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  1. Cambuulo iyo bun;977431 wrote:
    Al good to hear wala faaya nooh its an quiet weekend here.


    Lol reeyo horta how old do u think i am? Ta labaad thats some bogus are you saying by playing some games now and then it means ppl are Tyring to forget the adulthood and the responsibilities :eek:

    I think you are an adult and I didn't say that. I just read it somewhere and wanted your opinion on it. :)

  2. What are you talking about?


    I seriously dislike this whole taking a another's paint brush and trying to the paint the same image in Somalia.

    Why aren't we like this calacal is getting old.


    Take some pride in our heritage and our future. Damn to old Colonial buildings that were built by oppressors.

  3. Everything you've shown are signs of colonialism. I am sure there some Italian influence down South. Go explore.


    As for the North, it's a different context and new sheet. Let people experiment and define their identity. Give it time, you'll see something unique grow.