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  1. looks like you guys are only replying what other person has already said! Well, as a somali women, I'll say when he's polite, respectful, honest, private, and above all ambitious (sp) Who want to be around a loser anyways!? I'm sure a lot of girls will agree with me on that.
  2. I ask Allah to forgive them their sins, pardon them and have mercy upon them. May He make their entry spacious and wash them with water,ice, snow and cleanse them of their wrong doings as a white cloth is cleansed of dirt and grant them Paradise and protect them from the punishment of the grave and Hell-fire. [/QB] Jazzakallah brother. I appritiate it.
  3. Uma

    Country Music!

    Originally posted by Yeniceri: So what if you like country music? I don't get the point of this thread at all - Hey Ali, Nobody cares if you get it or not and no one has thought some acrabi like you would get it. so, why don't you save the cookie to yourself and find a threat you like!
  4. What a ***** year it was huh? Wars, natural disasters, lots of death! It was the worst year of my entire life. I'm glad it came to an end. I think my sad moments were more than my happy moments. I have had eight losses. 8 freaken losses of close relatives and families. It gave me too much headache, stress and worries. I'm glad I made throught it. A day to go inshallah. So here I am looking forward to the new year. I am very opptimistic about the coming year. yeah babby yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. So, would you like to share some of the unforgetable moments you had in 05. By the way, I think I'm posting too much . I'll inshallah take a break.
  5. Mabrook! Glad to see a happy siter. Althought you shouldn't point out singleness (not sure if the word exists). everyone has a day. Enjoy your happyness and u soo ducee single lada.
  6. Originally posted by Fathia: Hi Uma It is ok to admire and be proud of someone but why go that deep and idoliase her? I mean does she even know you exist? Does she care about you? Does she represent your values? Do you know her true behaviour? By the way while we are on the subject of bysexuals, is it haram to befriend a gay person? No to all ur questions. I don't know her personally of coures and she doens't. I am only a somali lover. I love my ppl a lot. God!!!! Why do you ppl make big issue out of small tissue!? :confused: of coures you are all somaali maryoolay, qoryoolay, shidoolay.
  7. Rayaana sister, you are smart sister. I totally agree with everything you worte. And Rudy, I din't know you were a Moderator. I guess they pay you rating your replies
  8. Pucca sister, Thanks 4 not attacking me! I understand your points. Originally posted by rudy: wow! another stocker! some 1 should get a straining order 4 yah! leave her alone n focus on your life! so she could aford zillions of bling bling! can u? talk to me when u can! till then jill...! You are one heck of a rude guy. Your name says it all! How dare you tell me to focus on my life? Authu billah!!!!!!!! Do you happen to know me walal?? And asking me if I can afford such money........ What kind of silly question is it? Waryaa, get a life and don't get on my nerve.
  9. First of all, I don’t care what yo think or say about me, but I greatly admire and am proud of our only famous super ooper model Iman. I do! Infect, I idolize so much that I fellow and pay a lot of attention to her news and everything she does! So, I was watching “100 greatest moments in the red carpet†on vh1. Surprisingly, Iman wore the most expensive diamond that anyone has ever worn in the red carpet. It was a necklace worth $ 150 million. They said she waited that moment for three years. Isn’t that awesome nomads? I mean come on……….after all she’s a nomad too. Anyways, how many of you like her or even appreciate for how she represents us?? Like I said above please don’t criticize her.
  10. Rowda, I was rolling with laugher as I read ur post. I'm sorry that u had such experience. I have to agree with you. Like you said water and oil don't mix! you right! I this case, romance will be the oil for oil flouts on water. And somali guys will sink. Lol I wonder if there are classes where they teach about love and stuff. I'm sure a lot of brothers would've needed to enrol.
  11. Originally posted by MR ORGILAQE: [QB] I thought the question was directed at the MEN well i guess some of this ladies see themselves as MEN. anyways here is my list 1)do as you are told 2) cook good food with variety 3)Make sure one can look at you when one gets home 4)make sure all my clothes are cleaned and ironed 5)Never Nag 6) and finally always be ready to give it up Ridiculous, is how I see ur opinion! Adeer, where were you born?
  12. Jumaana, Congrats on ur success of becoming nomad. And thansk 4 the nice words. Peace,Love & unity.
  13. This is my threat. If u can't show respect the door is open! I'll appritiate if u take off. :confused:
  14. underdog, ??????????????????? I don't get ur comments!
  15. Best way to 'up' your post count is to pick a fight with a 'chatty' person. Lol!!! I am no cut fighter dear! Give me better advise.
  16. "uma, as a starter of this topic and seeker of namadichood, shouldn't you be replying to everthing they write?" by ismaluara As the matter of fact, I should! I haven't checked it. So, guys, I only asked for ur opinions. There is no point to post all those tit for tat posts. Thanks to those that Spoke for me. Now, Come on yo! Act like real nomads and lets stop all this. ps: I have to admit, I'm glad I got all these replies! Thank you all and keep love coming!
  17. Uma

    Country Music!

    Pucca, I do listen to Rock music too. Forever and Foralways by Shania Twain is my Fav song of all times. Ahhhhhhh....... It's just something about country Music that puts me in the mood. Love the dance too!
  18. Uma

    Country Music!

    You probably clicked on this topic out of curiousity. Right? Of coures! I'm young and shouldn't found of country music, but seriously I can't help it. I LOVE COUNTRY MUSIC. My favorate country singers are: Shania Twain, Dolly Parton and Kenny Roggers. I'm just wondering, how many Nomads like or listen to country Music? Ps: Don't judge me. People have different interests!
  19. So , yeah. I've been posting and replying, but still not a nomad. What was it...? To be nomad, you got to post 50 posts? What do u guys think I should do? Post more topics or just reply every other topic someone else writes?
  20. Uma

    Somali Sistaz

    If he's Muslim, Loves me, and I do, may be. It's a 40% chance if you know what I mean!
  21. Uma

    need lyrics

    looks like everyone's writing the lyrics of the song they're found of. So I decided it's my turn: Don't know the song's name, but it's in the Qabrigii jacaylka as well; so here it goes . Enjoy Aan ku daba rucleeyoo An kudaba rafaadoo Rafiik aynu noqonee kaa rabay mahaysaa taa rabay mahaysaa of coures, I refer this lacag (money, pesso) or what u may call it.