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  1. lol@justice why do you say I have no feelings? dalmar ahmed only you know what you want sxb, advice on internet forum is a waste of time. I only gave you my perspective and 25 is the time your suppose to enjoy life man, not add some ball and chains if you get my drift.
  2. My advice would be to forget her, work on your life and career and don't trap yourself with marriage when you just finished college. unless of course she's worth it, either way it's your decision hombre.
  3. Originally posted by -MARX-: Do you actually think before you write Rudy? You are perverted! stop behaving like a teenager! you write absolute crap for a 30-something year old has-been! lol. jaamac churchil got jokes.
  4. Reer Awdal have never been interested in somaliland or secession. There is only one group of somali's(those from the triangle) who do their best to peddle the somaliland agenda, and force it down other people's throats. Somali Castro Good luck with the awdal movement.
  5. lol fine by me. so how do u plan on livin this place up?
  6. Originally posted by ShyRose: QA it is soooo DEAD!!! Is it cuz it's a sat??? tnks for the warm wlcm naah this place is always dead. only the politics section is live. what are your political views? Tell us something about yourself.
  7. get lost! this is my hood! naah welcome to this dead place.
  8. Originally posted by Oda_Nobunaga: . i dont want recognition i want my enemies under the ground. Who are your enemies?
  9. Originally posted by *Ibtisam*: ^^^Can you read English, I believe I answered your question. Try reading it again for I'm not wasting my time WRIting it for you AGAIN in the SAME page. :cool: Qalibi Adgey: You are drawing a comparison about Nazi and SNM?? I think you need to read the history of SNM, I don't need to defend SNM history or what happened in Awdal because it is a done issue, they acknowledge their mistakes, so how can I deny it. I would not defend they did, even if they were defending it or trying to justify it, which they are not. Lets break it down for you in big writing. 1) what happened in Awdal was wrong 2) What happened was discussed and addressed 3) What happened in Awdal is not the whole history of SNM (we can expand on this another time if you want) 4) SNM is not SomaliLand 5) SNM never wanted Somaliland. I cannot make it anymore simpler or clear for you, and Again you are arguing for the sake of arguing, so I'll leave you to it, I'm out. In other words, you have nothing more to add and SNM was lead by your uncles so they weren't all that bad?
  10. Originally posted by *Ibtisam*: ^^^SNM was not formed for Awdal nor was Awdal their target or purpose, that is how I know. What happened in Awdal by no means represents or signifies SNM history- it is a small part of it, important enought for people in Somaliland that it was addressed as early as in 1993. Are you just arguing for the sake of it? Do you know anything about SNM or are you just trying to add to the chatter and the lies Somali Castro is pushing? No, I'm pointing out your hypocrisy again and your weak argument. The nazi regime and the third reich original goal was not to target jews and other ethnic groups, notheless they killed and masscred many. So what is your point? Wasn't you who was just talking about how wrong it is to always defend your leaders/groups and here you are blindly defending the SNM. Why exactly? Seriously, learn to be a little consistent. Read this and maybe you need to freshen up on SNM history: idiin/
  11. ^ If you cannot comment on what you did not see then how can you be sure that they did not massacre people for no reason? Surly if the people of awdal are claiming this, then it must be true, what would motivate them to make that up?
  12. ^ No my argument is, it serves no purpose to always dwell on the negative. But apparently it went over your head.
  13. Originally posted by *Ibtisam*: Qalbu Adeyge. Unlike your hateful self, I wish nothing but the best for puntiland. I just get frustrated with them because they continuously shoot themselves in the foot by supporting the wrong and shameless trying to force it down everyone throat. I have no fantasies depicting people in puntiland into prisoners of war, nor do I want to subjugate them, I just wish they would learn that it is OKAY not to agree with your leaders/ former leaders, it is OKAY you don't have to stick up for every loser that happens to be from your clan and you certainly don't have to defend them. As for congratulating them for peaceful transfer of power, they are expected (after 10years) to transfer power safely and successfully, this is the same thing I say for Somaliland, you cannot be proud of something so simple (as transfer or in SL case registration), particularly when one has so much potential. I'll be proud and will congratulate them when they build cities, raise the living standard and invest in their population, or when their people have bigger aspirations that capturing or recapturing or fighting the skinny on the other side. Is pointless being proud at this stage, it means you have no hope and is content with below basic. Actions speak louder than words ibtisam, I would believe all of that if I didn't just witness you defending the SNM and your bias for somaliland. Go to bossaso,garowe and tell me if cities have not been built or the standard of living improved. Even somali displaced people from the south are prospering in puntland. There is a difference between contructive critiscm and hating. While I acknowledge that during cadde muses tenure, there may have been some corruption, which is not something new in africa. I also acknowledge that he did some postive things in puntland and because of him and his administration puntland is relatively prosperous and peaceful today. That is not blind defending of an individual, but being practical, give it a try sometime.
  14. Originally posted by *Ibtisam*: The SNM history might not go down so well in Awdal, and probably unfair to make children forcefully take it in school (I don’t see the benefit of this other than make people live in the past) but I doubt anyone can reasonably argue that SNM massacred thousands of people for no apparent reason. What ever mistakes they made, they certainly were not motivated diigyo caab. The SNM did massacre awdalites, that's documented history. Secondly, is the SNM group claiming that they fought to make the word of Allah supreme? The undeniable is that they ventured into Awdal where they massacred innocent people in their homes, burned their farms and looted their possessions. After such malicious acts, then, they are NEITHER Mujahidiin, NOR their actions were not jihad. In effect they fought for tribal cause, then again that is not Jihad and their members are not Mujahidiin. Therefore, what really hammers the final nail in the coffin of this fact is that their devilish deeds has disqualified SNM to share the name with the Muslim Mujahidiin. Indeed, that will make SNM and supporters sinners and Mujaahiliin. It is also a sin to participate in the gatherings and festivals that praise SNM Mujaahillin." ujaahidiin Why make excuses for them, why not condemn them the way you condemn TFG and others? Seriously?
  15. Ibtisam Give credit where credit is due, african leaders are notorious for sticking to power, at least there was a peaceful transfer of power and a democratic process. Or are you always blinded by your anti-puntland people sentiment that you can't be positive even once?
  16. Naxar nugaleed Puntland state's viability should not hinge on individual leaders, you can't be seriously thinking of supporting the secessionists? The people of SSC have more representation in puntland, have had a President, and vice presidents in puntland. What exactly does 'somaliland' offer? Be practical and not emotional saxiib.
  17. Originally posted by Ms DD: Visionary leader? He had amazing opportunity to make the region great. He didnt take it. I am sorry but i didnt see a visionary leader. He just made others hate 'us'. And why do you care if 'others' hate 'you'? Seriously? This is quite possible the most asinine statement I have ever read here. Somalipride You're right cadde muse is a remarkable leader, how many african leaders peacefully bow out when they loose in a democratic and fair elections? not many.
  18. Okay, it seems people are taking this way out of proportion. How would electing a president(ilka-jir) solely because he does not represent the majority clan there any less clanist? Politics is a game of bribery, and who ever has the most money and knows the right people will win and this is universally true. Faroole was that man, he did after all win 74% of the vote. Not to mention that the Speaker of the house and the VP are all from different clans. It does seem like there is too much focus on the presidency and not the state from some people on this board. Which is disappointing. Typical somali's always making a mountain out of a molehill.
  19. Originally posted by Mujaahid: Red Sea: Qalbi, What is with the emotional outburst. You googled the defination of 'war booty' to prove a point, but it worked against you instead. You're a **** for a man who claims to be a smart. Read what you post before you present them as an evidence. I've only used what you posted as stick and whip you with it. Ms. LayzieG ***** **** **** **** **** I wonder why the moderator does not edit this guys 'aflagaado'? [ January 10, 2009, 01:54 AM: Message edited by: Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaar ]
  20. ^ We will see, Dr.Faroole is more than capable and is an educated man and AOL can still deal with him. What makes you think he will engage in all of that?
  21. Burn Notice Range resources/africaoil corp wanted cadde to win, it didn't happen, therefore more than likely they have to renegotiate with the new president and respect the democratic process.
  22. Originally posted by Mujaahid: Red Sea: quote:Originally posted by Qalbi-Adeyg: "War booty is a term used in international law to describe militarily useful property seized from an enemy in a time of war. Combatants are permitted to seize such property as is necessary to conduct a war, such as food, transportation, communications, weapons and fuel. The purpose of such a seizure may be to assist the combatant's own war effort, or to put the property beyond the enemy's use." It's funny you googled this and yet doesn't prove anywhere that human beings can be taken as 'war booty'. Your complete joke, you just need to swallow your pride and admit your short coming here. Ibtisam, Huno Canada ayuu joogaa. He is too far up north. If he were in UK, totally different story. swallow my pride? i say what's on my mind. take it or leave it. I'm a joke? coming from the ***** **** secessionist who can't even do simple math? [ January 09, 2009, 01:36 AM: Message edited by: Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaar ]
  23. LayZie G Eedo, see tahay? yes khat baby was mine as well. Who's that last comment about adeero-land addressed to? and where is adeer-land? Most of somalia is adeero-land.
  24. Originally posted by *Ibtisam*: War booty means rape in this world and historically always has, I don't know what world you live in. No point back tracking now, online waax kaasta waa laa iskaka haadla. I don't need to threaten you, baal go and say that to someone in real life, and once you are able to type again if you ever can, do report back. war boot: "War booty is a term used in international law to describe militarily useful property seized from an enemy in a time of war. Combatants are permitted to seize such property as is necessary to conduct a war, such as food, transportation, communications, weapons and fuel. The purpose of such a seizure may be to assist the combatant's own war effort, or to put the property beyond the enemy's use." Where does rape come into the picture? mise you have your own sordid definition? rape is not something i would joke about, unlike you I have principles. Now please stop with the online threats, I would say everything I have said in real life if someone came with the nonsense about 'pirateland' etc. This is my last response to you, keep your comments restricted to your own clanist enclave and you will have no problems with me.