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  1. so nice to see pictures from back home. very relaxing
  2. You can download the driver from here: Good luck
  3. i get the feeling that ramadan has started for you guys already.. lol
  4. ^llloooooooooooooooooooolll
  5. ^Faaax its used when a student has a question however fails to raise her hand. so pucca why r u faaaxing now?
  6. I find lemons very effective. As they say “when life gives u lemons, u throw at the faaax to notice you effectively”. No seriously, daily usage (or 3x a week) can help clear and add glow to ur skin Good luck
  7. Hubb


    Maybe it more do to with getting the sisters to notice them, too bad it’s going against their intension. Personally i find the bluetooth users rather annoying, feels like they are one consume away from bad reenactment of StarTrek
  8. Originally posted by Mr-Warmonger: Ibtisam What's with the personal insults? It's against the golden rules. And what the hell r u doing with this thread. Someone should delete this thread because it’s not serving any purpose but to fuel a negative persona for the Somali women
  9. I believe they all deserver each other; the man, the old wife and the alleged wife. It’s apparent that he is a corrupted man but what’s their excuse (the wives) for not recognizing this corrupted soul and getting involved with him? Saqajaan, Seeking the interest of #1, gets one in these sort of horrendous situation
  10. Originally posted by unknown1: saqajaan may Allaah curse you Amiin. dont talk bad about jareer and africans. lllooooooooooooooooooooooollll...omg, thats just to damn funny
  11. ^good point, so wouldn’t that make Warmonger (Warmonger, sorry to use you like this) a waste of an egg?
  12. ^Truly representing the avatar image. power to you "^It gets no legs or tail" Looooooooooool…I thought she would be inclined to choose an egg because I've noticed on many occasion her hate for men …therefore wasting an egg would’ve been more appropriate for her, don’t u think so?
  13. Originally posted by cynical lady: It really isn’t your fault me thinks, it just happens that your an ignorant waste of a sperm. But the fact that you choose to highlight that predicament in such spectacular manner amazes me Why not an egg?
  14. Originally posted by NGONGE: ^^ I must have missed your witty entrance to the site. Nice meeting you. (You're not a student by any chance, are you?) Thanks for the opportunity teach. I will not let you down.