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  1. Originally posted by Bardecad: And one more, Sawirkaas oo kale oo Burco ama meel kale oo Somaliland ah ha la keeno............... ka dib ayaan isla hadleynaa.......... Bosaso b4 1993 was Empty... Bosaso 2011 is the City
  2. Dr Ligle, sxb Qoraalkaas BBC waxay qortey 2 February 2006, Sadex sano iyo bar ka hor, i don't think iney wax iska badaleen wali...Qaad, Welfare, Qabiil, and other communities are getting all the praise, CIIL BADANAA, MEEL WALBA SHARAF DARRO..........
  3. Here are Some Wallpapers of Boosaaso City, hope u'll like it..... Boosaaso 1 Boosaaso 2 Boosaaso 3 Edited by Me, Credit to dawwa9, awuzuamatayozi in
  4. It's too early to think of Somalia Fellas, Somalia is our country and sooner or later we are going back, but I am worried of our language, THE SOMALI LANGUAGE, because if you browse any somali website every individual somali writes and reads English like it become our Language, plus the childs can't even speak A word of somali because of their families.. I wish if we all try to start improving our Native Language instead of English and other languages. Example, r u facebook USER, look how many friends of you have somali status in their profiles... Ciil Badanaa like it's REER BAADIYENIMO if you speak your native language.. Nice Article sxb, it includes some interesting statistics and stories.
  5. Fabregas r u sure all that sort support Arsenal i thought Arsenal is Club where u can be proud of your Black Skin, and i like Arsenal because of Eboue, Diaby, Sagna, Clichy, Song... Wlc sxb.. Am thinking of how to kill adebayor and kolo toure in African Style our Next Fixture..
  6. Originally posted by Sayid*Somal: quote: “This is rude,” said Sheikh Farahat el-Mongy, I Agree with Sheikh Farahat, that isn't enough excuse to break you fasting.
  7. Time to forget the spoiled 3 points against Man-Ure, time to take the revenge from Man-City and at least we can test them if they can compate for the 4th or not..... looking forward seeing Adebayor vs Vermaelen.
  8. Gunning for Glory............... .... www.arsenal4somalia. tk
  9. Arsenal means 2 games 10 goals, i think this is our season, we just need to win the 2 away games against Man-Utd and Man-City.
  10. Remember "ARSENE WHO" 2 "ARSENE KNOWS" Arsenal have good players, good manager, but what can u do with the bad luck we have instead of playing pretty football.
  11. the 4Th place is guaranteed for Arsenal, i think Man-Utd are favorites this time, they killed Aston villa in the last minute, what a luck!
  12. I hate Rapidshare u've to wait untill u make the next download, but it works fine
  13. Canjeex isku-Shuban means Waterfalls but in Typical Somali Version... Biyaha aa kor ka soo shubmaayo... it's in BARI,
  14. Captain Fabulous is back against Man City, let us see if Cesc + Arsh can bring some joy to Arsenal Fans.
  15. I 100% agree with *BOB... let USMANOV buy Arsenal, then we can win something. let us kill Man-City next game...
  16. Arsenal are under preasure in this fixture All the world are talking about this young squad who breaked juve record of the highest win in the Champions League, and Liverpool are the biggest test, i think they can do all the job or atleast get a draw from anfield. predict Liverpool 1-3 Arsenal
  17. Arsenal XI = The best team in the EPL right now. Arsenal Reservers = Ask Newcastle about them Haters i'll say we are in the Start, so we do have a joy with our SQUAD.. Gooner_Till_i_Die
  18. Only One team in ENGLAND Arsenal XI and ARSENAL RESERVERS Go Arsenal..
  19. Mowduuc Fiican oo loo baahnaa waaye laakin wuu dheer yahay... Buuga Raaxada Guurka oo dad badan oo idinka mid ah raad-raadinayaan waxaad ka aqrin kartaan Online, hope inuu idin anfoco oo aad Nolol raaxo leh ku baashaaltaan... Click Here to Read the Book
  20. Go Gunners.... Northener how come u can say no body know David Platt even i am too young to know him, plus i saw him Scoring against ManUtd in the game Arsenal won 3-2, i always like the Arsenal Shirt No 7, from Platt, Pires to Rosicky.. BTW.. Arsenal being the Richest Club in UK, i can see them The M.R.Club in the World.. Adebayor Fan
  21. LoooooL That guy GarBaL... funny phone call walahi.. that inidan guy... lool it was funny man.. thanks..
  22. Originally posted by NGONGE: Don't let Al Naser football club fans hear your refer to thier team as Al Ain, saaxib. It's only go and Edit.. Go and Edit Again.. and no more Nasr Fans to be :mad: from me.