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  1. Somali men are worthless. No morals or dignity. Biggest mistake Canada made was letting these animals in this beautiful country. Can Canada deport all Somali men? Can we make that happen?
  2. They're out partying and you're on the computer judging them. Typical loser Somali.
  3. GaroweGal is actually a man. Pay this troll no mind.
  4. Why are we the only muslim community that makes these kind of problems? There was a situation with Minnesota taxi drivers and dogs and people not wanting to touch meat. There was this other ridiculous story in Toronto were suing because they couldn't wear a jilbab. Man, oh, man. Somalis love media attention. Every other community blends in but we always choose to stand out for all the wrong reaons.
  5. Please mind your own business. Divorce is a private affair.
  6. Can the moderators please delete this thread? This successful woman's name has been dragged in the mud and i feel sorry for ther that when she googles her name, she will see this filth. Typical jealous loser Somalis!
  7. ElPunto;731341 wrote: An ugly comment but a reality. That (some)Somalis would aspire to emulate and copulate with a group that for a host of reasons is in the lowest category of human development in the States and Canada with sky high levels of drug abuse, out of wedlock births, incarceration rates, absentee fathers, etc etc. says a lot about how low Somalis have come. We have a different language, religion, culture and history to almost every other group in the West - but we've chosen disproportionately to identify with blacks. Why? Excuse me, but we are Black. I think you should correct yourself and say African American/Carribbean. Anyways, to answer your question. Our people came here as refugees with no education/money at all. The majority lived in government housing and depended on the government. Due to the war, husbands either stayed back or died and thus, the women raised 10 + kids on their own. Because we mostly lived in the ghettos, the kids were educated in the worst school as well the area is rife with drugs/prostitution/out of wedlock. Basically, you are a product of your environment, point blank! Parents can't complain that their kids are drugdealers or have kids at 18 because they raised them in the ghetto.
  8. OdaySomali;725788 wrote: AUN to all of them. It is very sad indeed. Something needs to be done about the gang/crime culture before it takes a hold on the Somali youth. What do you mean takes a hold? Listen here old man, it has already taken hold. In the city I live in so many young males are in jail. Open your eyes and stop being blinded. Maybe if the males in your generation didn't destroy our country and continue to destroy communities in the West, this wouldn't have happened.
  9. Can a moderator please change the title of this thread? I agree with Polyani.
  10. This is not a UK issue. This is not a Canada issue. This is is not a America issue. The problem is SOMALIS! Its not politically correct to say but I think biologically and culturally the males in our community are violent.
  11. There was also another youth murdered in Edmonton, CA a couple of days ago. Seems to be a pattern..... Sad that people would rather bury their head in the sand than actually fix this issue that is very much a community problem because it happens in every country and every city that we live in.
  12. The Diana users need to be stoned ! They make me sick to my stomach. How can you walk around in public with a Geisha face? What a disgrace!
  13. This is because our people love attention especially negative attention. We want to be on the headline news and the frontpage of newspapers. Other communities hide their shame, we glorify it and advertise it to the the whole world.
  14. A community that loves media attention and scandal! Things are going to get worse. Also, can someone please tell me why we're the only people who love to advertise our filth to the whole wide world? Have you guys seen youtube and the videos that people upload? WHY?
  15. Most of them are unambitious and they don't believe in hard work. They want to take the easy way out and make quick money. Hence why majority live a life of crime.