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  1. Looks great! Any update on the new airport, Mooge?
  2. It hasn't been ruled as a homicide yet, so it is not "officially" a murder case.
  3. So true. The new generation are falling off with these old guys. It's time for these guys to upgrade their game..
  4. CabdiQawi is bigger than PL or clan in that matter, he's a world class judge and a Somali. Odeyoow, odayga kor u qaad
  5. Wallee Siyaad(AUN)wax laga baray. What a pity!
  6. This is a case of pot calling the kettle black. How are you, Mr Xunjuf any different than these clan zealots? You have been preaching clan hatred day in and out on this very forum, and yet you accuse others for doing the same shty. You're as bad if not worse than these guys, so do us a favor and go join them in their debates.
  7. Savoy Center in Mogadishu used to have elevator
  8. <cite> @Tallaabo said:</cite> If no Somali is involved in this atrocity, it will be only a matter of time before Somalis take the centre stage given the huge and growing number of mostly young men and women joining terrorist groups or are sympathetic to their evil causes. Read this letter written by the head of one of the many Somali communities in Alberta and sent to the Prime Minister of Canada. He talked about the ISIS' recruitment of Somali youth and the danger it poses, something that's real and happening. Then watch the video and the angry reactions of other Somali communities' leaders in the same state/city, rebutting the claim of recruitment of Somali youth. Maxaa naga qaldan ayaan leenahay markaan dhibta na haysta aan inkirayno. The letter to PM
  9. I got your point bro, but what you're not taking into account is all of these crime stats you mentioned are direct results of the heavy handedness of the system towards the blacks. I am not saying they don't commit heinous crimes, but there are thousands of innocents black males who are unlawfully accused and sent to prison every year, thus adding them into those stats. Anyway, let's leave there for now.
  10. Kennedy, you are making assumptions that black don't strive enough to make changes in their communities. They do and perhaps you are only focusing the negative side of the black society. Brother, there are many hurdles for them to cross and honestly it's not easy for people to come out of poverty. That said, there are large black middle classes in those cities mentioned above, among them many entrepreneurs and professionals. As for the Jewish and Asians, none of them have had the experiences that the blacks went through, slavery,Jim Crow, and other state sanctioned discrimination that its scars still lives. By the way you can't judge entire group of people by a tiny neighborhood in Oklahoma in 1920s. Besides a segregated US in 1920s-60s is not a something to praise. Check the graph below and tell me if the blacks are better off today than they were 60 or so years ago.
  11. Kennedy, I think you are mixing things up here. Would a doctor knowingly deny a needed care to a patient, the answer is no. Are there white privileges in this country, and the answer is a simple yes. The Inequalities the blacks face on their daily lives are real things here in America. There is a broken justice system that works for the rich(mainly whites) and disproportionately punishes the poor and the minority. There are dozens of researches and reports out there that will back up this, and I am sure you can do a quick search on Google to find them. Blacks activities and elites alike are out there everyday fighting the system and trying to help elevate their communities out of the misery. Do not just throw blames on them as if they choose to live in Ghettos or inherently lazy or unwilling to come out poverty. Btw, White-color crimes are ten times worse than street crimes, so why aint there white bankers going to prison in droves. Why would a black kid with a gram of crack send to jail while a while man in similar status or higher with 100g of pure coke gets hand slap. Justice in broken and opportunities for better education and employments are not equally available.
  12. Kheyr, someone assumed the nurse was a white and therefore may receive a better care than the black man that died. I simply pointed out that the lady in question is not white, but an Asian. As for you other point that some hospitals are better than others, yes that's true, but the question raised in this case is not whether a hospital service is better than another, rather if a black man was denied a service based of his race and color. If you have any record where a hospital's ER treats people over their color, please do provide. A man was brought to an ER (second time) with fever and vomiting, he's been tested and evaluated just like anyone else would have been. Ebola didn't even ring a bell until he mentioned his visit to Liberia. All the reports shown so far clearly indicate the hospital didn't have the adequate services to deal with Ebola, nevertheless they followed the procedures to treat patients with similar infections. Now, just because a white person survived of the Ebola doesn't indicate a better treatment. If you really believe that then it's up to you. But to ask you a question, why would white doctors take the risk to go to Africa and treat Africans in the epicenter of the disease? And why do the thousands of the African survivors of the Ebola survived? I don't know where you live, but here in the US there are laws that protect patient's lives and the doctors that give services are obliged to follow them. There is no doctor out there, white or black who will jeopardize his career and medical license to act stupid and deny someone a service. Marka ama nacayb caddaan qab ama ha qabin, laakiin waxkasta race iyo religion in la gashaa nimco samayn mayso... Ps: si dhaqsaa ku qoray wixii khalad ah ka raali noqo
  13. ^You're Dr.Kennedy. In the medical world, once a patient walks in ER his status, race, or nationality becomes irreverent. Doctors are obliged to treat and give that patient the best care that facility offers. Besides, why would one assume that medical staff is of one race(white), when in fact in most of American hospitals and clinics they only make half of the Medical staff. The doctors who cared for Mr. Duncan could have been Blacks, Indians,Arab Hispanic or White. Just imagine if the doctor who took care of him turns out to be a black, then what? Maybe they will blame the CDC and the hospital directors. Read this article: "Medical records provided to The Associated Press by Duncan’s family show that Pham helped care for him throughout his hospital stay, including the day he arrived in intensive care with diarrhea, abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting, and the day before he died." Here
  14. Waxkasta inaan conspiracy ka dhigta maaha. If Mr. Duncan were a white person his fate would have ended the same. According multiple reports, the hospital wasn't ready to manage Ebola cases and the proper procedures were not followed by the staff. The patient was left in an open area for sometime and the Nurses didn't even wear protective gears as they weren't adequately trained on (Ebola) procedures. They weren't even aware of him being sick with Ebola until after hours of his admittance to the ER. That said, the nurse who came down with the Ebola, Nina Pham is an Asian, so you may want to take the race card back into your back pocket, buddy.
  15. Waryaada, don't let this clown's accusation cloud your judgement, ee dadka la xasuuqay u tacsiyeeya and ignore the kid. He's apparently trying to invoke you guys from the SL and you're falling for his silliness. AS has no clan identity and doesn't care who's blood they shed nor do they care about Mogadisho, Hargaysa, or any other Somali town. Marka, bal inta la xasuuqay u duceeya, tacsina u dira.
  16. She's a mourning woman and a victim of Godane herself. All we know, she could have been one of many teenage girls taken as wives by the weirdos. So cut her some slack and let her mourn!
  17. Burahadeer, ma istiri waa adiga qofka ku khafiifay PL. Bridge biyo qaadeen haddii la dhisay xattaa SL baa looga dayaday miyaa? Ha la mid noqon ninkii bakaylaha ku indha beelay oo waxkasta la sima bakayle Back to the twinning the two cities and the benefits for both. The whole idea is to promote some sort of cultural ties and also foster a trade links between the cities/towns. In the short run this sisterhood may not produce any tangible benefits as there are so many hurdles to cross over; be it security, business regulations,and so on. That said, members of PL chamber of commerce were in the twin cities prior to this and had been conducting meetings with potential investors from MN (Somalis or otherwise) to lure them to invest in PL. So in the long run it may benefit both cities. One other thing I am aware of is the donations of books and other school materials that are already heading to Bosaso. Btw, Bosaso is as much of a Somali city as the Capital is, so chill out and give a kudos to those who made this happen rather than accusing them of qabil
  18. The man questioned about the validity of certain Hadiths, and he also brought up the power struggle between the Muslims and divisions created by that struggle. Khilaafkii bilowday maalintii Nabigu SCS dhintay, dilkii Cismaan CS, dagaalkii Cali CS, iyo khilaafka ilaa hadda socda. These are areas where most of today pseudo scholars wouldn't talk about and rather sweep it under the rug. Marka Sheekh Umal waxay ahayd inuu inta la doodo, haddii CabdiSaciid wax soo maloogay,uu isaga iyo inta kaleba ka qanciyo, laakiin the good sheikh took the short route and attacked the man's credibility and character by calling his work that of atheist and infidel.
  19. Kurdish dhanka Syria iyadoon cidna taageerayn ayay iska celiyeen nimankan for over a year and so. Nimankan la soo tuuray ee hubaysan oo dowladdo iska celin la'yihiin inaad Kurdhis ku afla'gaadeyso 2ba magaalo laga qabsaday maaha. Dad dhulkooda ilaashanaya waxa aad ku eedo ma aqaan, meel ay diin ku naceenna ma arag. Haddii aad raalli ku tahay nimanka afka duuban inay dad xasuuqaan "mar horaa cagta la marin lahaa," then by all means support them without belittling the Kurdish and their long struggle for a homeland.
  20. Ninkaa cad ha mashquuliyo inta Trusteeship laga baxayo.
  21. <cite> @Che -Guevara said:</cite> The problem is, it sets unfortunate example for others to follow. No one should put their fate in this Federal entity, sxb. A government that cant even fairly distribute a mere scholarships, shouldn't be trusted with anything else. 300 scholarship seats recently given by Sudan and Yemen, guess how many of those went outside Mogadishu and central Somalia, 29. 2 to SL, 3 to PL, 10 to Bay and Bakool, 6 to JubaLand, and so on... Now, if you question them(SFG) of anything, you are belligerent and unreasonable.
  22. What other options do PL administration have then? Gaas has shown a good faith dealing with Federal Government. He has publicly and privately conveyed that message to the SFG, but Hassan and co interpreted that as point of weakness and their stand is as it was when Farole ruled PL. It is not PL that's dictating things, it's the SFG that is ignoring the concerns of one of its member states.