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  1. PhiL

    fav novels: top 3

    As a certified bookworm, it was hard to limit myself to 3 books, but adhereing to the rules of the questions here are my 3 of the many favourites. In no particular order. 1. Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevesky 2. Desperately Seeking Paradise: Journey of a Sceptical Muslim by Sardar Ziauddin 3. Long walk to freedom by Nelson Mandela.
  2. holy mozambique! what a loony! feel sorry for his family as well as those of his wife...what a waste!
  3. PhiL

    A decade passed

    get a room you two and stop flirting! have ye no shame?
  4. PhiL

    A decade passed

    I love you bella! I love you more than chocolate itself! From your grasshopper!
  5. 'The most beautiful girl in the world' - Prince 'Would I Lie To You' - Simply Red 'Green Eyes'- Coldplay 'Faded Picture' 'Fallin' into you' - Joe 'Died and Gone to Heaven' - Bryan Adams 'Fallin' into you' - Celion Dion 'Yesterday' The Beatles
  6. Nice. I wouldn't mind stealing a couple of those resolutions myself. You don't you?
  7. I'm with F.F with this one. Xaliimo doesn't know what she's gettin' herself into. I don't trust this Faarax character. He comes across as cocky...but I guess if Xallimo likes the less than subtle approach, who am i to complain. BOB > good story though... the people want more
  8. I dislike the condition of my hands. I wish they were more youthful.
  9. Why do i wake up early (8:00 am-ish) on the weekends without any trouble, and find it so bloody dificult to wake up for school and work? :confused:
  10. PhiL


    Oh The Poor Poor Mouse!
  11. PhiL

    Open Minded

    That rhymed, 'being gay is okay'...!
  12. Congratulations To Ngonge and his family. May their son bring them infinite joy. As for the name suggestion, don't you guys think Kasim is a nice name? That, or Ilyas.