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  1. Hi All, If a man can marry someone younger why cant a woman do it. Personally I would entertain the idea of marrying some younger then me maximum 6 years but not more. Dont hate on me now.
  2. Thank you all who replied. It was quite intersting reading all your posts. Some were interesting and some were funy. I dont think there is a way to mend a heart, once it is broken it cant ever be the same, same as something that breaks taht cant be put back together. The scar will always be there. I believe Allah knows what is best and Allah is the best of planners. I like to say to anyone who is going through this to pray Istaqara, keep asking Allah for guidence, stay focused and do not despair. Allah knows who you will be and when you will get married. The idea of being inlove with someone and getting married to someone else is quite scary...I dont necessary agree with it. Then again, who on this earth wants to be alone too long. We women tend to hold on to burned out old feelings too long. It is breakout time. The best medicine is to just let things be,forgive and seek guidence and Touwbeh from Allah. I guess the answer to my question is 50/50 some people would do it to get over old flame and some people wouldnt. As for myself, I am on the fence. May Allah help us all. P.S Thanks for the poetry and posting the video.
  3. My girlfriends and I had this discussion. If you are already inlove with someone but things did not work out. Would you actually get married right away to someone else or would you waite to have those feelings resolved? My girlfriends think getting with someone knew quick in terms of marriage is good for the soul. In my own openion I disagree. I believe, the guy or the girl has to first get over the person they were inlove with first before they can start something special. What is your opinions ladies? Also, do you think if you get married without falling in love first that it can last?
  4. Bluelicious;825470 wrote: I find it a turn off when a man is indecisive, gossips and has a bad character. Furthermore men who bite their nails, use drugs, smoke wether it's shisha or cigarretes, drink alcohol or chew khat and last but not least men who complain all the time. I second that. I dont like a man who lies. Has multiple women and is self made broke man.
  5. FatB...thanks for welcoming me back. I have been around just no on SOL. To all th people who contributed to this tread, I like to say Thank You. I am glad all the sisters agree that a man who is not helping himself is not worth having. I hope all the young sisters out there who read this thread will take something away from it which is stay away from "Nin wax Kutareenin". Thanks.
  6. Lately there have been many cases where Somali brothers revert to wanting to be kept instead of taking care of themselves and their wives. Some even leave their wives to marry other women who would tolerate them being lazy and financially unstable.
  7. Let's get real ladies. If a man asks you for money before you marry him. He is a LOSER.
  8. Every woman is unique and beautiful in her own way. Therefore, We are sorta perfect.
  9. Insha Allah I pray that you have gotten married.
  10. This is very sensitive issue and should be discussed between the two people who are getting married. If man never asked his wife if she was a virgin or not and after marriages finds out that she was otherwise then fault is not on the sister but the man. He failed to ask in the beginning and if he leave her; then he should pay hefty fine for breaking their commitment.
  11. Hi ladies, My question goes out to all the successful sisters out there making their own hard earned money. When you find that charming man but if he happens to be broke or has a dead-end job. Would you still consider marrying him even knowing his flat broke? Even if you are a nice woman; and disregard the fact that his broke. Let’s even assume you put in your head that he is going through tough time because of the recession and it is not home. How do you really know if he really likes you or is in love with the fact you’re financially stable and can take care of his finances. What are signs that a man is only after your bling bling? I have seen some of these men. The minute they meet you they talk about marriage while they don’t even have a penny saved up for marriage. They way too nice and give cheesy compliments. Here are some of the things a man tries who is broke you should be aware of and what you should do:. If a man tells me he forgot his wallet and expects me to pay for meals. I say forget you. If a man tells me pay for my bills I am running low this month. I say ask RUN-if he pins you down tell him you don't remember ever meeting him. If a man tells you he has no job but has not made any effort to get one......Disengage any conversation with him. Simply put a man who is financially not ready can not take care of you. Love is a formula which you need to follow what your brain is telling you not just your heart. If your brain is telling you something is wrong with the fella you’re talking to LISTEN to it. ! To all my sisters…..your feedback is greatly appreciated. Please write down any advice you can help our sisters out. What do you gals think? What would you do if the man you spoke to few month turns out that his flat broke with a bad credit? Thanks in advance.
  12. Hi ladies, thanks for the responses. I get lots of colours are in this summer. What is maxi skirts? How do they look like? I might have seen them but did not know the name. Next time you go shopping. Check out this website atleast it will give you an idea of some looks to try. Crib Muslimah If you have any pics of hot items this summer please post it. I want to go spring/summer shopping soon Insha Allah. Thanks ladies!
  13. Hi ladies, summer is just 2 months away. I like to know what are some item that are hot that are must have in Somali sisters closet? Particularly any colours that is hot for Diracs. Thanks
  14. lol. That is one funy pic. Gee. Well. B. There are plenty of sisters that are successful that are trying to find that good man to. All we see is thugs. Were are the rich good brothers out there. Holla.
  15. Yes it is funny but ridicules. What if people who have no idea who Somalians are take this information seriously? I do not want to be labeled as triangular head. I am pissed. Imagine if one person who read this sees a Somali and runs b/c they are afraid of being punched. Anyone wants to send a complaint letter with me? I am thinking we need a petition
  16. Hi My friends at SOL. I came across this website and the stuff they say about us angered me at the same time made me. After reading this you be be the judge. Here the posted from UNCYCLOPEDIA: Somalians are widely known for their triangular heads, quick speaking and their appearances on Americas Most Wanted. Many Somalians, in additon to a triangular head shape, also look like a Praying Mantis. Somalians that are native to Somalia descended from lost apes from Indonesia 1.1549010913329546 centuries ago (sheesh, that a FREAKING LONG rounding!). The apes flew to Somalia by boat and have settled there from then on due to its fertile lands. The apes then evolved into Somalians which are still yet to evolve again. Somalians are great food producers, as much of the world's foods are imported from Somalia. Somalia finds great trade in this and makes a hefty hay penny per annum. Somalians laugh in the face of Ethiopians as they suffer from nothing while for centuries Somalians have been evasive of these horrible but prestigious disasters. Somalians also have a hostile nature, meaning that if you saw one, you're punched in yer balls LOL read more at :
  17. Okay...I am completely confused. Is ameen taking Pucca out for a date at starbucks? What is going on? Is this hint hint thing?
  18. I think women should eat last because we like to chat and we take so long. If we ate first they would be sleeping by the time we served there
  19. Somali potentials are everyone. Ofcourse we somali sisters are not looking for just any fool. Open up your eyes. You can see them hanging out with your cousins or your brothers. It is a start. Hope this helps.
  20. Hi my sisters in SOL. I absolutely say no. Never initiate the first move. If he is man enough he will approach you if he doesn't let it go. It usually means 2 things if he doesn't approach you he is not confident enough or he is not interested in you. And why would you need a man that you will always have to initiate everything once you get him. Let it go and get with the man you initiates and shows you the interest.
  21. is not as great as it use to be.
  22. Salam Sis...pretty good topic. You know what sis try having a somalian get together where every gal brings her ex. You never know if a girls ex could you your potential person. What was that saying someones thrift is another personals gold... Let me know if that works and if it does i be the one to
  23. Today, I was shawarma day!