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  1. General Duke;770512 wrote:
    ^^^Not so fast son, answer the question, how does Puntland State profit from the people of SSC?


    Take your time adeer....

    Give Faroole a call, he will tell you.


    Now let SSC shape their political future, and they know where their interest lies. The news will not make you and ur corrupt state happy.

  2. The Hermet;770465 wrote:
    The images shown: were of water reseviours nothing to do with oil. The company itself does not have the capacity or finances to actually start distillation or refining. I remember 6 years ago or so...i dont remember the exact time it was ages ago. little dukey heard the news from Cade Muse that oil was gonna be taken out within 2-3 months...that was like 4 years ago or something. I think you guys have to wake up and smell the coffee.

    would it trouble you if it is real? and why?

  3. Abu-Salman;770386 wrote:
    My main concern is that mosques and other model institutions should be frequented and run by people with manners;

    I have even further restricted my social circle (I'm seen as a loner) but still resist the temptation to limit myself to few people with shared backgrounds etc as not to stagnate....

    It is a good start, Agree mosques should be run by people with good manners, but you are assuming most Somalis are connected to mosque and influenced by it. More somalis go to Fadhi kudirir, Aroos,parties instead of mosques.

  4. One must smell the coffee and see the reality before embarking on changing it, have you seen a victim cheering and smiling ,and thinking he got it all, cuz he does not know he is a victim, his meager resources is stolen by few thugs? where did I say, Puntland as clan? Puntland failed, and reached a point of no return, and you are the biggest victim, but sadly you don't know it. As for fixing it, Good luck to you.

  5. ^OK, let us wait and see what the community decides, I was more amazed of the wishful thinking the Puntland supporters brought here.


    As for the individuals u mentioned there, they are no different from the puppets in Hargaisa, like Cadami, Habsade. You are far from reality, and blinded by clan loyalty, forget about SSC, and Maakhir community, You and your clan are the biggest victim of Puntland thugs yet you still support them and you don't see it, and can not change it.

  6. Baashi;770393 wrote:
    Carafaat, awoowe Faroole would love to have the entire constituency on his camp. He tried to just do that. It didn't work. Secession proponents and more importantly SSC movement do not want to do anything with Garowe admin. That's the political reality. Whether Farole likes or not, he has to deal with it.


    As they say political crisis brings opportunities.


    If the Taleex gathering achieves the minimum which is reconciled and united clan with elected and legitimate leadership then
    will have
    hal ilin oo laga soo galo iyo cid loogu hagaago
    Farole will do business with the leadership that emerges from the choir
    . Port revenue is one leverage he -- in conjunction with his allies within the clan -- can exercise. Aid money is a different ball game and much will depend on the uncertain outcome of the conference. We’ll see how it pans out. Remember this pseudo analysis is coming from a nomad who admits that he’s going out on a limp.


    Liban, it is fine to disagree for I do not want to preach to the choir. Wait. Let me don my wannabee pundit suit. *hat on* Now awoowe lets go back and take stock on the political events of the 2011 year.


    Once upon time there was TFG and its TFI pillar underpinning the whole enterprise. Then came Kampala Accord. It guaranteed immunity for the two Sharifs for a year.


    The key event being Kampala Accord. Are you with me? Will get back to the Taleex after we set the stage and shed light on the political calendar in a munite.


    Transitional Federal Parliament (TFP) ratified Kampala Accord which in turn delivered Roadmap process and Garowe Principles -- both are binding resolutions coveted with international legitimacy.


    Real game has being played here. It is game on like no other. Roadmap and Garowe Principles extended the mandate of the Transitional Federal Institutions (TFI), reduced TFP to mere 225 MPs, and shredded permanently 4.5 proportional allocation.


    ood or bad, right or wrong Kampala Accord reigns supreme in Somalia. No one can change the players (The two Sharifs are untouchable until August 2012)
    and the Kampala Accord gives legitimacy to the whole process. Because of that monumental meeting in Kampala, president of Uganda acts as the gate keeper. Before the end of 2012, all IGAD members will be inside Somalia to push this baby through.


    Moving back to Taleex, Dr. Ali Galeyr knows the implications of Kampala Accord and understands the political calendar. It will be very hard for him to stop the train at this late hour. There are limited options available to the shrewd players at the Taleex conference.


    We’ll see how this thing pans out.



    Baasha,ma saad jeceshaybaa mise wa siday noqon? :D The new state formed in SSC will have nothing to do with Puntland? can you not see that? They will share border etc but that is ,,No business with Faroole and Puntland or SL, else they are doomed, SSC and Maakhir got nothing of Puntland formation but destruction and disunity. Ma maqashay ,“Mar idage Alla idagay mar labaad idagase anaa isdagay” , Once bitten, twice shy?


    And you glorify the Kampala accord and the two Sharifs? Have you heard the latest news from Mogadishu? Somalia's politics is very unpredictable


    We will know soon the outcome of KH2. :)

  7. Carafaat;770128 wrote:
    General Duke iyo kuwan kale ceebtaas ayee isleeyihiin qariya. oo iminka niman tol ah camal ayee iska dhigiyaan markii loo baahna past 5 years, ee SSC weerar ayee ku wadeen xagan SOL iyo dalkiiba, qeybi u carartay Somaliland, kuligood ka quusteen puntland. intee ayee joogeen. ceebeey tacaal.

    very true, and well said Carafaat, before you know, you will here these guys saying Puntland is behind this GRAND conference. :D

  8. This is really big, a milestone for this community, Good luck to them, it may have taken a bit of time, but it is worth the wait, and patience. my congrats to all of them.


    Somaliland will bite the dust, a big chunk of its false claimed land, will be gone, the triangle is naked.


    Puntland had not much influence in this region, they gave up long time ago, but did try a bit to sabotage by arresting some of the delegates but can not stop the force, and the outcome of KH2.


    Maakhir Conference is next...

  9. Skeptic;769827 wrote:


    Basil = reexaan (originally Arabic meaning 'good aroma/scent)

    Cumin = xawaaji dhuu-dhuub (there's also xawaaji kuus-kuus but i dont know what it is called in english)

    Currry powder = xawaaji kaari

    Xawaaj dhuudhuub ama Kaamuun =Cumin,

    Xawaaj Kuus Kuus = Coriander

  10. ok,


    Add these common spices used in Somali cuisine. :D,


    Coriander-Geeda adari

    Cumin –Kaamuun

    cardamom – Heeyl

    Cloves –Dhego Yarre

    Cinnamon –Qorfe

    Tamarind -Raqey, Xamar

    Sesame –Sisin

    Peanuts –laws

    Coconut -Qombe

    Black pepper- filfil

    lentils -Cadas

    Turmeric- Huruud

    Fenugreek- Xulbad

    Asafoetida -Xildiiid

  11. ^You welcome, I am chef in training, one day will open my own EAST African restuarent. Insha Allah


    btw, Cayenne Pepper, is a pepper originated from Guinea, Cayenne is the capital of Guinea , so the correct translation would be


    Cayenne Pepper- Basbaaska Kayaan


    and who said Basil is Qasil??