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  1. Are we nomads being given false information about the real actions going on in kismayo, because both sides of these reports are biest on one hand the Col.Barre Hiiraale's sub-clan claims victory, on the other sides the Gen.Morgon sub-clan and minor sub-clans of Puntland mainly from Bari declares that they are still in the battle. Or is this just another brother rivalry (REPORTS CLAIM GALDUDUUD IS NEXT ON PUNTLANDS TARGET LIST MAINLY CABUDWAAQ)thats on cant admit the lost and one exaggerates about the gain after all their are lives being lost over a land that is all of Somalia's land.
  2. horaaay adeer hirale. that is a leader and let's see what puntland can do about it.
  3. I vote for the one man that can bring back the GLORY and CIVILAZATION that once existed from 1969-1990 the man who has always the flag of Somalia by he side and the honour of his ruling clan thats still holds the flag untill today for they have built the fenominon GLORY and CIVILAZATION our parents lived in and one day hope that we will live in! That man is Abdirixman Jamac Barre Do you want peace and glory or do you want another 14 years? YOU MAKE THE DECISION
  4. *******DELETED******** sadeboy, please don't use tribal names on our website. Your last post and Waryaa dude's reply to it were deleted because of the tribal names in it. PLEASE DON'T POST COMPLAINT TOPICS ON THE OPEN FORUMS AGAIN. THIS IS A WARNING. IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS, SEND US A PRIVATE MESSAGE AND WE WILL BE MORE THAN HAPPY TO ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS. [ August 26, 2004, 07:56 PM: Message edited by: Admin ]
  5. these ppl love faan come on they'll take any chance to brag about anything why else did they post the only poem uu togane faaniyay ?? i mean i read the rest he says stuff like mugdi mudug, and their clan being less noble then there counter parts in cabudwaaq and if i was you guys i would calm down the only people who should really be jumping up and down about this "great, a astonishing, great out spoken" mans word is the clan of riyalle oo uu amaanay sii ficaan now let them prance around horn next you'll see them in coffe shops say togane said this about us and that good bye S A D E
  6. yea i came here throw google too damn but wat is up with all these new people ??its like everyone else is gone and wat about the adminstrators?? wat are they doing to fix this
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    hey, where is honolato?? A freedom fighter and the wirter of Somaaliyaa Tosoo?? We should also remember Axmed guurey and sayiid cabdile hassan1
  9. The Somaliland government should follow in the footsteps of Kenya and UAE on this issue and bann the passport of Somalia. Nobody should be allowed to enter Somaliland using a passport from Somalia, instead Somaliland should open an embassy in Mogadishu where special visas could be issued for Somalia citizens wishing to travel to Somaliland. Im not the person who is pleased to crush a little boi's dream but ina adeer Somali-land isn't a reconized government you guy's are still part of Somalia to the rest of the world.I mean i truely hope for you guys to be a state if that is what you please. I wanna ask you what your first language would be ??? Somali (waqoyi style) Under ethnicity what would the peole of Somali-land be?? Somali/ the clans of ....... and if i was to became a citizen in "Somli-land" could i became a citizen or do i have to be in one of the clans of Somali-land??? and why are you posting one side of the news in
  10. I heard some people from Abudwaq had some discussions about joining PL with Ina Yusuf when he was visiting London. The big reason behind this thinking was that xeraale fight was disaster for people from Abudwaq because other tribes united to defeat them and they didn't have anyone who can come to help them. LoL why would they ask to join when they blamed cabdulahi yusef for supplying the other tribes :confused: :confused: Puntland State of Puntland lol I thought puntland was a region don't tell me you guys wanna become an independent nation did somaliland make u jeolous???
  11. Forged Somali passports are as easy to buy as bread in the Garissa Lodge market in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi. There is no authority to issue Somali passports - except in the markets Abdifatah Farah Yasin not only sells the passport but also "authenticates" it by putting a seal of the Somali ministry of foreign affairs and forging the signature of the last controller of passports before the break-up of the Somali state. Somalia has had no central government since 1991 and has been wracked by fighting between opposing warlords. "We are doing nothing wrong, we are just playing the role of a Somali government now that there isn't one in our country. Obviously there should be someone offering this service to Somalis," he said. He even offered to sell me a Somali diplomatic passport, for just $100. He said he would indicate in the passport that I was the Somali Ambassador to China or any other country of my choice. He said they are printed in Malaysia and then smuggled into Kenya, where they are sold to Somalis desperate to travel abroad. Free-for-all The ready availability of Somali passports has led to nationals of other countries opting to use it too. The Somali passport has been an attraction to ethnic Somali Kenyans, who can find it difficult to obtain a Kenyan passport. Much of Somalia is in ruins after years of fighting Other nationals who are known to have used the Somali passport include Ethiopians and Eritreans, who resemble Somalis. And this is why Kenya has announced that it will no longer respect Somali passports. The country has twice been hit by terror attacks. They fear that the easy availability of the Somali passport would make it possible for would-be attackers to operate freely within their country. But the ban has badly affected Somali traders, who travel to Kenya to buy their merchandise, often from Garissa Lodge in the Nairobi suburb of Eastleigh. At this market you can buy just about anything from modern electronic equipment to fake university degrees. Many traders in this market used their Somali passports to travel to Far East countries such as China, Thailand and Taiwan for their supply of commodities. Since the ban was announced, numbers at this previously busy market have sharply declined many stalls are now empty. (reported by hiiraan) maybe Abdifitaax Farah can make some passports for Riyaal and it can say on it he's a president of Somali-land for as little as 100 dollers! or even adeer Abdulahi Yusef so he won't be stoped at airports from now on? He can make say Puntlands president.
  12. WHAT ARE YOU PEOPLE TALKING ABOUT NO Q ASKED ABUDWAQ IS PART OF PUNTLAND AND HAS BEEN PART OF PUNTLAND AS LONG AS I CAN REMEBER WELL FOR ONE IT IS IN MUDUG THAT'S PUNTLAND AND EVERY CITY IN MUDUG IS PUNTLAND lol I'm from cabudwaaq im one of those people that you said are "proud" of being part of puntland!! :confused: well just to let you in a secreat cabudwaaq is in GALGUDUUD and since im from cabduwaaq i can say that i woudn't be proud, even if we ever came apart of puntland which i doubt very much!! Libaax thats a good point! but how can adeer cabdullahi yusef get out of power when he was elcted Democratically :rolleyes: by the people of puntland over jamac ali jamac
  13. tell me you are joking. Mobb is just stating some facts, don't feel flattered right away. wow mobb thanks for replaying the facts i didn't say its was false statements i just said "did MOBB found a sudden attraction to the sub-clan of Siyaad Bare (illahay haa oo naxristo) ?? ok :confused: P.S i doubt that the sub-clan would ever want to join puntland its actually amusing lol :confused: you can have goldgob and lascanood as your followers lol
  14. But seriously i might have said it a hundred times, apart from the clan connection what else does abudwaq have in common with bari and nugaal, or indeed kismayoo that you guys are always talking about It has no connection with nugaal or bari but its connection with kismayo is that it's controlled by the same people who inhabit cabudwaaq! Adeer Bare Hiiralle
  15. I would change your name into something decent before you'll be seen as a clannist/tribalist. lol clannist ??? aboowe let look at your name PUNTMAN?? i can atomatically know what you stand for wat your political beliefs everything you are and how do you know if my name isn't SADE??