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  1. There is no SSC problem... They are nothing but a small irritant, if they start to become more of an irritant they will be dealt with... if any terrorist act is traced to them they will pay the price.
  2. Originally posted by Oodweyne: quote:the official story will be that somaliland is part of somalia, but our case will be similiar to Taiwan... No true! in the the time frame of the next 12 months yes...
  3. I dont have to explain my self or present any sources.. this forum will be around in the next 6-12 months inshallah.. and all i have to do is revive this thread then...
  4. The americans have made it clear that there will be no official recognition as n independant state soon. There will be unofficial recognition however, soon the somaliland passport will be accepted by select countries in the west, and there will be greater aid and diplomatic engagement.. the official story will be that somaliland is part of somalia, but our case will be similiar to Taiwan...
  5. The Isamic courts were a threat to SL becuase they were a grassroots islamic movement and genuine, even though they were unsophisticated they had overwhelming sympathy from somalilanders.. if they had proper leadership most of somaliland would have switched over , overnight without a shot in anger. The al shabab are another creature, basically a bunch of wierdos that have reached thier peak, and have no chance of gaining enough support.
  6. Marx my friend , recognition comes fromthe barell of a gun. i dont care really care about recognition from boonland or alshabaab or icu or whatever, as long as they stay out of my way or are six feet under the ground. i have been a vocal opponent of the entire political class of somaliland, and especially riyals government, becuase for every villa in dubai or djibouti riyal bought we could equip and maintain a batallion for a year. infact one of riyales wifes shopping trips could finance a nice little raid on Garowe and a little bililiqso.. this is the root of my extreme opposition to riyale.... i dont want recognition i want my enemies under the ground.
  7. lol.. the irony is killing me. a TFG supporter, someone who supports the invasion of our traditional enemy, the occupation of our country, the killing of the innocents, the desecration of our mosques. and he talks about the sovrienty of somalia? this is too much. its like a harlot questioning my chastity. lol
  8. You will be defeated where ever you turn.. articles like this and calcaal will not help you win wars..
  9. you must live in a very pleasant fantasy Nayruus.... i am envious, i havent had such pleasant dreams and fantasies for a while now.. lol
  10. Somaliland has used less than 5% of its resources to regain Las Canood. Most of the work was done by locals... Now please do not tempt us. we may expend more than the 5% that caused you to lament over the airwaves, and the cybersphere.
  11. are you guys serious? Do you actually believe that you have a millitary option with Somaliland? lol and they call us delusional....
  12. I request that you refrain from refering to the SNM.. its is a well known fact that this organization has ceased to exist by 91. if you wish you may refer to somaliland as the northwestern seperatist enclave. somalidiid maamulka somaliland or whatever is in fashion these days.. Some of us consider the SNM to be sacred. It would be unhealthy for you if continue... even more if you accidently slander them in public...
  13. Originally posted by General Duke: Oda, its funny that a secessionist is talking about Somali nationalisam. The hypocracy of the secessionist fringe group is quite immoral. The TFG defeated the most powerful armed groups in Somalia. The secessionist are nothing to worry about, hence their new found love of Somalia and its people. Some even pretend to be religious. Succession is not on the same level as actively supporting the invasion by our traditional enemy and its war crimes on your fellow somalis. We may cooperate with the Ethiopians, due to shared security and economic reasons. But we are not cheerleaders during thier transgressions.