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  1. Faroole definitely needs good advisors. His current advisor is tied by courtesy and filial respect to be honest and brutal with the truth. His petty squabbles with a weak TFG, chasing phantoms in the Bari mountains, his inability to dismantle the PIS, extraordinary rendition of his Somali brethren have shown that he is a leader who is out of touch with the average citizen. The flag waving and grand speeches on nation building in Minnesota seem to be a distant past.

  2. I attended the London fundraising event.

    On a rainy autumn Saturday afternoon, about a 100 men and women brazed the wind, rain and traffic jams to attend an event organized for a proposed health institute in Galkacyo. As the host opened the event we listened attentively, our zeal not dampened by the usual two hour delay of Somali events. The room fell silent as a gentleman was called to give a brief background of the doctor in charge of Galkacyo Medical Foundation (GMF).


    Dr jama was introduced to the audience looking around all this seemed a mere formality as the gathered folk all seemed to be aware of his work and sang his praises even before the introduction. I soon discovered why the man needed no such introductions.


    The moment had finally arrived. A slender man in his sixties stood before us and peered through his glasses. After the niceties and cordial greetings, Dr jama dived into his work. Having been a young medical student in Italy, he returned to Somalia in 1995 to help his people after the collapse of the central government. He and his aid partners set up a health charity called COMSED based in the capital of mudug. Initially he shuttled back and forth between Italy and Galkacyo carrying with him essential drugs and equipment. The country has been experiencing a breakdown of infrastructure as it disintegrated into regions all plagued by hunger, disease and a lack of basic necessities. This lack of healthcare impacted heavily on women and children. Dr Jama's specialty of gynecology and obstetrics cannot be over emphasized in a country that has the highest mortality rate in world.


    We watched a video of the activities of the Galkacyo Medical Centre (GMC). Built on the outskirts of Galkacyo it contains operating theatres, delivery rooms and a 78 bed inpatient ward. We saw pictures of operations, crowded wards full of surgery patients. As we sat watching some of the grim pictures of operations carried out at GMC, Dr Jama guessed from the look of horror on our faces and assured us " We have removed some of the more ugly scenes for your comfort". It was hard to believe that the women with tumors on their faces, the man with intestinal cancer who seemed pregnant, the little ones with cleaved lips too shy to smile were the minor cases - the lucky ones !.


    Galkacyo like many cities in Somalia is home to many Internally Displaced People (IDPs).The never ending cycle of hunger, poverty and disease caused by the uncivil wars ,environmental degradation and droughts have taken their toll on the population. Sprawling camps made of plastic sheets punctuated by heaps of rubbish and rubble is home to thousands of Galkacyo IDPs.We watched little girls standing watch over their even younger sibling. Dr jama explained to the audience that the parents are away selling their wares at the local market or collecting firewood, the kids are left to fend for themselves. These children are exposed to risks of fire, eating dangerous substances or even being kidnapped by strangers. GMC runs a mobile clinic in the IDP camp , supplying medicines free of charge.


    The aim of Galkacyo Medical Foundation is to establish a training institute for Midwives, nurses, and Lab Technicians. Dr Jama is touring the Diaspora to complete the construction of the training institute. Worthy causes indeed, contribute generously.

  3. Waranle,

    The PM has hardly finnished giving his acceptance speech and you are already oppossing him. Evryone should be judged on his own merit not his region or tribe( Am not suggesting that both are a liability to the PM).

    Would you have supported him if he was not from "Puntland" and if president (dictator in the making "D-aboole") wouldn't have endorsed him?.

    Waranle to oppose someone because they share the same qabil with oneself is not sophistication but rather the height of folly and itself reverse Qabyaalad.accusing someone of Qabyaalad everytime they disagree with you is childish.

    Next time come up with your counter agurment why Duke should or shouldn't support the PM, playing the qabil card is cheap.

  4. The way we all seem to be cheering, one would think the Ethios have gone and everything is rosy. Folks nothing has changed. The top man is about go but the realities on the ground haven't changed.

    Nur cade is just as passionate about Ethiopian support.Unless all this opposition to the TFG was in fact an opposition to the person of ina yey and nothing to do with principles.


    Ngonge is right on the money nothing has changed lets be fair.

  5. A Struggling quran student seeks an enthusiastic Subcis pal within the London area.Must be able to memorise at least half a juz ONO very week.


    Time and place to be confirmed with the right persons. Ladies need not apply.

  6. ^Yeah i read that and what you wrote in the other thread.

    Its Eid guys am feeling generous this comment is on me!

    Cadaan:You know there's something wrong when the only white guy in the place gets voted for "Somali of the Year".

    lol cadaan , they should 've asked me, i've advantage of looking at things without the attachment.


    P.s. you know i dont post much coz dont even know how to get the boders for the quote. Help me learn the ropes guys!

  7. There has been an obsession of late with posting stats. Who has the most posts. We have had posts celebrating the 1000th, 3000th and if we are that bored and still good at ctrlv the 100,000th post, very soon the millionth post. How many posts one has, is fast becoming a status symbol in SOL. Those of us with a very small PDI(Posts Per Duration Index) have been left feeling inadequate. if our worth is judged by the quantity of our posts and their comments , then ours is a pitiful existence. Our posts are as rare as a Somali in Fiji. We do not court controversy or rubber stamp our presence with a mere Lool. But the irony of all this that comments like ‘I agree’ have done wonders in enhancing the PDI of the likes of Duke,MMA,KK , JB e.t.c .The one liner army in here is on a higher SOL status than the likes of Mutakalim. In my three and half years here, I have dropped gems of wisdom only 38 times not far off from nomads with 10000+ posts. There is a silent majority in this place who choose to read and enjoy but not engage in tit-for-tats. We laugh at the jokes, frown when our clan is pulled through the dirt, marvel at the trivial topics, all that except we leave no keyboard prints.


    We were there when Eids were announced, tacsi’s conveyed, marriages confirmed. More importantly we were there when a couple of girls had a spat and deleted all their posts and formed a renegade forum. We were there when Sheikh Nur was lynched for putting FGM and abortion in the same sentence; we were there when Juma lost it. We were there at the famous Baashi Vs Toostoy/odweyne duels. We were there when Rudy got married. We read through Ngonge’s marathon boredom sessions. We followed Northerner’s Liverpool lose and then win and lose again. We were there, only we didn’t leave an ‘I was here’.


    You know that a whole year has gone by when you get article in SOL about the ‘best Soler’. It’s a perennial self gratification ritual where everyone lists some names and hopes some will notice their compliments and compliments them in turn. The silent majority are conspicuous only by their absence. We are not told why one deserves this accolade – have they challenged our thinking, turned reason on its head or have simply towed our line, reinforced what we believed in. It all comes down to PDI, yes its that Simple me thinks.


    No comment is a stand alone comment. It is taken in context will all your previous posts. A smiley posted by a nomad with a high PDI can mean a lot but for the silent majority on the rare occasion we share it, its just that- our dental formula. Nomads who haven’t grasped this are sometimes confused by the responses their comments kick off. Some may think I am exaggerating this silent majority, well if you look at your member numbers they run into 4 digit figures but regular poster by most generous estimates number fewer than 100. The admin isn’t using an auto number generator- trust me his not that sophisticated!


    This year I have decided to pre-empt this predictable Best soler annual ritual. This year’s best Solers should be judged by the most comments on their posts and not how many posts they have. This is not me jumping the queue by soliciting comments on this post- although a few pages might do wonders for my self-esteem. To paraphrase Caesar ‘We clicked, we read, we smiled, and we are out’!

  8. Xamar wax dhaammo waa la waayay, The only place where residents can call in the talk show programs and grill the so called tribal leaders and warlords alike without fear of retribution or arrests, a place where you can practice your religion, demonstrate as long as you want, as loud as you want. There are downsides to lack of central authority but really bearable downsides if you look at some situations where people are whimsically arrested for God knows what or where some somalis are deported to their enemies in a wholesale fashion

    xoogsade would have believe that xamar is an oasis of tranquility and a beacon of hope in a country that is lost.The freedom of speech and demonstration my brother, no doubt happen in xamar but tell me do these people ever demonstrate about isbaaro. It's one thing demonstrating about cartoons many miles away but we are blinded by 101 isbaros in our backyard.Yeah i get it, you can demonstrate as long as its not against my isbaros, very hypocritical.


    xoogsade xamar doesn't set any good stanbdards in today's somalia.15 years of anarchy has taken the heart out of xamar. It's going take a lot more than phoning in on talk radios to sort things.

  9. Oxford University is introducing a legally binding contract for new students to attend lectures. For ages it’s been the norm at universities that lectures were optional and only the most ardent students or ‘nerds’ as they are called theses days attended all lectures. All this will be a thing of the past if Oxford University has its way. Other UK universities are watching closely. What do nomads think, is it right to be forced to attend that boring lecture at nine in the morning on a Monday?


    Here’s a satirical piece mocking the contract in today’s Guardian G2 supplement.



    Student contract

    THE SUDENT warrants that his consumption of narcotic substances (including but not limited to snakebite, marijuana, heroin and Trisha) will remain within survivable parameters, where survivable shall mean ‘without the aid of emergency services’. ‘Emergency services’ shall specifically exclude the self-administered tactical chunder.


    THE STUDENT contracts to limit the use of the phrases’ blatant cultural imperialism’, “existentialist nightmare†and “God, do you remember Bagpuss?†to between the hours of 10pm and 2am.


    EASSAY DEADLINES shall be recognised as a fact and not a theoretical construct existing only in the minds of tutors.


    LASTLY the student shall spend not more than three and not less than one hour a day watching any combination of the following- countdown, better-looking students, his golden youth slipping by.

  10. will you girls give Nur a break. I think your energies could be chanelled somewhere else, like to the people who actually carry out FGM all of them women by the way.


    Nur has been championing the womens cause in SOL from the word go. I dont remember the last time one of your gang (sheh, aero,fame et al) brought a serious debate about womens issues. You are all too busy raising worthless chit-chat topics like butt firming exercises. This is the reason men like nur have to raise these issues time and again.


    The reason that nuur brought that topic up , I seriously believe, is as Ngonge said to provoke a debate on abortion. The FGM was only to draw attention, just like the buy-one-get-one- free is just to draw customers into supermarkets in the hope that they also buy some of the expensive stuff. It looks like all you girls went for the discounted stuff (FGM) and didn't bother with expensive stuff(Abortion) living e-Nuri out of pocket.


    To make matters even worse, you girls are still demanding the sale prices long after the sale period has ended. E-nuri cant take it anymore,if you girls continue to block e-nuri from delivering goods to SOL we will have no choice but call the authorities.



    e-nuri Subscriber