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  1. The Sage;869833 wrote: A political in Mogadishu actually displaying common sense and accepting reality? I guess things really are changing down there. President Hassan's views are only just indication of the evolving collective conscious in Somalia: that the self determination of Somaliland is something that cannot easily be swayed. For what its worth I think you guys are clutching at straws and I don't see any major departure in view point between this new comer and other TFG guys who came before. The difference I see is he's more diplomatic and intelligent in his approach and more polished and that is about it. Doesn't mean he will proove to be a credible partner, we don't know that yet. Please don't fall in the trap that plagues most somalis everywhere, they like to run before they crawl and jump to unfounded conclusions. Let's not jump the gun here.
  2. Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaar;868745 wrote: Nah. Clarity Act passed by the Canadian parliament states otherwise. The key points of the legislation included the following: Giving the House of Commons the power to decide whether a proposed referendum question was considered clear before the public vote; Specifically stating that any question not solely referring to secession was to be considered unclear; Giving the House of Commons the power to determine whether or not a clear majority had expressed itself following any referendum vote, implying that some sort of supermajority is required for success; Stating that all provinces and the First Nations were to be part of the negotiations; Allowing the House of Commons to override a referendum decision if it felt the referendum violated any of the tenets of the Clarity Act; The secession of a province of Canada would require an amendment to the Constitution of Canada. In other words, impossible now. Actually Tallabo was right for the past referendums and your 'clarity act' breakdown is a moot point since this act was created in the year 2000 in reaction to the referendum that took place in 1995 where other countries were ready to recognize Quebec, chief of them France. Fast track to present day even with the clarity act, There is also the 'small' matter of Quebec never having signed the 1982 act of constitution and meech lake accord having failed to bring Quebec on board in 1985 which from the sovereigntist camp would well...make this 'clarity act' irrelevant. Not a simple subject matter is it 'Miskiin'?
  3. Your a shameless propagandist, Find the one news source among the very many Somaliland medias sources that ties your president to something negative in Somaliland. Somalia and especially southern Somalia doesn't seem to have much of a beef or concern with Somaliland but a Puntland pirate would like to stir trouble between the two centers of power wouldn't he? Is it because Puntland is too weak to stand up to Somaliland you feel the need to stir trouble? lol. Your tactics are getting so old your not even fooling the people in Somalia. Somalilanders wish nothing but success, peace and an era of stability to the southern Somalis and Somalia. God willing their government can stand on its own two feet sooner rather than later, from a political view point it will be a wait and see approach to determine if he can be a credible partner for Somaliland. For now he gets the benefit of doubt, this is what most media sources report: Somaliland: President Silanyo Sends a Congratulatory Message to the Newly Elected President of Somalia
  4. Alpha Blondy;863043 wrote: LOL@ somali-LANDER, the former war hero, decorated SNM veteran and Mujahid of the 5NAAD and somali-LANDER from a distance, i'm not into your abbreviations and tribally divisive politics, i'm not in the least bit interested in your attempts to undermine the collective will of the Somaliland people and nationhood. somaliland has chosen a path of democracy and unity. where do you get your information from baal? you remind me of my friends, back in the land of Great Britain, who spent their entire time on exchanging and repackaging the latest somaliland news and information, occasionally adding their own version of events to the latest development and current stories. these men thought themselves the pioneers and protectors of 'somaliland' in the diaspora. the misinformation and hyperbole was an attempt to manipulate the masses of patriotic Somalilanders in the qurbo-ha with the view of creating an unshakeable sense of nationhood and somalilandnimo, often re-telling their dramatic stories of conquest and liberation. i was in the world, LANDER, i was attentive and foolishly followed these lies with the hope that it would firmly solidify my shaky belief and weak sense of being. I was a dedicated follower in these cult circles and was hailed as the next big thing – a new form of somalilander from the qurbo but with the lingo and ideology of cult leaders, like you, LANDER. i came here and saw my land and realised the evil rubble-rousers you belong to, were so detached from reality and lived in a bubble, a bubble of illusory dreams and nightmare induced fallacies. as for the GB’s you mentioned; nuux tani and jidef are men of questionable character. they are very corrupt men and not worthy of leading the honourable defenders of the realm. Jidef held the coverted post for last than 1 month before being ousted for his indefensible mistake and Nuux Tani - his involvement in the ceel bardaale massacres say quite a lot - imagine that! these men seem to combine fiction and reality in the name of defending this young democracy, as for shaqalle, well he’s inept .Waar, these farmers and corn-eating men of the 5NAAD are pathetic, their role in the liberation movement must be revised, for the inaccuracies have led to a distortions, which you propagate in your cult circles. their spinelessness, weak moral fibre and lack of honour is quite clear for all to see. lets hope for the sake of this democracy that a great man emerges, like those before him and ensures the defenders are rightly guided. Your not into divisive tribal politics? Do you even stop and think about what you say or does being a heathen given you the license to talk loosely at all times. Need I remind you about the comment on 'western somalilanders' which started this exchange. Your'e more confused than I thought, put the booze and qaad down for just a moment and type when you have some level of clear mindedness. I understand some of our elders in the west send their miscreant children back home cause they can't make something of themselves in the west or perhaps indulge in too much debauchery, but if they keep sending the likes of your godless, ignorant and foolish types back home we're in trouble. You've got a false sense of importance and you can't figure out if your coming or going, one moment you hate xamarawiis next minute you love them, next minute you hate 'Somali-LAND' as you put it, next minute your the greatest patriot the country has ever known. You sound psychophrenic and the only coward I see is an internet gangsta hurling insults he wouldn't dare take to the streets of Hargeisa, we both know you don't talk like this when army and police men stop you and you pay them a nominal fee to leave you alone.
  5. *Ibtisam;862895 wrote: By the sound of it, Abu Salman has more legit claims than you at this point Lander- not only is he not your cousin, he also has spent more time and money here, with better links, it is only fare he has better benefits. Abu lol okay, laakin I meant the none Somali Jabuutiyan ayan ku moodeya. lool..why are you insisting on making me a stranger in my homeland, do I have to start advertising a la 'Alpha blondy' before I get some Somaliland creds! Abu Salman Dhulka lo ma diidi karo laakiin he's got connections all over, those of us limited to SL should stick together is all I'm saying before Abu and his kin come and goble up all the good territory that's all! Should we start pooled investment together Ibti? we'll call it the Native Somalilander's fund. Each 5 bedroom house will have 1 room dedicated to Khatumo state supporters with full tribal GPS mapping.
  6. *Ibtisam;862888 wrote: Abu- that requires planning- the only planning of towns/ cities in Somaliland is who can afford what and how fast before the price gets even higher! Abu for some strange reason I thought you was ethnic Jabuuti- this display for clans is a suprise. Adiga ayaab 411 kagii la heley! Lander- dont do it! lol Abu Salman I plead the fifth! Ibti these Reer DJ are buying up all the land in Somaliland maybe the prices in DJ are getting too inflated for their liking and cost of living too high. Either way we have to stem the tide! Abu Salman iyo la mid kisaa inaga ilaaliya.
  7. *Ibtisam;862885 wrote: I thought you said wa la quudsaad/ laga faana- was wondering what they did in Canada to deserve this perception. *was waiting for Africa own to come in here and kugu murarad dilaac! lol Qabil should be a taboo much like FGM (outside the modelling world), not greeted with like salaanta loool ingriskii cararey. lol loool..^ never heard that one before, I gotta find me the one Ingiris caree person I know and crack that one on them.
  8. *Ibtisam;862881 wrote: Looool, In Arabsiyo they kept asking me ma reer bariga fog baad tahey- Lander gabdah lama hayo- if nothing is wrong with you, Im sure you will find her hidden under some rock. I cant believe you judge on looks based on clan- reer baadiye dhee. btw the clan I spoke of as MA, *the A* is Abdelle or rather Cabdel. I dont know kuwaan laga faano iney isku miid yihin. lol This thread is nuts walahi- made me lol I ment to say mentioning any qabil at all is taboo with alot of somalis here. Allah hadaba gabadhii Abdella-has ayee ka tirsanayd I thought MA was Ingiriis Caree.
  9. Abu-Salman;862871 wrote: dont know MA but always heard about the SA, HY (my bro's name & mine), interestingly I know more about our inabti (reer awdal) as other Somalis; isn't afraad JB and shanaad HB or vice-versa as implied (havent heard after 93 when boasting with the cousins)? I say let's demarcate along sub-clans (edo think Arabsiyo has been stolen at the sub-...-sub clan level by B, HB guests) for sustainable peace even if that would leave each man with his bathroom/bedroom as said in the other thread. (every iphone got gps these days and an app that alert at boundaries isnt hard) lmao@Ibti and Abu Salmaan Ibti wa laga fanaa qabilka in Canada for the most part, I did meet a HY sister once who was very good looking Mashallah but I am very limited in my knowledge of those subclans and can't remember hers she was not MA that's all I know. I'm on the market for wifey #1 laakin ma gabadh bad ii haysa? Abu Salman lol at your solution, there are some who would embrace that theory here in this forum, run this by the lady Aalliyah she will be thrilled at this GPS qabil boundary app As for Arabsiyo it was traditionally 3 tribes that all start with B, but since it has become a popular getaway spot Hargeisawis of all tribes, they too will have to embrace change I'm afraid. Though I dont blame them for wanting to keep the the beautiful and lush town to themselves. *Disclaimer* I belong to one of those Bs though i have never been to Arabsiyo myself.
  10. *Ibtisam;862858 wrote: Are you guys serious? Carafaad is the ultra ego of Alpha. This my clan is better than yours is madness- let it go. Berbera are gangsters (all clans live their)- the guerrilla warfare that fill the depth and spread of the areas in and around Berbera will make both of your eyes bob out. (P.s. The majority of the warriors were not Alpha clan- but rather the MA (sub clan of HY) P.s. Bobe- what on earth is with all the arm breaking and nosy- intellect but not a politician? P.s.s. Now that we have all proved we know clan names- let it go will ya. lol..thanks for the input Ibti, rumour has it MAs have a disproportionate amount of beautiful women can you (objectively off course) confirm or deny this tail?
  11. Alpha Blondy;862785 wrote: LOL@ LANDER, a mujihad wannabe or failing that a somali-LANDER from a distance! ^ if you were present here in person, which you're clearly not, you would no doubt call yourself mujahid LANDER but lets be honest your credentials are in question behind a computer screen made worse by the clear fact that you're living in exile, so spare us the hadaal-ka beela dhuxa. so come here marka hore before uttering the -''i'm a decorated war veteran'' malakay. the obvious facts, which your skirting around remain that JBs are cowards and are not worthy of mention in the annals of history. i'll give you the former minister of information bob yusuf duale but name me one decorated JB? amuro Ilaahey, look at this sensitive thug you have comprehension problems or what? lol I spoke about the people you called cowards never implicating myself. Than again your'e a heathen who lives off donated money claiming to do great good while you come on internet forums and brag about your third world villas and cars, so I shouldn't be too surprised. Let's see the chief of staff for the past 10 plus yrs of the army have been 2 JBs and 1 HB these abokors are disproportionately represented in the top echelons of Somaliland's army must be cause they're cowards. Nuh Taani and Jidhif were cowards right ? kaftanka talow wad ku cusubtahay marka lagu yara dacayedeeyo wad xanaaqda. Ceeblow, you won't find me dissing reer galbeedka Somaliland ama reer bariga Somaliland unlike you our nationhood is not a recent phenomenon in my life. Continue your journey of self-discovery is my advice to you while filtering the sillyness that comes out. Don't get too excited when you say BS and people call you out on it.
  12. Tallaabo;862735 wrote: ^^ Just because you started to fancy Xamar nowadays does not mean others hate it. It is you who is confused Mr Alpha. ^lol you nailed it let's hope Alpha takes it in
  13. Alpha Blondy;862681 wrote: lol@LANDER the Somali-LANDER from a distance, i actually lived in dul-caad for a while in a huge refugee camp. this is where the UN collect us before the 4 abokors and their uncle michael turned into militias intend on carnage and destruction. mind you, this was before the habar-habar war where GB was absent in berbera! utterly shameful....ruunti! lol@alpha Your home for a year and half now you're the truest of Somalilanders is that right Who is this militia that did you wrong man sotan ku modayey Somalilander nationalist asli aa, what is this qabil hurt your exibiting lol. GB wa ingiriiska lakiin hadad u jeediid JB maxa ka yaala berbera dhul ay dagaan ba maha. Talow hadey JB dagaal ka maqnadan malaha its not even dagaal ma is tidhii? Ragaa ka mid aha 5NAAD SNM, rag lagu safaado maha. If you are curious to know about dagal qabileed o khuseya Berbera orod o so waydii odaysha tolkaga wagii la isku qabsaday Berbera ee nimanka reer 5NAAD sent a mere 100 horsemen that would decide the battle in the end. Led by the likes of Bon Afgod. Also find out why he said the following afterwards "Ma bon ban ahayn, ma Bulee ban korsanayn? sidee banka Toyo barax logu dagaa?" Marka ii sheeg ceebtad ku haysatiid nimanka 'GB' wadigan dad xaqanas ku hor cayee ceeblow!
  14. Allah Been badana ninkan Duke. The funeral of Abdulahi Yusuf united the country ku tee People have more decency than the likes of you and Yeey, did you ever wonder perhaps they didn't want to celebrate on someone's death bed and were simply being decent? Where as you were jumping up and down for joy over the death of Meles when yesterday you were riding his large cotails to witness the slaughter of the people of Mogadishu and even tried to take credit for his work! the fulayal you are! The very same people who sent their condolences to you when your criminal uncle when he perished (AUN). For whatever problems they have in Mogadishu walahi I give them some respect for showing forgiveness and magnanimity in the face of cowardice from your scheeming warlords of Puntland.
  15. Alpha Blondy;862284 wrote: saw aarafat again yesterday and it wasnt the best experience. he also invited his local friend and he was annoying and somewhat abrasive. he asked if i knew what 'hoono' is? and i was very offended. these bloody reer-western somaliland are pathetic walahi! ^ War isla xisho waxad tahay kuwii shalay mii-ga bariga laga so guray ee.
  16. oba hiloowlow;862169 wrote: this is xaqdarro Your an apologist how predictable. This guy is among the top echelon of criminals only Siad Barre ranks higher, the recordings and past interviews held with this guy that were shown at court were incriminating and contradicted his lame repetitive version of events. Though I doubt the likes of you actually followed the trial itself, It woulda been great to see others face such justice. It is imperative Somaliland take matters into its own hands with the criminals like Morgan and the like while they still live! Bring them to justice by any means necessary.
  17. JB keep it coming man! I think your spending more time replying to silly folk wallee. This whole protesting is laughable and shows really how people lack education in their own history. How dare JB say these folks are from Somaliland! Please use an italian suffix to refer to our people if you want to be accepted as a somali! you must say Somalia! You know you can spend an eternity trying to enlighten these folk and it really wouldn't make a difference. The word Somaliland rings bells in their heads! nothing else can get through they go deaf. If your somali (ethnically) you share the cultural heritage left by these artists, if you have trouble coming to grips with them halling from Somaliland that is something you have to work out on your own. There is no denying the legendary composers, poets and artists were disproportionally from Somaliland. That isn't to say there weren't other great talents elsewhere, but there was a concentration especially in those post-colonial days and early recordings of these artists in Somaliland. Many of the southern talents themselves either came north to seek song writing or otherwise learn the craft as Xassan aden and Juba did or they were completely formed and discovered as artist in the north as with Magool. It's amazing in those old days just how taboo it was in Somaliland to be a 'singer' especially if you were a female as was the case with kinsi and how they likely sung under fake alias at first, fortunately for us they were brave enough to tough it out and decided it was worth pursuing despite protest from their families.
  18. Why don't you tell us what you do Alpha blondy and how that differs from NGOs. It's one thing to criticize its another to be part of the solution.
  19. The only difference between you and Hailu Shawu, your mentor is that you write (probably speak) sound English. Other wise you both are shallow minded intellectuals. It would be better for you to come out of your inferiority complex and hatred or it will only make you even more inferior than the names you mentioned on your inferiority fiction. I would rather give a chance of leadership to a confident super hero than a coward like you who lives in a state of fear and fearful of the likes of Sium Mesfin. Whoever you are, please, please, please don't pass this fear, inferiority and hatred to your offsprings lol..Meel bu ka heelay kasii walee.
  20. Xaaji Xunjuf;859980 wrote: Ina carab ciise is running for president interesting he is a good guy but it will not work he should rather support sh sharif And get an important ministerial position but he is very ambitious guy I like that in a politician. There Has never been a president from somaliland not even when somalia and somaliland were united So it will Be a hard road for him but I wish him luck. If he comes back as a minister he can play a role in the further somaliland and somalia talks. ^If he is a Somalilander and doesn't have any other ties to Somalia aside from his political ambition, he is a traitor according to our laws and should be considered as such. The fact that you suggest he would be involved in any dealings with Somaliland is silly. He should live as a refugee from his own country and be flagged at the airport until such time as a president from Somaliland grants him pardon like all those who went the same route before him. The era of trying to have your cake and eat it too is over.
  21. Saalax;859456 wrote: That is the Ethiopian consulate. Outside from that office not many people care. ^ Do you think this lot care about such mere details, there still tryna figure out how to create violence in Somaliland and defeat the government with mango shake money.
  22. Anyone without a lollipop in there mouth in 2006-2007 understood the situation as it was. It took the real power brokers another couple years to admit they had made a strategic mistake. The ICU were a homegrown solution to Somalia's problems of warlodism, anarchy and tribalism. In less than a year they managed to pacify most of Southern Somalia and there were foreign journalists at the time that reported back on the ground from Mogadishu bewildered by the sudden change in the security situation. Even up to present day no single group has managed to pacify as much territory as the ICU did in that very brief time. To compare the ICU to Alshabab is mixing oil and water, the american backed ethiopian invasion led to the rise of the uncontrolable extremists knowns as Al-shabab that is beyond a doubt. The americans and Ethiopians assumed that a cowardly puppet like Abdulahi Yusuf once the Ethiopian troops had cleaned house for him would be pragmatic enough to exhibit some inhibition to his warlodism and perhaps be more of a unifying figure. But 2 years later Diplomats from the state department were being quote as saying Abdulahi Yusuf was 'More of the problem than part of the solution' having realized the mistake they made, they corrected that by getting rid of Yusuf and bringing in Sheikh Sharif the former leader of the very ICU they ousted. Anyone who's interested in digging into american foreign policy sources being quoted can search them talking about how they should have dealt with the ICU instead of getting rid of them back than. In the grand scheme of things everybody has a role, national cost and benefits at stake for most stake holders. The Americans have their goals and are looking after their interest and so were the Ethio's. The ICU though in the end game made crucial strategic blunders and failed to see the forest for the trees, either that or were foolishly brave, but at the very least they get a passing grade on national intentions having done what no other movements could do before that is getting rid of the bloody warlords who were sucking the population dry and holding the country hostage. That was no easy task, putting the individual leaders of the movement in harms way and costing them many lives for what they understood to be the greater good. But when you look at the likes of Abdulahi Yusuf (AUN) and his poster militia that was suppose to be the 'somali' face of the invasion in the realm of propaganda. What other motive could they have for tagging along with the invasion aside from previously stated desires for tribal supremacy? It isn't a shock that he remained true to character and a cowardly disgraced to the very end having run away to yemen, it is rather stupefying that people who display all this nationalistic fervour would somehow still defend such actions in the name of some distant kinship.