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  1. The Muslim Council of Britain comes across as some sort of political organisation (mostly through the actions of those that work for it) and when they’re put to the test, they time and again prove what a shabby political organisation they are. Having said that, I do feel sorry for these brothers, it can’t be easy to seek peace and try to stick to your principles (wrong principles if you ask me – politicians should join political parties not Islamic organisations

    Ngonge care to share with the rest of us what these wrong principles are. By saying that they should join a poilitical, am I right to infer that you believe islam and politics dont mix. If that is your line of reasoning then sadly the programme producer has succeeded in achieving his set out goals. Here was an attempt to portray islam as spiritual, something you do on a friday.


    shirwac wrote

    hate to single out a specific group, but why are Muslim orginizations recognized by the governments in the west are headed by Indo-Pakistanis? Who elected to represent all muslims, and reintroduce Islamic concepts that you only find in the west?

    for your info 70% of muslims in britain are from the indian sub-continent and as such this will reflect in the organisations. If those qad chewing somalis that gather at southal did something useful with their time perhaps we could change the demographics of these organisations.

  2. Those nomads in the Uk who saw the programme last night, this is the thread to vent your anger. Having missed the programme myself due to unreliable public transport, none the less having read the programme transcript (it’s the same as watching just without the sound track). After reading the programme I didn't know who to direct my anger at. On the one hand the journalist's line of questioning was highly loaded. Every answer was a potential news headline the following morning. This made the being questioned rather uneasy. His selective quotes from Maulana Maududi and other were out of context and at times outright dishonest. On the whole he went about making this programme with a pre-conceived notion of Islam as spiritual and that ‘extremists’ were making it political. He tailored his programme to fit his distorted views. As any Professor will tell you, one doesn’t start research having already written the conclusions.


    At one time Dr bari complains about the manner of the questions. Never the less I didn’t expect Ware to do Muslims any favours with his programme but really the participants especially Iqbal Sacranie and Dr bari should have stuck to their guns.


    On the other hand when each of the Muslims was asked about something, they were always doing a very hard juggling act of trying to please two very different audiences. They wanted to appear ‘moderate’ and ‘tolerant’ to non-Muslims but this posse the danger of being seen to compromise their Islamic values by fellow Muslims. I sure wouldn't want to be in their shoes. A good example was when he pressed Dr bari about inviting Sheikh Sudaisi on the opening of the East London Muslim Center despite him 'having utter contempt for Jews and Christians and having called Hindus idol worshipers- apparently this is uncalled for- '. Well you can imagine he is lost for words. He can't ostracise sh. Sudaisi because he knows he is right and his fellow Muslims won't take that lightly but he can't also condone what is attributed to the sheikh because the 'sun and 'Daily Mail' will be on his case the whole week. He will be labelled 'preacher of hate', 'extremist' and all sorts of adjectives.


    The question that has been going through my head in the aftermath of the London Bombing has been 'How far should one compromise his Islamic Value in order to please westerners or can one really Please these people at the same time hold fast to his religion'?. Nomads what do you think?

  3. I was reading zaki's advice to muslim women to abondon the hijab and i couldn't help but laugh. At a time when the british have stated in no uncertain terms that they will not give in to the terrorists and will stick to their way of life, it is disheartning that someone who claims to be an islamic scholar suggests that muslims should change their way of life.


    The basis for his 'fatwa' is the ayat of the quran ordering the muslim women to cover up.he says that the hijab is suppose to protect and according to him given the current climate it will do exactly the oppossite.therefore, by logic don't wear it.


    you would really expect the sheikh to come out strongly urging the muslims to be steadfast during this period and to increase acts of obidience and not to go away from the tenets of this religion- like taking off the hijab.


    we are tired of getting all sorts of fatwa that are really questionable.

  4. AS the news of the bomb attacks came I was filled with anger at the bombing of innocent commuters making their way to work. Some people in this forum hint at the fact that the British had it coming by following dim-wit Bush on his 'democratising' crusade. That argument my dear nomads, holds no water. The Blair Government and their supporters were not hurt in these attacks. It was innocent civilians most of whom took part in the million match against the war in Iraq.


    I was equally appalled by the swift condemnation of the attacks by the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB). The idea that Muslims have to apologise for every terrorist attack as if they were all complicit in this action is as repugnant as the attacks themselves. This apology, I think has largely fixed in the mindset of people that Muslims were responsible- remember no suspects, leads, or arrest made. For all we know it could be the IRA, the Anarchists in town for the G8, or even the French considering that they are bad losers. The MCB doesn't need to make a statement at least not that quickly. The Catholics, Anglicans, socialists, and Jews didn't make statements why did they. The position of Muslims is clear: we do not support in any way terrorist attacks. No need for statements, if anyone is in doubt read the authentic Islamic books. It even gave Blair an opportunity to come with the patronising ' most muslims are law abiding..... blah blah'. I think it would have been hard for Blair to bring in the Muslim issue here, had one of us not jumped the gun.

  5. London nomads just wanted to know if your lives or routines have been changed in any way but these unfortunate incidents.


    As for me i think I have become somehow paranoid. I took a bus this morning and the number of times i looked under the seat for packages. Carrying a bag, i thought everyone was looking at me thinking he could be one of them.


    Also does anyone know how to get to Hammersmith without catching the ill-fated number 10 :D ?.

  6. You are right pacifist, there no way of telling africans apart.

    A story goes like this: A somali man and his nigerian friend go to japan. The somali is typically somali- skinny, short, curly hair and small face. The nigerian in contrast is big, puffy and tall and not to mention with very 'nigerian' features. A group of japanese seeing africans for the first time ask each other 'these people have the same colour yet dont look alike, how come???'. Since all japanese look exactly like each other this must have been puzzling.

    one of them figures it out and says ' they look like this when they are small and look like that when they grow bigger!'

  7. مركزالسنة الاسلامى


    Assunnah Islamic Centre is pleased to invite all brothers and sisters to attend the first English speaking conference.


    The one day conference will be on Sunday the 29th of May (Bank Holiday Weekend) at 3:00pm



    The confirmed speakers are: SUBJECT

    1 Abu Usama Atthahabi (USA) Pitfalls of being young

    2 Mu’tasim Al Hameedy (Jordon) The duty of Muslims in the West


    Light refreshments available


    How to find us???


    Buses: 149,279,259, 349,243,123,318

    Tube: Seven Sisters Station, Victoria Line


    British Rail: Bruce Grove Station (1 minute walk)

  8. مركزالسنة الاسلامى




    Assunnah Islamic Centre is pleased to invite all brothers and sisters to attend the first English speaking conference.


    The one day conference will be on Sunday the 29th of May (Bank Holiday Weekend) at 3:00pm



    The confirmed speakers are: SUBJECT

    1 Abu Usama Atthahabi (USA) Pitfalls of being young

    2 Mu’tasim Al Hameedy (Jordon) The duty of Muslims in the West


    Light refreshments available


    How to find us???


    Buses: 149,279,259, 349,243,123,318

    Tube: Seven Sisters Station, Victoria Line


    British Rail: Bruce Grove Station (1 minute walk)

  9. Sol uses have come to be known to each other using screen names. The atmosphere in SOL is very calm and users address each like people who have known each other for years. Through just the simple detail of a screen name a personality has been carved out.What i want to find out is how true is that SOL names and personalities are a true replica of the people behind them?


    For example is tuujiye really that funny in real life, or is mutakalim the bookish type or even is bilan the a confused teanager???


    What image does the mere mention of name bring up in your minds??

  10. Al xamdulilah, i always quitely slip-off when prayer time comes and my boss hasn't yet noticed this. Few of my collegues ask where i've been and am ashamed of myself of hiding the prayer and always making excuses. What am scared of is( maybe scared is too strong) my boss is a yahuudi , i don't how his going to take. I am a bit suspicious that he knows that i've been quitely taking 5 minutes breakes and when he put up a notice saying ' Anyone who takes a break to smoke will be deciplined ' it got me thinking this yahuudi is clever. I think he means prayer and his just hiding behind a smoke screan. well maybe am being paranoid.

  11. When women dress in clothes that reveal their 'skeleton' they expose themselves to rapists. You have all seen them in the summer almost wearing nothing. What these women are doing is advertising goods that are not in stock and as such they invite rapists.


    The hijab is protection from such evil men. Am not implying that women who wear the hijab never get raped am merely saying that if you wear a mini skirt(or a big belt) you are more vulnerable or dare I say a legitimate target.

  12. opionated wrote

    There are many women out their with more spirituality than those who observe the technicalities of the religion, like the hijab. Then again, that is just my personal opinion!

    I have never read a more contradicting statement. Dear, the hijab is part of ones faith, walahi one's faith in his clothes(hijab), beard e.t.c


    Allah says

    " and whoever holds in honour the symbols of Allah, such (honour) should come truly from piety of heart"


    I hear a lot of people say you can't judge my imaan from the clothes that I wear, my heart is pure!. Imaan brothers is to attest with the tongue, do with the limbs,and certainity(yaqiin) in the hearts. The answer to those people is if your heart is indeed pure, then it would not flagrantly disobey allah. The heart is like a king , and the limbs are its soldiers. If the king is good , he orders his soldiers only good!


    I hope all the sisters who don't wear the hijab will come back to the right path and i pray the ones that wear it, allah will give them the strength to continue.

  13. Hold this thought for a second. We are the Mothers, we can train little boys however we bloody well want. We are the wives/cooks, just slip him a tranquilizer every now and then to get him to do what you want. We are the secretaries, the nurses, the nannies..I mean we surrond and influence men all our lives. Why arent we raising them the way we want?


    FF you already train little boys how you want. You do a great job bring them up as future leaders. Now if you women go up the social pyramid there would be chaos: no one to type letters(secretary is now the ceo), Education going downhill (too many kids not concentrating their stock exchange director mothers forgot their breakfast), need I go on.


    What you are proposing is a recepe for disaster!

  14. Personally, I want someone, when I tell her,

    "I dream of You and I on a White Stallion,

    riding across Andalusia under a crescent moon!",

    would know excatly what I mean, and not just

    knows but feels excatly how I feel!


    ma aan rabo mid tiraahda,

    » "War ma pasta-dii aad xalay cuntay baad ku riyootay?"

    » "Pasta-dee?"

    » "Dee Wamaxay Santa lushiyada iyo waxaad sheegaysid?"


    Muad this is a case of two people speaking different languages. Aqoontu ma afqalaadbaa? The fact that she mistakes Andalusia for pasta santa lucia does not spell intellectual bankruptcy!

    One might pause and ask- what does being an 'intelectual' entail? and how does one know who is on the same intelectual level as oneself? Do we compare papers we got from some university or is there something much more than that? Is Farax, a carpenter who crafts beautiful sofas from wood on the same intellectual level as Xalimo- a 'catwalk' designer(harvard educated)?


    Perhaps someone can enlighten us

  15. since the only other language i picked up was Inzambia Nyanja


    Nifuna shaani--------how are you



    the others are too rude for me to mention

    lol orgilaqe!!! didn't imagine someone would mention my 'home' language. That just made my day, let me add more zambian languages


    umuli shaani- how r u (polite)

    uli shaani- how r u (rude)

    ule landa shaani- what did u say

    nali kuteemuwa- I love u

    tuleya ku inganda- lets go home


    When in these parts of the world there's one way of addressing older ppl and another for agemates. Using the one instead of the other can land u in trouble hence the rude and polite. Take note guys dont want anyone blaming me for any missing teeth! :D

  16. J thats was very interesting read. so belonging to the most hated colour in the world is relative after all.


    'waxaasi waa been cad'. There are many instance in the Somali language where white is portrayed in a negative way.


    I disagree that the word "cad" in that sentence means the colour white.I think it should be translated as plain,clear,evident.

  17. For Baashi and other macawis enthusiasts, i have a sugestion.


    cut the macawis and take it down to your local tailors, you would be surprised what fine shirt it will make. My friend tried and his mates were running around the high street looking for the trendy store that he bought it from. Not only that but you can make anything from it (garan,pyjama,boxers e.t.c).


    Don't be surprised if there is a macawis summer wear being unveiled on a catwalk near you!

  18. how do if one's somali?

    just ask them

    How do you know you are somali?

    now thats a tough one.

    ask your mother!


    ok seriously there are distinguishing traits that are inherent in somali's.e.g

    1) self pride

    2)the hair

    3)the nose

    $) big forehead e.t.c


    They will say "dadkaan madow" obliviously to their own colour.

    They consider their country to be somewhere out of Africa " African-ka, Adoonta," are words that are utered without hesistation when speaking of their neighbours.

    They all listen to al jazeera even though many donot have a clue what they are talking about.

  19. I have been prompted to speak out about the way this thread is going. There seems to be a general tendency to use the big words(big guns as a fellow nomad put it). This is like killing a mosquito on your father's forehead with a bazooka!


    Much to the bête-noir, irksome perchance, of some in our midst, one in a moment of high liberate of the mind was inspired by the need to inspire the unruly much to our advantage. Irritant it was deemed by some, certain of that I am, yet a mere glance or so, worthwhile I trust the endeavour to have been to oneself, if not for all, or so I divulge.


    Now it's either your readers know what bête-noir is or they don't. If they know the meaning they will appreciate your sound knowledge of the appropriate word, if they don't, not only will they have missed meaning but you would have lost them. Lest some people misunderstand me, this is not a green light not to expand one's vocabulary but an emphasis on the rule of thumb 'use the simple word instead of the far fetched'.


    I am sure most nomads would agree that some people just force you into submission with the use of big words without advancing their arguments. This is much like the American’s use of ‘Shock & Awe’.


    One thing that the 'brain-boxers' have to remember is that we -at least most of us with the exception of the odd sijui- speak English as a second language. It doesn’t help matters if their lordships (samurai and sophist) bombard our poor minds with words that we can hardly pronounce yet alone spell. I will leave my fellow nomads to ponder over this proverb ‘Where ignorance is bliss it is folly to be Wise’.

  20. ye ye gas gas.I got the same problem guys. mine consumes gas really fast. About £50 a month. I mean I dont even go anywhere with it. It's always just there, in the same place.I mean we all use ours more in winter it's normal but 50 quid I will have to do without it.Thank Allah it's winter I won't use the heat for another 4 months except for the cooker or I might just........................................

  21. hi guys

    I've just joined and am woundering what the story is here.Is Basra a long sister? or is this just another initiation ceremony?


    If it isn't too late could you guys arrange one for me!