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  1. I just cant be bothered today
  2. <-----------still waiting to be in the list!
  3. Asc all, thank you for your input and advices its much appreciated.I really wished i wasnt caught up inbetween i dont want to be giving advices if i am not in her shoes.Some of you think this is all about gifts but i think for some1 who is as wise as her wouldnt jump to conclusion and demand for a divorce if it was just abt that. C&H-i think you are right from what i knw of its the fact that she feels her husband is not romantic thus contributing to the lack of emotional connection they share. Buuxo-I agree with u 100%, majority of somalis dont knw how to express their love towards their spouses.Its their 5yr anniversary tomorrow so i encouraged her to be a devouted wife and please her husband..Marka waan arki doonaa bal in uu xasuusto any gifts or acknowledgement of the day...You cant tell me that this is a huge milestone and they shouldnt be celebrating it?
  4. ^gr8 points will dicuss with her insha allah.. Che-when she talked abt that she did not get into details,she was just saying that when day in day out he only expresses his feelings in da bed it means to her he just wants to get some and expression of his love ends then n their! Full filling a woman's emotional/sexual needs is not just in da BED ninyahoow
  5. Thanks ladies,Malika she has and has been doing it for a while now, having talks with him and each time he promises he will change.Let me make one thing clear this woman is a gr8 woman beautiful in and out.Why cant a woman have her needs fullfilled? I thought this all started because he resently lost his job and she was working n supporting the family.I thought her wearing the pants got to her but when we chatted she swore it wasnt that alone.It was the fact that she felt his love was just in da bedroom ,And i dont blame her i would feel the same thing if my man only showed me love when we got to the bed :mad: ...I just think that she is asking for more then this guy can deliver...He grew up in somalia and his vision of pleasing his wife is to put food down the da table ayadan waxeey rabta a romantic fella who buys her flowers n gives her foot messages!
  6. Indeed Seeker,but a lot of heads is better then one, so advice(good ones)are always welcomed.I personally think this girl would leave her husband if that child was not in the picture,but as a mother she is trying not to be selfish n block her feelings.I dont think that is a good idea but its a solution to her because she doesnt want her child to grow up without a father.Every woman wants a man that sweeps her of her feet,is spontaneous in suprising her with gifts etc.She has been married for 4yrs and in that time she says he only bought her a gift few times.Marka is this girl realistic or not?
  7. Except she is married to him and has fallen out of love with him? What would you advice her? According to her he doesnt make her feel special..Its sad cause they looked the IT couple,but i guess ppl can put on an act. Ps:They have a child together, and thats what my friend is sooo worried abt seperating a father from his child.
  8. Abraar i hope u r not my unknown collegue , there is this man i work with as well appereantly he is gay n he is a muslim.He talks abt the beauty of islam etc but subxanallah he is homo marka ilaahey ha u gargaaro.I wish i didnt knw his sexual orientation cause i cant stand the fact that he is homosexual.He obviously doesnt talk abt this with me or when i am around so i am not going to bring this up.
  9. lol@hassan jama..haye i knw its a wish laakin have u done anything to make it a reality?
  10. ^lol..right now to be in bed..oh my warm bed how much i miss u.