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  1. hahahah


    looka at this fool. you gusy aint never going to get an army and even if you did we will finish of southerners with less men, less equipment and less financial support. the SNM(GOD BLESS THOSE MUJAHIDEEN) were less then 5,000 men when they defeated the red-berets(i wont use the f-word) whow were the best-eguiped african army of its tiem. that shows you that somalilanders dont need equipment nor manpower to funsih off the southerners.


    oh and the way how come you still havent gotten a facelift man. you seriously need to get something done about your face man, we dont want you to chase all the girls away with your looks man.

  2. rudy


    as sad as you maybe the only who laughs at your ridicoulousy ****** jokes is you. the amount of braincells rotting in that messed-up head of yours is ouncoutable and undiagnosable for anyone with any sense. somaliland can finish of those sad southerners in less then a week. the SNM(GOD BLESS THOSE MUJAHIDEEN) could have finished whatever resistance there was in the south and the SNM(GOD BLESS THOSE MUJAHIDEEN)was only 5,000 man strong. the somaliland army is 50,000 man strong(i know that maths is hard for you but that's 10 times as big).

    those 5 guys in puntland high on qaad and the 4 idiots in southern somalia are no match for somaliland.

  3. opionionated


    you have confused yourself when trying to explain your point of vieuw because you dont know the facts and point of this arguement. the northener have suffered from southerners even before siyad came to power. the civilian government negelected the northeners and disobeyed their pledge to serve the somali's as whole. the northerners have finally realised the true nature of the southerners and do not want to associate with these savages and barbarians. we are a people with pride and with good judgment. the southerners hurt our pride but now that pride is restored through peace stability and progress while the southerners are starving and still butchering eachother.


    somaliland guul iyo gobolnimo

  4. qoslaaye


    you made more sense in your post then all the posts that have been posted by the guys who expect something from this conference. this is another useless conference which is only there to reconcile warlords, it's not there to help somalia get it's act together. these warlords will use whatever comes out of the conference to fill their own fat bellies and kill their enemies.

  5. rudy


    for once in your sad little life you said something that was worth listening to.


    the problem with nomads these days is that they r all counting their eggs before they hatched!

    that term applies perfectly to the pro-somaliweyn guys who have been dreaming since the mad sayid came along. you should stop dreaming about somaliweyn it's never going to happen.

  6. rudy


    nazy act??? i think that the nazi's were a lot better then a human that would have your little undeveloped brain to support his knowledge. somaliland has become a place for peace,stability and progress, so we dont need someone like you to ruin it by disgracing the somaliland nation by caliming that someone like you is a lander. shame on you

  7. rudy


    i am one of those ''blessed ones. allah subxanawatacallah has blessed me and my country somaliland with peace stabilty and prosperity.stop dreaming about being a lander. i know for sure that an arogant kid like you does not come from my beloved mandeeq. somalilanders a respectable people and that cannot be said of you.

  8. somaliweyn


    there are two things that the pro-somaliweyn guys here dont seem to understand. i will be frank and bold now and point out what they are.


    1] the cold blooded murders, rape and pilaging of 150,000 innocent northeners is not forgivable and cannot be forgot. the southerners seem to think that it is but they are plainly ignorant in that aspect. one cannot forgive the one that murdered his/her father, mothere, grandparents uncles, children simply becuase they were from one clan. the somaliland society has now finally realised that the southerners cannot be trusted and still have aspects of their barbaric thoughts in them. we have given up the purge for somaliweyn which we once had. the south has destroyed our land has destroyed our hopes once to many and that is enough. when i moved away to the west i wanted payback and revenge but i am civil and a muslim and would never even think about that for the sake of islam and it's teachings.


    2] the people of somaliland do not want to re-unite with the south. we would rather die then go back to that. the south is gonna have to get on with their lives instead of begging for us to come back because the giyamah will come before a re-unification comes. the south is gonna have to show it's barbarism in order to force somaliland to re-unite. they are gonna have to kill every somalilander before unification is possible. if that is what you want then bring it on. because i am willing to die for my country and my people.