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  1. LayzieGirl.... in fact you didn't get my point... It’s a bless to live in Muslim country I’m not saying I’m wearing hijab b/c of the environment what I’m saying is … living in muslim community give you the chance to understand your duty as Muslim and makes you learn many things about Islam and how to be a good Muslim Don’t tell me I’m not lucky by living in this country cuz I see my self lucky and I’m sure many ppl wants to be in my shoes
  2. Finally ppl in Europe and Amerisa can watch this great channel... well we already have it in arabic
  3. Inshallah you will be great, Self confidence and tell the white male what u really good at and what is unique about u. I remind me my self when I graduated from uni and I was full of passion to find my dream job.. elhamdullah.. I’m happy now cuz the company I wanted selected me.. Wish you all the luck bro
  4. Hayam u went to library and got a kufar book to intrepet your dreams for you? ya rabi May Allah forgive u. Whats next u gonna ask fortune teller to tell u your future? dat is shirk a big crime in Islam. [/QB] Dreams are good sign...when you dream about bad things that mean u made some wrong choices in your life.... it's also reflect your mind status. I'm recently don't dream much.. anyway Hayam it's good to read about dreams cuz it's sience and Khalaf sound like you don't dream at all
  5. I'm late but it's nice topic i couldn't stop my self.... Sis: you need to talk to ur man and tell him exaculy what do u want from the relationship and be open about it.... I'm sure he will understand. instade of keeping everything to ur seld.... Man: Please understand that ur wife needs care and if you satisfied her i'm sure she will 200% be the way u want... communication between both of them should be two way.... inshallah they wont divorce..
  6. Allhamduallh i'm living in Muslim world and as long as i remember i didn't suffer at all.... this a great advantage to live in UAE ... khalaf... annoying her now is better than seeing her not wearing hijab
  7. Love not to be blamed cuz as some of u said .. it's about ppl and how they c love ... personally love is a great thing .. love should be appreciated no matter what...
  8. Gils it's ok we all change our style specially me .. it's good to look different every 3 to 6 months... to be honst with u it's good cuz that helps cheering ur spirate
  9. I like so many song but i don't know the singer except maxamed saleebaan with his great song Hooyooo
  10. have not seen it yet .. sound niice inshallah will try to find time in weekend if it's in Cenima
  11. Mr RS thanks alot ...i'v been to Harjisa but i didn't see the big mosque.. I'm planning to go again in DEc na dhave a look and see what is new there... i like the shopping mall but where is it?? planning to visit it as well
  12. Well Arabic Coffee is good for your health, but you can easily adict Latte, Mocka etc.... Alhamdullah i don't like coffee anymore i don't know why i just decided 2 month ago to stop it.. and now i hate it
  13. Donate my organs well islam don't mind but don't u want to rest in peace one piece ... cuz when muslim dies we should harry to but him in him/her in grave right so why?? unless you like that...
  14. Masha'lla bro .... I'm also wishing luck .. I might come and c inshallah u will win
  15. Originally posted by Devilangle: I came across something that said “man's heart is through his stomach” How true is that? I believe that is 100% true .... feed him with love but always make sure he is not hungry .. cuz food means alot 4 a man