with him in the kulmis days. It is common knowledge he was entirely responsible dismantling SSDF. All that was left of the organization was his sub-clan. All other Planders abondoned it coz Yeey can't share the stage with anyone. Yeey ordered hits on any man that disagreed with him. My uncle left SSDf when Yeey sent men to assisinate him and another gentleman. So Saaxib, you can continue believing in your own crap, but don't force feed us all this B.S . At end of the day, Yeey is a tryannt whose interests supersede that of the Somali nation. The only reason many Planders tolerated him coz it was no better alternative, and quite frankly nobody wanted another civil after the eviction from our homes in the south.

  15. Smith....Adeerkaa dhamaashaad buu ku jiraa...Anyone have yet to see what he has in order for Somalia. The warlords are grabbing the headlines coz they have done something albeit something that is not all that significant. It is fair to see people were willing to give Yeey a chance. Men are judged by their actions and so far Yeey has done nothing but whine and complain the Xamar warlords.


    Sky....Iam not gonna say you are wishing for a war, but adiga iyo Suldaan bootadiina naga cajabisay. Could this coz you are physically far removed from where the war would occur.

  16. War Aduun, rag big Mac iyo Burger king ka dhargay isku bootaynaya.....Here is an idea guys. How about if we get Suldanka n Sky to duke it out, n spare "the powerful' Sland army, and equally "fierce" pland army with its indepedent militias the trouble of going to unnecessary, meaningless war.


    Ppl neither Hargeysa nor Garowe owns Sool. If war is wat da I-d-i-o-ts in Garowe and Hargeysa want, let them fight in their lands, and spare the good people of Sool all this BS.

  17. ^^^LoooL

    Somalis under one global Islamic Amir will be lost in the ocean of Muslims. I rather see Somalia maintain her Independence, but still be part of the Ummah by having closer links with all Muslims.

  18. No amount of external assistance is going to help Ethiopia if it continous with its current political agenda where one ethnic group dominates all others while the rest is subjugated, and where Ethiopia's hunt for seaport means destabilizing its neighbors and starting unnecesary wars. This country is disaster waiting to happen. It is amazing Ethiopia survived this long with all its problems.