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  1. 1. I don't think any of you nomads will burn in hell, I think you are decent and kind people who deserve nothing but the best. 2. I was hoping this thread would turn into an intellectual debate, but it seems it has become a space for ridicule. 3. I believe love is stronger than everything which exists in this world, religion included, and I will marry whoever God intends me to marry, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, or whatever. 4. I think the time has finally come for me to leave.
  2. Originally posted by *Ibtisam: My question is how can you love someone and share your life with them if you believe that IF they die in their current state, they will burn in hell for ever. Do you believe that I'll burn in hell for ever if I die in my current state?
  3. I've known for a very long time what the Islamic ruling is, and I don't care. I care about the opinions of fellow nomads.
  4. lol who do you take me for? Of course I know it, and disagree with all my heart. The thread is up now.
  5. Well, here's the thread, as promised. Hopefully we can engage in some wall-of-text battles. What are some of your opinions on interreligious marriage, more specifically that of a Muslim woman to a non-Muslim man? Obviously, I think it's all right, and should be allowed. Small rant: In a recent thread, the Cordoba Project was described, a sort of cross-cultural center near Ground Zero meant to help Muslims reach out to non-Muslims and create harmony between New Yorkers. My question is, how is this harmony going to work if male members of one group are forbidden female members of another group? "Yeah, man, I love you and everything but you sure as hell can't marry my sister. Unless you convert, of course." OK, end of small rant. My solution: If I should ever decide to marry a Muslim woman, and a Muslim woman should ever decide to marry me, I have a very simple solution. I will kidnap at gunpoint a priest from my country and a qadi or just a regular Muslim of impeccable quality, and make them perform a joint marriage Now, let loose the hounds!
  6. Ibti, please join me in the adjacent thread
  7. Originally posted by *Ibtisam: ^^Sherban, it is not that it does not happen, but that it is not allowed and marriage is not valid. It's not valid in the eyes of whom?
  8. Originally posted by Tuujiye: Shabeel, A muslim woman can not have a non Muslim brother for a husband...Thats it. Happens more often than you think bro
  9. ^Those laws haven't been in effect for dozens of years, if not a couple of centuries.
  10. Originally posted by General Duke: ^^^You have no say in this, its a Somali issue. Don't you have anything smarter to say? You're like a broken record.
  11. Originally posted by Amistad: He should get a good attorney, who forces the court to recognize they cant even try him in the U.S. Case dismissed. Damn straight!
  12. Originally posted by General Duke: ^^^Sharif is a clown adeer. Treason!
  13. No, I think he was talking about the woman in the video lol
  14. Grapes isn't so bad. It actually sounds kind of cute.
  15. lol I never refused, I just expressed doubts about her future happiness at my side
  16. Originally posted by Sayid*Somal: ^how dare you choose algerian over chocolate and honey? C&H needs a man of high moral fibre. What is she going to do with a scoundrel such as myself?
  17. Just search Google for "Jacksonville Mosque" and you'll easily find the story. No sifting through spam or nothing like that. However, I'm surprised the Beeb hasn't picked up on it. Here's a link with vids:
  18. Algerian people are very welcoming, in all respects, even in love.
  19. LOL what? There is not one shred of emotion in my post. Nothing but reason and facts. But please re-read your posts (even this last one) and then tell me whose emotions got the best of who. Do you really want me to start picking out quotes from what you wrote?
  20. Being "forced by circumstances" is something very relative, as in 99% of these cases (not a real number, but just for the sake of argument), there are alternatives to prostitution. For an enterprising mind, there are always ways of surviving. I maintain my point that, although there are many women who are forced into this profession, a MAJORITY of prostitutes CHOOSE to do the work they do, and CHOOSE to stick with it. Try talking to an actual prostitute sometime, and it might help de-bunking some of the things you've imagined about them. Having sex for money is abusing your body? Really? Maybe to you, but not to most of the world. Habits which are repulsive get progressively rooted out from our behaviour, such as burning people at the stake, cruelty towards animals (alhtough there is still much work to be done here), and all sorts of gruesome things. Prostitution isn't going anywhere, so that should tell you something about what's truly inside of people. I'm not glorifying prostitution, I'm defending it from people who try to villify it, and make it seem a lot eviler than it actually is. I'm reminded of that thread about Waris Dirie, where some nomads were like "OMG why is this prostitute (which she isn't but whatever) talking about FGM? On what authority does she complain about it?". What does Shabeel think of all this? I'd rather my daughter be a prostitute than someone with her clitoris chopped off. I think the latter would be a lot more damaging to her dignity. You may disagree. Anyway, your last paragraph is nothing more than a rant, driven by your prejudices and your total disgust at a profession which feeds millions of people worldwide. Also, prostitution having such a terrible impact on humanity as you described (financially, health-wise, blablabla) is absolute BS, based on ZERO research/reason, and totally based on your sentiment of revulsion. Finally I'm not going to advise women to drop medical school to become hookers, because - unlike you - I'm not riding around on a high moral horse telling people what they should to with their lives. It's their damn choice whether they want to become surgeons or prostitutes, or pilots, or anything else.
  21. Originally posted by Haatu: Don't go there Sherban. Oh I will, just not today.