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  1. Originally posted by Abaadir: Yaa idin yiri buraan bur soomali buu ka dhaxeeyaa? It originated areas between galguduud to Boosaaso to buuhoodle. Jubooyinka iyo Gedo na waa laga cayaaraa. but now its a somali dance regadless where they live. do you guys think in baydhabo iyo jawhar laga buraan buro? Buraanbur Soomaali oo dhan ayey uu dhexeysaa. And Reer Baydhabo and Jowhar buraanburka kama xigtid. The areas you mentioned is where it has spread also and not where it originated from. If you want to find out the roots of buraanbur, it is in presentday Puntland.
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    This is a clip you can't just watch once and that's it.
  3. The guy could have been joking. Every Somali knows buraanbur belongs to all. I don't think he's knowledgeable enough to know from which clan/region buraanbur originated from hence his answer: "I'm not from that tribe." If he did mean it, than he's absolutely marax iyo nus.
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    Gay Somali

    JB is only trying to say that homosexuality is present in Somalia. He's right, so I don't see why you're all attacking him. There was a fresh refugee from Mogadishu, Somalia in our town a year ago or so. He was a likable fella, very funny as well. Was in town for a week, before he reached his final destination: London. He went to an internetcafe to check his email, news etc. The owner of the place found out that he has visited shemale websites. There was no mistake about it, he visited several websites of the same disgusting theme and actually clicked on pictures. To call the shock enormous is an understatement. I never shared this story with anyone, but I had to get it out of my system.
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    Gay Somali

    Wax kale ma laga hadli waayey? Yaah?
  6. I hear you Ms Dhucdhuc. I don't really have much of a choice do I? The innocent Somali casualties are the only factor for me, I have to admit that I never was against the Anti-Ethiopia brigade. Our land awalba waaba lagu dul xaarey, I felt that the ET card was used for opportunistic reasons. The same opportunism that made the Late Clan Courts use Islam to justify duulaan lagu qaadayo a certain town or oppressing a whole region. You can see why I haven't been active in the politics section lately. It's best to stay neutral.
  7. Ms Dhuchduc & Dheylo My conscience tells me to condemn the whole TFG altogether of course. But the socalled 'resistance' camp have displayed more often than not, that their war is a war against a certain clan and not necessarily the Ethiopians.
  8. ^^ Both sides fighting in Kismayo were pro-TFG, so what resistance are you talking about? I often think about turning my back on Abdullahi Yusuf for what is happening lately, but it sometimes seems like I'm forced to support him.
  9. Who have been banned? [edit] I didn't see the sticky.
  10. Originally posted by Abwaan: It seems that some of us are naive about things in Somalia. In every adminstration that we have seen why are the majority of its supporters from one side? meaning one sub-clan? why do they hold important posts? Why do they blidly support everything that that this admin does or say whether it is right ofr wrong? isn't that an issue that needs to be addressed? This issue needs to be addressed at the reconciliation gathering in Mogadishu. The same could be asked in relation to the late UIC. Majority of its supporters were from one side, occupying the most important positions and blindly supporting it wether it concerns the oppression of unarmed Somalis, attacking and/or threatening peaceful areas etc. Thanks to the collaborators, the foreign troops are in our country right now for occupation, raping our women, killing innocent civilians, torturing and executing our wadaads, iwm. The only means that can kick those foreign troops and their collaborators out of Somalia is force. Ask yourself, how on earth did they pulled it off to be in Mogadishu today? If you are sober, you will realize that the late UIC technically invited them into our capital city. The UIC called for war and they lost. They shouldn't have started it, if they weren't gonna finish it. Not only have they unnessecarily unleashed the dogs of war of Yeey into Somalia. They have given Yeey the opportunity to build a war machine strong enough to make his authority felt throughout the country. Needless to say this has been your fault, because you can't blame a man for using the tools within reach to attain power. It's in your best interest to let your dreams of clan hegemony go and give this imperfect interim goverment a chance to work. Buntilaan waa duushey, Soomaalilaana sidoo kale, idinkuna maxaad iska taagan tihiin.
  11. I agree only the display of force can move things forward in today's Somalia. This is in fact the only reason why we have foreign troops in our country right now. You've explained it perfectly.
  12. Like Baashi said it's merely ceremonial. And for that reason, this man shouldn't be coronated as the new boqor. The authority of the boqor is long gone. I recognize the boqor as higher in hiërarchy than my immedeate traditional leader, Islan Bashir Islan Abdulle Islan Farah and will respect it in that sense.
  13. ICWho? ICU this and that, you need to snap out of it.
  14. Faarax, that office is located in a town called Qardho. The primary office is in the presidential palace in Boosaaso. The second office is located in madaxtooyada Garowe. So FYI it's not thé office of the president of Puntland state of Somalia. It's just an office that is used by the regional president.
  15. If you knew how many African Americans have Cherokee blood, you would understand this decision perfectly.
  16. There are always some confused weaklings. I belong to those who'll continuously seek the unity of the Somali people. Our generation may not be able to unite the Somali people in the way it was envisioned by the SYL, but we are able to prevent this possibility ever to materialise in the future to go up in smoke. Sometimes you owe it to your people, your legacy and your heritage to stay strong and believe. A question before I leave this shitty thread. How do you know for certain that Somalia will never regain its glory? Besides the fact that only Allah knows, it is a remarkable statement if you look at the history of most countries in the world. To quote our president: "Somaliland ma go'i karto, sida Puntland ayan uu go'i karin." Now I hope I have convinced brother Nuune to turn his back on his thoughts about Somaliland. Their achievements are commendable, but seccession is unacceptable nonetheless.
  17. Women are far too emotional to carry decent discussions about politics. I seldomly talk about politics with women. To be honest Somali women are not that good in talking politics. There are of course exceptions. But who can blame them, even young men are often excluded by older men. Let alone women and young women at that. But to say that Somali men caused the mess Somalia is in. That is absolutely correct. But if Somali women were in charge it would have probably been worse. Runta aan isu sheegno.
  18. If the dude's dead, they'll go right for the balls. No need for an erection.
  19. Female hyenas are the leaders of their Hyenaeid clans. They also have a rather large clitoris that is supposed to resemble the penis of their male counterparts. Sounds like a perfect discription of Faisal to me.
  20. A meeting took place today held by UNICEF and the local government of Gaalkacyo and participated by elders of both sides of town, naturally representing the two rival clans inhabiting the divided city about the future location of the new anti-segregation school. The PDRC Puntland Development Research Centre has worked tirelessly with the help of both clans to create peace for the sake of both. UNICEF stepped in, addressed this issue and also tries to bring the two rival clans closer together, even though at times it seems virtually impossible. The first meeting was held in North Gaalkacyo.
  21. Ina Bisad, patriotic Somalilander to the core, was born and raised in Qardho right?
  22. Keynan what else do you expect? The truth from them? That they hate him, because he's from Clan X?
  23. Originally posted by XulaXu: I don't know the stats, and I do hear Somali students in general tend to do well, but that's beside the point. Say what? Somali students are at the bottom. Don't be fooled by the few hardworking Somali students around us. For every hardworking Somali student, there are 10 Somali dropouts. People widely believe the next generation will not be much better off than their own parents.
  24. Save the BS for somebody dumb enough allright? Half a million innocent Somalis have perished before. Where is the remorse for them? The UIC are responsible for the collateral damage in Mogadishu. Where is their remorse? AY is the only person who can get us out of this mess. Just sit back and let the man do his job. Aside from the UIC causing mayhem and wrecking havoc in our capital city, everything is going as planned.
  25. Which one did you retain Cara? j/k .. this was too easy.